Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E8 - "The Things We Bury" Recap

Flashback to Austria, 1945. Daniel Whitehall, formerly known as Werner Reinhardt, and his men are experimenting with the Diviner by forcing captured villagers to touch it. One woman is brought into the room and when her face is pressed to it there is no effect, save for the Diviner glowing. Reinhardt orders her to be put in a cage to be experimented on later after they get the news that The Red Skull has been defeated.

Reinhardt is captured. He then spends 44 years in captivity, finally set free as an old man by the machinations of a Senator Alexander Pierce (the Cap references are coming hard and fast), because the embedded Hydra agents have discovered something that he should see. So they take him to his old lab back in Austria, and they show him the woman from the very beginning of the episode. She hasn't aged a day. So Reinhardt decides to finally make good on his promise—he cuts her to pieces, until he finds what made her young, and after essentially scrapping her body for parts, he uses what he's found to make himself younger again.

Team SHIELD wants to keep a search going for Ward, though Christian doesn't want them to interfere. Bobbi is tasked with interrogating Bakshi, as the team needs to piece together Whitehall's story. Coulson, Skye, Trip, and Fitz are off in the field, going on missions first in Hawaii and then Australia. Simmons shows May research she has found in Peggy Carter's SSR records. This transitions back to a flashback of Whitehall/Reinhardt in Peggy's custody. He speaks of "blue angels"/visitors to the planet that came to conquer it. In the present, The Doctor tells Whitehall that he was misinformed and that these visitors intended to destroy the earth and that only someone who can hold the Diviner can enter a temple in a hidden city (are we still thinking it's Attilan?) The Doctor is confident that he can find this place but he wants men and money to help him. Whitehall doesn't trust him but The Doctor says that he simply wants to kill those that took everything from him and be reunited with the ones he lost that are now in the afterlife.

Grant Ward smashes older brother Christian's SUV window and forces him to come for a walk in the woods. They argue with one another all the way through their trip to the well from their childhood. They both think the other isn't entirely honest. Grant wants Christian to admit that his version of the story is the truth and Christian thinks that Grant needs to take responsibility for his crimes and stop disassociating. Grant orders Christian to dig up the well that their parents buried. Christian tries to escape after hitting Grant with a shovel but Grant quickly recovers. He holds Christian over the open well and threatens to throw him down if he doesn't admit that he made Grant throw Tommy down the well. Christian admits it, saying that Tommy was the only one their mother didn't torture and that he wanted her to feel the same pain that the two of them felt. He says he didn't have the courage to do it himself and apologises to Grant, who tells him it's okay and that this was all he wanted to hear. Grant helps Christian up, gives him a hug, and says it's time for them to go home and they head off together.

The interrogation and research leads Team SHIELD to discover Whitehall's strange lack of ageing. He was kept in "The Rat," this prison where Peggy Carter questions him with all her badassery. She tells him he'll stay locked up forever. He continued to be a prisoner for 44 years until Alexander Pierce has him released. A Hydra spy tells him that they have found "the woman" and she is still alive after all these years. They go to the same Austrian castle from before and when he sees the woman, she has not aged a day. Whitehall orders the experimentation to be done on her.

Bakshi tries to commit suicide through the use of a cyanide pill imbedded in his cheek but Bobbi is determined to not let him get off so easily. Bobbi and Lance later rekindle their affair, at least sexually. Coulson, Skye, and Trip begin their mission to reach a satellite array to retrieve the location of the secret city. But Hydra knew they were coming and a shootout ensues in which Trip is shot. One of the personnel hostage of Hydra offers to help and it's Skye's father, The Doctor. He's preparing to patch him up but when he shows his hand and reveals his knowledge of who they are, he opts to slice Trip's artery and clamp it shut with forceps to use him as a bargaining chip. The Doctor wants to meet Skye but under the right circumstances. Right now, he's focused on getting to the city and doesn't trust Whitehall entirely. He kept something secret, which he shares with Coulson, the fact that there's something very powerful in the city. He tells Coulson how to save Trip and while Coulson and Fitz work to save him, The Doctor makes his getaway. Trip begins to stabilise and the team is able to get the location of the hidden city. Coulson and Fitz refrain from telling Skye about her father's role in Trip's near-death, at least for now.

Finally, we see Whitehall talking to Grant Ward about second chances. Whitehall plays a news clip about Christian Ward and his parents dying in an apparent murder-suicide that was clearly orchestrated by Grant. The news media and law enforcement also got their hands on a recording of Christian's "confession," which was actually audio of what Christian had said to Grant at the well. Most horrific of all, we see how The Doctor performed gruesome, horrific experiments on the woman so that he could achieve his youthful/immortal (?) state that we now see him in. The Doctor is introduced to Ward by Whitehall. We then see in a flashback from 25 years ago, The Doctor discovering the woman's mutilated body and promising to tear the man apart that did this to her. That's right folks. The woman was Skye's mother.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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