Red Band Society S1E6 - "Ergo Ergo" Recap

The Red Band Society is still on the roof when Kara's vision stars to blur. Leo helps her down the stairs while Emma watches jealously. Jordi tells Emma about his feelings but she's hesitant to engage in anything. They, plus Dash, head back down after the hospital evac team arrives to take Charlie. Leo leaves Kara alone while he goes to grab some help and while she is alone, she encounters a boy named Hunter. He offers help and she is rude to him before insisting that he help her anyway. To pay her back for being rude, he puts her in an elevator and sends it to the maternity ward instead of guiding her to her room. Her vision then returns.

Leo returns to Emma and asks when she's going to tell Jordi about them. She's still mad about the roof but he tells her about Kara's bout of vision loss and goes on to say that he chooses her.

As it turns out, Nurse Jackson switched Charlie's blood with another patient's in order to make it appear he has an infection in order to keep him at the hospital for some time longer. Doctor Grace (Mandy Moore) returns to the hospital from Doctors Without Borders in Senegal. She has now been promoted to the chief of surgery. Nurse Jackson tries to suggest some other treatment options for Charlie but nothing's going forward for now.

Kara's heart is weakened so she'll need to get a pacemaker. The surgery will be performed that afternoon. Kara's mother comes by the surgery and the two have another argument.

In the classroom, the students are studying Pride and Prejudice. Emma grabs Dash to avoid having to be partnered with either of her suitors. Talk goes to her love-life and she expresses her stress over deciding between the two. She even makes a spreadsheet of pros and cons of the two. Dash tells her to follow her gut and she says she's having a hard time understanding why they like her when she doesn't even like herself. Dash rightfully advises her to focus on herself and she says she's not sure how to do that.

Kara goes outside for a smoke and meets Hunter again, quickly figuring out that he is the one who put her in the elevator. Hunter's there to visit his little brother, who has cerebral palsy. But as it turns out, he was lying. He is indeed a patient there too. She later meets him again and he claims to be in for a new liver but she sees through his lie this time.

Doctor McAndrew has an awkward reunion with Dr. Grace. Turns out they have a history. They were involved, set to get engaged, married, and have a happy life together, when Grace decided she wanted to go out and do some good in the world. He also wanted to stick around to try to become chief of surgery but now Grace is the job. He is also angry to learn that Jackson went to Grace instead of him regarding treatment options for Charlie. He and Jackson have an argument about Charlie and he says no to her idea to bring another specialist in. He later realises that Nurse Jackson switched Charlie's blood.

Kara wakes from her surgery to find her mother at her bedside. Her mother implores to change her ways, being both unfriendly and drug-addicted. Kara's mother says that she was able to change because of her partner, Daniella. Sometimes you just need someone you want to change  for. Kara looks at her bedside and finds a box of toothpicks, no doubt left by Hunter. She later goes to ask Kenji about Hunter's condition and Hunter comes up behind her and flirts again. She walks off embarrassed.

Leo and Jordi get into a fight during their presentation, in which Jordi hits Leo. Emma goes to visit Leo, admitting that she is very much into him. He asks her what she wants to do and she kisses him. Jordi sees this and storms off angrily. Dash follows him up to the roof and tries to be a friend but Jordi opts to tear off his red band and throw it off the roof.

Dr. McAndrew tells Jackson that he will move forward with the treatment she suggested but tells her that he reported her for falsifying Charlie's lab work and she has been suspended.

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


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