Red Band Society S1E7 - "Know Thyself" Recap

Dr. McAndrew must face the consequences of suspending Nurse Jackson, who is at home enjoying her gorgeous apartment. She's cooking up an exquisite meal for her niece who's visiting town from college. (It's Meagan Tandy!) Nurse Jackson became a nurse to help support her niece's tuition, before which she was a back-up singer with a promising career. She made the change in her life when her sister died. Her niece wants her to get back into singing.

The Red Banders are trying to figure out how to get Nurse Jackson back but Hunter comes in and tries to say that Nurse Jackson doesn't really care about them. Leo's interrupted by the fact that his outside-the-hospital friends are coming for a visit and he's excited to introduce them to Emma.

After they leave, Dash tries to keep everyone on focus in regards to writing the letter to Dr. McAndrew on why Nurse Jackson should be brought back. But Hunter has other plans, bringing them in to see how gruesome surgery is when you're not the one under and on the table.

Leo and Emma have gone out to lunch with Leo's friends. Emma feels uncomfortable at the Mexican restaurant. When Leo's friend Lauren outright asks why she's in the hospital, Emma admits that she is anorexic. She ends up nitpicking Emma a bit, wanting to know why a girl as smart as Emma would outright not eat. Emma responds by saying that it's still a huge step just to admit that she has a disorder. Leo's other friend tries to relate by saying how it's like coming out of the closet for him and Lauren gets angry at him for comparing homosexuality to a disease.

Kenji and Brittany come to visit Nurse Jackson to beg her to come back, especially Kenji. Kenji tells her to just apologise to "Dr. McStupid" so she can come back but Nurse Jackson insists that she did the right thing. Now is her opportunity to potentially pursue her dreams again. Kenji challenges her to prove that she can still "bring it."

Hunter has led Kara, Jordi, and Dash to an operating room. In private, he admits to Kara that he almost had a new liver but it was cancerous so he couldn't have it. So now he is still in need of a new one or else he's a goner. They watch the surgery while wearing stolen scrubs until they're spotted by Dr. McAndrew and must run and flee. Most of the gang is enjoying the thrill and excitement of it all but they're caught by one tough-looking surgeon.

Dina Jackson brings her niece, Kenji, and Brittany to a karaoke bar where she delivers one impressive performance of "Midnight Train to Georgia." Looks like Nurse Jackson most definitely can still bring it. She tells Kenji and Brittany about her dead sister and helping her niece but her niece tells her that she is grown now so she can pursue her dream again. Kenji deliver an impassioned speech about how she is there for people when she needs them most and that helping those kids and being a nurse is her calling.

Emma gets into an argument with Leo, believing he should have defended her. Leo tells her he agreed with what Lauren said because he doesn't understand how she could do all of this to herself. He assures her he's not going anywhere and that he wants to help her get better. He wants to get out of the hospital with her so they can have a future together.

Hunter, Dash, Jordi, and Kara are all in trouble and are being reprimanded by Doctor McAndrew. Dash tells him off, saying that Nurse Jackson shouldn't have been fired since she was the one who kept them all in line. His impassioned speech is interrupted by a coughing fit, and when he collapses after blood comes out, a gurney is brought in and he is wheeled away.

Emma runs into Lauren who had forgotten her phone. Lauren apologises for her earlier comments and her lack of filter and gives a friendly warning to Emma about how Leo is a really good guy and will try to help her as much as he can but, he will not wait around forever for her to fix herself. If he can't help Emma, and she can't help herself, he will be gone.

Nurse Jackson heads back to the hospital after getting a call about Dash. Dash is doing better thanks to Doctor McAndrew. Kara admonishes Hunter for his dismissal of the Red Band Society, saying that just because they die alone doesn't mean they have to live alone. When Jordi describes what happened to Doctor McAndrew, he realises that rule-breaking isn't just about being angry, it can come from a place of fear. Jordi and Leo make amends (for now, anyway, though we hope it's for the long haul since they're so much better as friends than enemies) and agree to take shifts in watching over Dash.

Emma is waiting for Leo's room and compliments his friends, saying she hopes to have friends like those someday. She apologises and says that her dad will be visiting soon and if it's not too soon for him, she'd like for them to meet. Leo says he'd love to. Emma spots some desserts on Leo's desk that used to be her favourite when she was little. She asks if she can have one and Leo tells her to help herself, looking amazed and overjoyed when she takes a bite.

Nurse Jackson arrives and asks Dr. McAndrew about Dash, learning that he's fine. She's about to leave when Dr. McAndrew tells her he was the one who told Lisa to call her. He now understands why she did what she did but she can't afford to make those kinds of risks. They both agree that they were both right and wrong in their actions. Nurse Jackson is about to leave when McAndrew reveals that he has lifted her suspension, saying he didn't know till now how much she meant to the kids.

Kara writes up a manifesto on why the Red Banders need Nurse Jackson, copies it, and posts it all over the hospital. While Dash is asleep, he visits the in-between place where the Red Banders normally see Charlie. He calls out for him but the halls are empty. It bodes ominous until the end when Nurse Jackson goes to check in on Charlie and his eyes are open and blinking.

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


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