Once Upon A Time S04E07 Recap: The Snow Queen

A young Gerda and Helga chase a kite as Ingrid follows close behind. The kite lands in a tree and is ruined. Gerda thinks that its not ruined, as the ribbon tail is still beautiful. Gerda and Helga fight over the ribbon, but Ingrid thinks that she should take it as the oldest. She will be Queen one day. The kite's owner comes back to take the kite. Gerda claims that they found the kite in its current state, returning it to its owner. He tells the girls that the kite wasn't worth much, and he has his eyes on a bigger prize, a pretty royal princess. He grabs Gerda, the other two go after him. He knocks back Ingrid and she freezes a branch above the man, it comes crashing down on him. Ingrid frets over her powers, but her sisters try to offer comfort, she saved them. The man called her a monster (and she was one on the Walking Dead, don't look at the flowers girls), but Helga points out that he did just try to kidnap them, so he can't really cast stones. Ingrid wonders what she will do if it happens again, how will she be queen. The sisters vow to help her. Ingrid splits up the ribbon, as long as they hold them, they will be in a pact, they will never be alone.

Ingrid looks up at the clock tower. She enters, and goes up the stairs, to her own magic mirror.

Regina looks over her books, not happy that Robin is there. She told him to stay away, the only way that Marion is going to live is by a kiss of true love that he has to give her. He knows that. He was in the forest, but his heart led him to Regina. Regina can't save Marion, and Robin can't fall back in love with Marion just because he should. Marion is his wife, and Regina can't be in his life. His heart remains conflicted. Regina tells him that he needs to forget about her and start thinking about Marion.

Belle may have found a spell to use against the Snow Queen Emma tells Elsa, but not one to kill her. Emma is against killing anyone, but it may neutralize her powers. Neither girls can read Elvish, but Belle translated it. When the spell is cast Emma must use her magic to light a candle, and when they blow it out, the Snow Queen should be neutralized. Emma asks if Anna had any powers, she didn't which is why she thinks the Queen is so interested in Emma. Elsa asks if anyone in her family has magic. They don't. Elsa tells her that its hard when everyone in their family looks at them differently, but they don't. Emma's lucky. They give it a try on Elsa, but it doesn't work, and they don't have time to play with it, Emma has babysitting duty.

Baby Neil in in playgroup with all the other storybook princes, and they wrap up their first week of mommy playgroup. Aurora is still adjusting to this world. Cinderella chats about how difficult it is for first time mothers, and Snow tries to say that she isn't, but she kind of is. She never raised Emma, and Emma tries to make light of it, but she's not convincing. The mothers notice that the baby bottle Emma is holding is boiling in her hand. She's been practicing magic to stop the Snow Queen, and says that she must still be tapped into that. Emma puts the bottle down, but Snow has second thoughts. David calls Emma about a snowy trail leading up to the clock tower. She has to take a raincheck on babysitting, but Snow doesn't look like she wants Emma anywhere near her baby.

Emma, Elsa, David and Hook rush up the tower steps. Ingrid hits Emma with an icicle when Emma uses her candle magic against her. The flames surround her wrists, turning into shackles. Everyone seems a little surprised to see it worked.

As adults, Helga helps Gerda get ready for the party. Ingrid is not going to their father's party. She wishes to hide as long as she's afflicted. The sisters don't see their sister as being afflicted with anything. Helga has a suitor coming to meet her father, and she does not want anything to get in the way of her sister's happiness.

Helga introduces her Duke to her father the king of Arendelle. He plans to stay for a long time, clearly enamored of Helga. The pair go for a dance. Gerda chats, Helga dances, and Ingrid watches from the sidelines. Her sadness as she watches brings snowflakes into the room, and she runs off before it gets worse.

Emma and Elsa come to question Ingrid. She tells Emma she should get the icicle cut looked at, all nicey nice. Ingrid claims she's always wanted to play nice with the pair. Elsa goes straight to the point. She wants to know where Anna is, she heard her heart beat. Ingrid claims to know nothing about it, but she heard it from Bo Peeps Hook. Ingrid doesn't understand why Elsa should care about the sister who trapped her, but Elsa still doesn't believe her. Emma sends Elsa off to help Hook, and David with the mirror. They need answers, and Ingrid is just riling up Elsa. Alone, Emma questions Ingrid. She knows they have a past, but she's not turning to the darkside. Ingrid is being sincere. She tells her to use her superpower to see if she's lying. Emma doesn't know how she knows about it, but Ingrid tells her that she told her as a child. They'll never be friends because they're already family. Emma knows that Ingrid stole memories from her, and that they're never going to be on the same side. Ingrid knows that at the end of the day Emma will have a change of heart, and she'll let her go, but for now, she'll chat about what Emma wants to.

Regina pours through Henry's story book, looking at all of the happy endings. Henry asks for help with his tie. He's working in the family shop with Gold, and he needs to look the part. Henry asks if something happened, since she was looking through the book with her scary face. Her and Robin cannot be, but if another happy ending comes her way, she'll be ready. Operation Mongoose is her top priority, and Henry has some ideas where to find the author of the book.

The mirror shatters thoughts, so Emma knows who she is, what she's planning, and that she wants Elsa to replace her long lost sisters, but not the why. She needs to know why Ingrid has been following her, tracking her, and why she erased her memories. Every family has their ups and downs. Emma makes it clear that they aren't family. Ingrid makes it clear that family isn't about blood. She and Elsa are the only ones like her. Emma thinks that her family loves her, but Ingrid points out that they also fear her.

Past. Helga has brought Ingrid a slice of cake and the sisters catch Ingrid packing. Ingrid admits that she saw her sisters enjoying the party. She is not meant for such things. When she is gone they'll be able to have the lives that they deserve. She thinks that Helga is the Queen that Arendelle deserves, since she cannot control her power. Helga isn't willing to give up on her sister, they promised to be there for eachother, and they still where the ribbons. Gerda thinks she knows someone who can help. She's heard whispers of a sorcerer who may be powerful enough to control her powers. She tells them of the man who lives in Mist Haven, called Rumpelstiltskin.

Hook and Elsa look at the glass, thinking it should be doing something wicked instead of looking so normal. Belle has found nothing to counteract it. She stops Hook and Elsa not to stare into the mirror, that it will make them see the worse in themselves. Hook certainly doesn't see the worse in his devilishly handsome reflection. Belle gazes into the mirror. It isn't the mirror they were looking for, they've been set up.

The Snow Queen isn't as helpless as she led them to believe. She ices over the sheriff station doors, looking out David, Hook, Elsa and Belle who've come to Emma's rescue, cause calling ahead and warning her would have taken too much effort.

Robin is a few drinks deep at Granny's when Will comes in. Will wants to make amends for what he did, he really does feel bad. He did it all for a woman, who's gone now. Will chose his path, sometimes he when you win you lose. Robin asks if he ever told Will how he met Marion, far too many times, but he goes on into the story anyways. He stole her father's horse, a horse he didn't even need. She told him that her family was poor, held together by that steed. Will interjects the rest. The next day he gave back the horse, and two others, he never stole for himself again, it was always from the rich to give to the poor. She made him the man he is today, and he needs to remember that. It wasn't easy for Robin, and Will tells Robin that Marion saw the good in him. She told him that if you find love you fight for it everyday. Robin asks him if he lives that way, if he still thinks its worth it. Will thinks if you find someone enough to ruin your entire life for, its always worth it.

Henry sweeps the floor, has swept it twice. He thinks its time to learn something magical. Gold presents him with a potion to turn something old into something new, furniture polish. David, Hook, Belle and Elsa storm in telling him about what the Snow Queen has done. Belle pleads for his help, and he can't say no. Hook wants to know what his game is. Lots of nasty villains have come to town to destroy him, but he's unconcerned with this one, which makes Hook believe that he's hiding something. The dark one says nothing.

The sisters take a meeting with Rumple. He doesn't understand why she would want to give such a great gift up. He's a great collector of magic, and he'd like to teach her, but Ingrid thinks it would be better to get rid of them. He sees that she already has the greatest way of controlling her chance, love. There is no greater force than love, and sisterly bond is right up there as an act of true love. She thinks that her magic is too strong. Since she refuses the free option, he offers her gloves. They'll conceal, and her belief could be enough to control. If things get out of hand, there is the urn. Ingrid is ready to snatch up the goods, but Rumple wishes for something in return. He wants their ribbons, all of them. Ingrid thinks them normal ribbons, just a symbol, but Rumple explains to her that symbols can come to possess their own power. The sisters think his price is too high, but Ingrid desperately needs a fail safe. The sisters are her fail safe, but Ingrid needs more. She willingly gives Rumple her ribbon, and her sisters reluctantly follow suit.

Ingrid sees that Emma is upset, and she understands. Emma was angry with her parents as a child. Emma sees now that there was no choice, there was always choice Ingrid tells her. They could have chosen Emma, and even now they're still using her powers. Ingrid explains that it just takes one small act of her powers to go from their savior to their worst nightmare. By the look on Snow's face earlier, Ingrid couldn't have said anything more true. Emma claims that she doesn't know them or her. Ingrid doesn't need to know her, she's been her. Ingrid prods Emma further. Her parents have just had a new baby, and she says how grateful they must be for that child to be normal. The water in Ingrid's cup boils, Emma knows that she is loved, but Ingrid tells her that you can't love what you don't understand, and they don't understand her. What you don't understand you eventually fear. Emma slams her fist down in anger, and blows out a wall of the station. Emma's hands glow with power. She wants it to stop, but Ingrid can't make it. It's a part of Emma, and it's beautiful she says. Ingrid dissolves her shackles, and is off in a flurry of snowflakes as Emma just watches.

Emma walks out of the wreckage that she's caused as The Charmings, Gold, Belle, Hook and Elsa rush to her. They worry about what the monster, the Snow Queen, has done. But Emma confesses that she was the one who blew out the wall. Emma tells them to stay back. Hook goes after Emma, but Gold advises caution. Emma freaks out, and causes the electricity to flare, and a lightpole goes down. David knocks Hook out of the way to safety, but gets hit himself. Snow scold Emma, without thinking. Emma runs off as Ingrid watches it all unfold.

Ingrid sits in the gazebo with her gloves and her earn when her sister's duke approaches. He has a weasley appearance. He introduces himself to Ingrid, she thinks that he's there for Helga, but he has his eyes set on Ingrid. He tries to steal a kiss from Ingrid, telling her that Helga will never know, but Ingrid will. He tells her that she is who he wants, the mysterious flower, the Queen to be. He forces himself on her again, and she uses her magic to forcibly push him away. He calls her magic evil, and Ingrid panics, asking him to keep what happened between them. Helga arrives to hear her sister's plea, and comes to the wrong conclusion. The Duke immediately spins a lie, telling her how Ingrid tried to force herself on him, and when he rebuffed her, she tried to kill him with her magic. Ingrid denies the claim. Helga thanks him for showing her what a liar and scoundrel he is, and for saving her the trouble of taking his worthless hand in marriage. She will see to it that his diplomatic mission is over, and that he is sent straight back to Weasleton. He threatens to expose Ingrid for what she is, so that the people of Arendelle will fear her. Helga loves her sister, and believes that the people will love her too, but the Duke points out their shame as they hide her away. The Duke is out of line, and he will shout from the rooftops how dangerous she is, they will lock her up and throw away the key, since that is the only fate befitting a monster. Ingrid goes to blast the Duke, but instead she hits Helga in the heart as she moves to protect him. Ingrid goes to her sister, as the Duke runs away. Helga is turned to solid ice almost instantly, and she crumbles before her.

Robin comes to see Regina again. He has lived by a code his entire life, steal from the rich give to the poor, be good and righteous. She asks why he is there then, today is not one of those days. He pulls Regina into his arm for a passionate kiss.

Emma is nowhere to be found. Elsa has been through what Emma is going through, and she saw the same looks on her loved ones faces as Emma just saw on theirs. There was fear. Snow knows that they failed, when their daughter looked into their eyes she saw fear. The Snow Queen may have a mirror that can turn them against each other, but she doesn't need it, they're doing it to themselves.

Emma sits in her car looking out over the lights of the town.

Ingrid looks into her mirror.

Past. Ingrid cries over the ice that remains of her sister. Gerda finds her and instantly is horrified over what her sister has done to the other. Ingrid tries to explain, but Gerda is scared, she tells Ingrid to stay away from her. Ingrid begs her not to be afraid. They said they would always be there for eachother, they made a promise. She begs her to take her hand, but Gerda refuses. She killed their sister, and she's a monster. Ingrid reaches for her again, and in fear, Gerda grabs the urn, and places her sister inside. She retrieves the gloves off the ground.

Looking a lot like Anna, Gerda goes to see Grand Pavie. She tells him that she has lost both of her sisters, but it is too painful to talk about it. She needs the realm to survive though, so she asks him for a potion strong enough to make everyone in their kingdom's borders forget that Ingrid and Helga ever existed. Grand Pavie warns that the truth has a way of coming out. Gerda is sure that the kingdom's survival will depend on it. Grand Pavie will do as she asks, but warns that all magic comes at a price. She's accepts, sure that she's already paid the price and more, but only time will tell if that is true.

Gold has created more than his fare share of monsters, but even he's impressed with what she's done with Emma. She's finally ready to make the deal, she wants her ribbons back. She finally understands what she didn't then. Gold reminds her that a deal requires both parties to have something the other wants and he's unsure she has anything he desires. He still needs one item to rid himself of the dagger. She knows many things, and she had the hat longer than him. She learned many things from it, and one of them was the missing piece of the puzzle. In exchange for her ribbons she'll give it to him. Storybrook is a small town, too small for the Dark One to be content. He wants to cleave himself from the dagger so he can leave town without losing his powers or Belle. He wants what all villains want, everything. He pulls out the ribbons. She's feeling so generous, because everything she wants is in Storybrooke, so he can do as he wants with the world so long as he leaves her the town untouched. Gold is willing to take the deal, but he wants his answer before he gives her the ribbons. She leans forward and whispers in his ear. Not only can he do that, but he will do it with great pleasure. What sort of evilness did Ingrid just send him off to do?


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