Once Upon A Time S04E08 Recap: Smash the Mirror Pt2

The sisters sneak Anna back into the dungeon. Anna promises that she will be fine. Elsa will return to the castle and tell Ingrid that she has decided to banish Anna, but that Ingrid has to see to the punishment herself. When she heads to deliver the sentence Anna will trap Ingrid inside the urn. Elsa worries that something will go wrong, and that she should be there as well, but Anna doesn't want to chance her sister being sucked into the urn along with Ingrid. Anna promises that everything will be fine. Elsa locks her sister into her cell. As Elsa walks away, smoke comes from the urn, and it traps Anna in shackles. Ingrid had hoped that Elsa would have believed her lies, but she didn't. Anna doesn't believe that she'll be able to turn the sisters against each other.

Emma stumbles from her car. Ingrid insists that she is not the one that Emma should fear. She is in great danger. Rumple only does things that benefit him. Ingrid is trying to protect her, and that makes Emma only want to get to Rumple all the faster. Emma realizes that Ingrid isn't really there, and walks through her snow-gram back to her car. Ingrid isn't strong enough to do more yet.

Snow makes tea. Regina reports that Henry is fine enough, he's putting on a brave face. Snow asks about Robin Hood, and Regina is ashamed of herself. She notices David there, and she wonders why no one is out searching for Emma. Emma called, and she's giving up her powers. Regina knows that no good can come of this. Regina tells them that her biggest regret was not supporting David when she realized that he was special. Rather than embracing his gift, she made him think that he was crazy, and to try to make him embrace normal. Snow knows that Regina is right, and they need to find Emma, but the locator potion and Elsa are gone.

Ingrid knows that she can turn the sisters against eachother. She spent a lot of time reading stories in the library. Anna too read everything in the library. Ingrid's favorite was a Norse tale about a magic mirror which made the people only see the worse of each other, and turn on one another. Anna has already seen the mirror, it was in her room. Anna fears that she is going to cast it over the kingdom, but Ingrid doesn't need to cast it over everyone, just Anna.

Emma arrives at the house, leaving her phone in the car. She never got her message from Hook.
Snow finds the spot where Emma spun out. There are foot prints in addition to the skid marks. Snow and Regina continue on foot. David and Henry follow behind. Snow asks about Robin. It's not going to work out, Regina tells her. Whatever is working against her happiness is more powerful than her. Snow doesn't understand why it has to work against her. There has been a lot against her and David, and yet they hold onto hope. Regina points out that she's a hero, so whenever she needs help it seems to come out of nowhere. Her wishes are rewarded, whereas Regina's are thwarted. Regina knew Snow as a child, and she hasn't always been all good. Regina isn't all evil either, nothing is as simple. Free will is damned because of the book. Her destiny is shaped by her actions. In the past she made poor ones, and now she's making better ones. If she stays the course good will come.

Will thinks that Regina is quite the woman if Evil Queens are your type. Whether or not they're together, Robin wants her to be happy, but he's not buying Will's magic library theory. In Will's backpack he finds a few pages from a book that were not there before. He calls Regina immediately, and though reluctant Regina goes to him.

Emma looks for Gold in his big house, her powers make the electricity go wonky. He summons the sorcerer's hat, and sets it on its power sucking side as he walks away. Emma is just outside of the door. Gold appears behind her, he tells her that he's already cast the spell inside of that room before her. All she needs to do is to go through the door. Emma tells him of her run in with Ingrid, which has now caused doubts to spring up in her mind. She truly believes getting rid of her powers are the answer. Gold reminds her that Ingrid is the villain and doing what she wants may not be a good idea. Emma asks what he would do. He wouldn't go through the door. He isn't like Emma. He never makes the right decision, he always chooses power. Gold tells Emma that she doesn't need to change, that she always does the right thing. Gold leaves the decision in her hand and walks away.

Hook runs to Gold's house, hollering for Emma to stop, but Gold intercepts him. Gold uses his magic to wrap him up on the fence with a hose. Gold is sure that Killian will get over her, like he did with Gold's former wife, maybe it will add fuel to his fire. Hook pleads with him. She is the mother of his grandchild. Gold wishes he didn't need to do this, but he does.

The scarf leads Elsa. She rushes to the back door, but its locked. Elsa blasts it with her powers.

Past. Elsa was so relieved that Anna was fine. Anna is far from fine. Elsa tried to find Ingrid, but she couldn't. Elsa asks if everything went okay. Anna asks what all the chocolate is about. Elsa wanted to make a nice celebration meal, but the ice cream is ruined. Elsa offers to make more. Anna tells her that its just like her to think that a little food and jewelry would make up for everything that Elsa has done to her. The loneliness came back to her in the other wing, all the memories, thinking that she did something to cause the distance between them. Elsa doesn't understand, they promised to never be like this with one another. Anna rips the necklace from her neck and throws it into the fire. This is not the Anna Elsa knows. Ingrid appears, not from the urn. She thinks this proves that Anna would never accept her. Elsa sees that this is all Ingrid's doing, a spell. Ingrid claims that the spell she cast was to reveal her deepest darkest secrets that were festering inside her. Elsa refuses to hurt her sister, she refuses to give up on her. Anna opens up the urn, and still Elsa will not raise her hand to her sister, only telling her that she loves her. Elsa is pulled into the urn to Ingrid's surprise. Anna is shocked over her actions, the spell broken. Ingrid snatches the urn from her, calling her foolish, and blaming her for what has happened. Kristoff arrives before Ingrid can harm Anna. Everyone eventually sees her as a monster, and then she is forced to become one. Ingrid freezes everyone in Arendelle. She strokes the urn. Eventually Elsa will accept who she is, and eventually they will find their third sister.

Elsa stops Emma. Emma's powers are completely out of control. Elsa refuses to give up on Emma, she didn't give up on her when she nearly froze to death in the ice cave. Elsa knows that there is another way to gain control. Emma doesn't think so, her version with Henry didn't work out so well, so her only choice is to give up her powers. Emma inches closer to the door. Elsa tells her that she was wrong. It wasn't just Elsa's love that saved her. When she came to the strange town she got control of her powers, and Anna wasn't there. She has to love herself to, to embrace all of what she is. The only way to be in control of her powers is to embrace them. Elsa reaches out to Emma. Emma warns her that it could kill her, but Elsa is willing to take the risk if she is. Emma takes her hand, and her power goes out around them, without injuring Elsa.

Gold watches his house from outside. Hook remains tied up. Gold's plan fizzles to Hook's delight. Gold may not have the savior, but he assures him that its not a total loss. He needs power to fill the hat sure, but he needs something else, something that an associate clued him in on. He needs the secret ingredient, a heart. Hook isn't going to be a willing participant in obtaining it. Gold needs a special heart, one from someone who knew him before he had the dagger in order to free him from it now. Everyone who fits that description is dead, except one. Gold pulls Hook's heart from his chest. Hook cries out in pain telling him to just kill him. Gold had promised him fun, and he intends to have it. Poor Hook is to be Gold's puppet before he kills him.

Past. Rumple likes what Ingrid has done with the place. He also likes Anna much better frozen, she's a lot less mouthy, but her necklace was better when it was around her neck when she was alive, it held more power. Ingrid asks what she wants from him. He wants the hat that Anna stole from him. Ingrid claims to not know about it. Rumple magics away the urn that she clutched to her chest. Ingrid wants it back, but he warns her off. She's not the only one that knows how to hide things. He asks why she took memories away from the poor trapped Elsa. Elsa learned more than she was meant to, and Ingrid wanted them to have a fresh start. Rumple makes her a deal, the urn for the hat. She needs but say his name three times when she locates it and he'll come to her.

Hook rushes into the house, pulling Emma into his arms. Elsa tells him that she didn't go through with it. Emma is surprised that everyone is so happy for her to keep her powers. Hook kisses Emma deeply, he's a fan of all of her. Emma notices that something is off about Hook, and he sends her outside where more people are likely soon arriving to check on her. Hook goes into the room where the hat is. Its back hidden. He picks it up and places it in his coat.

Regina rushes to the library. He asks if she remembers her book, she remembers the book he apparently stole from her. He tells her that he found something, what looks like a missing page from the book. It's a meeting that they never had. Regina's fate could have gone many different ways. Regina wonders if there is another book, but Robin tells her that it appeared in his satchel. He thinks it means that there is hope for them after all.

Ingrid's confinement ends. The dust has lost its magic. She goes to the bows, and waves her hands over them. The three disappear, one appearing on her wrist.

In Arendell, Ingrid goes back to her hiding spot to retrieve the sorcerer's hat. She begins to summon Rumple and the apprentice stops her wondering why she would summon the dark one when she had a deal with the sorcerer. He asks if she doubts the sorcerer's ability to find her a third sister. She does not, but she lost the one she had found. He tells her that he thought she was a patient woman, and that happy endings take time. The sorcerer has found a third sister who will be a perfect match, but she is not born yet. Ingrid doesn't understand how he can see the future. He knows many things. If she delivers that hat she will never get a happy ending. Eventually she will be reunited with the sister she lost, and she will find the other. The apprentice shows her a door. Behind it she will find the last sister. Ingrid asks why he would make a deal, she thought he didn't make deals with people like her. The hat is important to him, and sometimes people surprise you. Ingrid accepts the deal, she hands over the box, and he gives her a scroll. The door opens and Ingrid steps through to the normal world 1982. The world is very strange to her.

Emma and Elsa head outside, and Snow runs to embrace her asking if she went through it. There are hugs all around for Henry, Snow and David. She didn't give up her magic, and she's even got control of it. Emma demonstrates with a little firework show. Henry notices the yellow ribbons tied on Emma's and Elsa's wrists. Emma and Elsa struggle to get them off, but they cannot. It feels like the ribbons are funneling away their magic, and Emma has a clue where its coming from.

Gold pays Ingrid a visit. Emma did not react the way he had intended. Ingrid didn't have a hand in it, but Elsa did. One could say they have a sisterly bond. Ingrid boasts that until this moment she had no use for the ribbons that he traded her. The ribbons could bond three magical sisters. All three have embraced their powers making them a perfect match. Now Ingrid wields the magic of her sisters, she can now complete her mirror spell, and maybe even defeat him. Gold warns her not to over estimate her power, and she warns him not to under estimate her. Ingrid shatters her mirror.


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