Once Upon A Time S04E08 Recap: Smash the Mirror Pt1

A long time ago in Arendelle. The Snow Queen fled, and riders gave chase. She went to the cave, and placed hid the Magician's portal beneath Ice and a rock. She then went to see the apprentice. He knew who she was, and he could be of no help to her. She knew that, but she wanted to speak to the sorcerer. Many wish to speak to him, but she wants to make a deal. The sorcerer does not make deals with those that have succumbed to the darkness, but she thinks that he'd be most interested in the fact that she has the hat. He draws a sword on the Queen. She didn't bring it with her, and unless the sorcerer gives her what she wants he will never see it again. The Queen wants happiness, the kind she hasn't known since she was a child chasing a kite with her sisters. Her sisters could never accept who she was because they were ordinary. She wants two perfect sisters born with magic. She has her sights on Elsa, but they need a third. The apprentice warns that it could take a long time, but the Queen is patient and willing to wait.

Emma's powers are still going a little wonky. She goes outside to get some air. Henry finds her, and she warns him to stay away, that she cannot control her powers. She wants to run for it, but Henry tells her that running isn't the answer. Henry tries to get closer anyways, but she accidentally blasts him. Emma rushes to her son's side, but she stops short, still fearing that she'll hurt him further. He tells her that he's okay, just a little bleeding from his ears, and she warns him that she's out of control. Her powers blast at him again, and he runs as she tells him. Ingrid is behind her. Her powers are indeed out of control, but Ingrid isn't worried about being hurt by her. She's been where Emma is, and she wants to help. Emma just wants her to leave her alone. Distance, loneliness won't help. She tells her that the only way this ends is to embrace who she is. Emma refuses to let that happen if it means hurting people she loves. Emma drives off in her yellow bug.

At Regina's monument, she puts her shoes back on and checks her phone. She and Robin had an eventful night. He slept well afterwards. He invites her back to his camp for breakfast, but Regina turns him down. Robin is happy to see a smile on her face. She wonders why she couldn't find this before. He points out she was suffering from heartbreak and self loathing, and he was a drunk with a tattoo. Regina wonders what might have beens, and if only there wasn't a Marian. Regina has done a lot of wrongs. She shows Robin a magical story book, which chronicles many of her wrongs. She isn't sure where the book came from, it only showed up when Henry needed it most. Robin tells her that it is about her past, not her future. Villains don't get happy endings. Robin is willing to prove the book wrong, and he wants to help her. She tells him that he can't, and this thing between them can't happen again. If they don't leave the room, it doesn't count as again, and he kisses her before she can protest.

Elsa would have thought that a yellow driving machine would have been easier to find. Emma doesn't want to be found though. Elsa worries that her isolation will keep her magic spiraling out of control. Snow knows that she's right. David wants to regroup, and then go out to find Emma. Henry tells the others that they don't need to search any further. He pulled a Carl and snuck out when everyone thought he was asleep and found some danger. Snow takes him to clean him up. The situation just got worse, if anyone should have been able to calm her, it would have been Henry. Elsa warns that the people that love you are worse, because you fear so much hurting them. It wasn't until she realized how much she needed Anna that she got control.

Past. In Arendelle, Elsa prepares a special dinner of a whole lot of chocolate for Anna. Ingrid arrives and tells her that Anna isn't making it to dinner, that something terrible has happened. Anna hasn't been honest with her, Ingrid tells her. Anna found the thing that their parents were searching for, she found a magical hat that would strip Elsa of her powers. Elsa wonders why Anna would keep that from her. Ingrid tells her its because Anna planned to use it against her. Elsa doesn't believer her, and Ingrid tells her that Anna tried it on her, but it didn't work. Anna is locked up in the dungeon, and she called her a monster. Anna made it very clear on how she felt about their powers. Anna has always been very supportive. Ingrid felt the same way about her sisters, but her own sister was the one that trapped her. She never told her before, because she didn't want to spoil Elsa's memories of her mother. Elsa asks to be alone after Ingrid's harsh revelations.

Gold heads to his ship, various objects move on their own volition, a spinning wheel, the monkey, a projector. He tells Emma that if she's trying to hide she's doing a poor job of it. She's not hiding from him, just people without magic. Her magic is hurting people that she loves, and she wants his help. He asks why she thinks that he's her best option. She hurt Henry, and she thinks that he's her only magic. Gold has a spell. She can get rid of all her magic, but there are side effects. Its intended to black magic, but it could work for her. Savior magic will create quite an blast radius, and they have to go to a remote location. Gold plots one out, and Emma accepts it. He tells her not to thank him, he's up to no good for sure.

Elsa heads down to the dungeon to see her sister Anna. Anna pleads with her sister. She thought that Elsa would never find her. She tells her that Ingrid lied about her past, and is lying about her now. Elsa asks if Anna did find the hat, and she did, but she would never use it to hurt Elsa she says. Elsa sends off the guards, and Anna pleads with her sister to believe her. Elsa does believe her, and she apologizes for the ruse. She needed the guards to think that she sided with Ingrid. Elsa gives Anna back her necklace, which she is grateful for. Anna fears Ingrid, and Elsa has a plan. She is going to sneak Anna out, and find the urn then trap Ingrid inside. Good thing Anna knows the castle well.

Hook looks for clues. Elsa talked with Henry, she told him that Emma's magic is tied to her emotions, and the harder she tried not to hurt him, the worse it was. Regina arrives with a locator potion, looking disheveled, wanting to see her son. She gives them the potion, and hurries to see Henry. Emma calls, making sure that Henry made it home after their run in. Snow apologizes for the way they reacted. She doesn't want her to ever think that they're afraid of her. Emma tells her that it doesn't matter, that she was a way to fix everything. She plans to get rid of her magic forever, but doesn't say the method before Snow can stop her. Hook checks to see if she tried to call him, and says that his phone is in the car. He calls Emma outside, fearful that she will not make it back if she trusts the crocodile.

Kristoff joins the sisters in hunting for the urn in one of the long closed rooms. Elsa pokes fun at Kristoff as he complains about the dust. Anna has never been in this part of the palace. She was told to stay out of it because of danger, but she didn't stay away. Now she thinks its more because her mother wanted to avoid memories of her sister. Elsa looks into the mirror, sadly. She wonders what it was like for their mother. Anna points out that knowing Ingrid, she make things get ugly quick. Anna assures her that it will never happen to them. Elsa touches the shattered mirror. Anna finds Hans frozen. Elsa forgot to tell Anna everything that happened while she was gone. Ingrid froze Hans. Elsa spots the urn. Its smaller than Anna thought, but Elsa thinks that she'll have to make due since she's going back inside of it.

Gold pays Ingrid a visit. She taunts him, asking if hes ready to free himself from the dagger. Gold never does anything without a reason, and watching her twisted mind at work has been a wonder. Gold points out that he hasn't betrayed anyone yet. She reminds him what he gave to her. He tells her that if she puts one of those ribbons on Emma she's going to be greatly disappointed. Ingrid tries to use her power on Gold, but cannot. Gold reminds her about the urn that contained her magic. Ingrid destroyed that urn, but magic cannot be destroyed, it merely changes form. Gold went to the barn where Ingrid destroyed the urn, and gathered up all the pieces to make the dust that is holding her now. She vows that he will regret his action when she's free, and he may, but it'll be too late his plan will be complete. The dust won't act long, just long enough for him to get what he wants, and he'll only need to betray her and Emma.

The Knave of hearts spikes his drink as he waits in Granny's for Robin. He wants to pick his brain and he needs him sober to do so. Regina needs their help, Robin tells him. He stole the magic story book from Regina. They need to figure out who wrote the tome. Will may have an idea, but he wants his drink back. He tells him that the town wasn't always magic, but when the magic came it was at the clock tower. Time stood still for twenty eight years, and then the hands started moving. Beneath the clock is a library.

Snow looks at a picture of herself, Emma and David. She's worried about her daughter. David knows how strong she is, and although Snow thinks she's making a mistake, David takes more the supportive stance. Snow points that Emma was born this way, as the savior. David wonders if since the Snow Queen is after her magic, if giving it up won't be better. Snow thought sending her to this world would be best, and now David wonders if her being normal won't be best. Elsa remembers her sister and her words.

Anna and Elsa creep towards Ingrid. They hide from the guards, which only silences Anna for a moment. Elsa asks if their parents did go to Mist Haven to take away her powers. They did, but Anna points that they were only human, they made mistakes. Anna tells her that her powers make her special and she wouldn't want her any other way. As David and Snow chat, Elsa takes the locator potion and Emma's scarf.

Will sets to pick the lock to the library, but there's no need, Robin pushes the door open. The library is open at the moment.

Regina pretends to read comics, and she leaves it up to Henry to decide whether they sit there and pretend to read or talk about Emma. Henry doesn't want to talk about Emma, and Regina asks to at least see the wound. He shows her, and Regina takes away the hurt. He thinks it must be nice to be useful and have magic. He went out to see Emma, and he made things worse. Regina points out that he had the heart of the truest believer that brought everyone together. She tells him not to worry about Emma, she's a hero and they always win.

Hook goes in search of his crocodile. Gold's shop is empty, and Hook sees Emma's hand print burnt into a piece of wood. He calls her and tells her that if Gold told her that he can get rid of her powers its by a magic hat that will suck her in. Gold has been lying to Belle, he didn't give her his dagger, he gave her a fake, and Hook knows this to be truth because he's been lying to Emma as well. Gold knew Hook would do whatever it took to be with Emma, and he used it against him. Hook wanted to be a better man for Emma, and now because of his actions he may lose her forever, and he hopes she doesn't forgive him. Hook spots the map location.

Ingrid tests out her powers, trying to draw her energy. The circle is weakening. Ingrid uses her mirror to find Emma.

In the car, Emma's stereo goes wonky. With her powers flaring, her car has a few issues, that's no match for the Snow Queen in the road. Emma crashes.


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