Red Band Society S1E8 - "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" Recap

Charlie is awake now. He's not talking or moving but at the very least, he's not going to be transferred. The Red Banders deliver the news to Dash, along with that about Nurse Jackson being back. They throw around ideas about how to get Charlie to more fully wake up. Dash thinks boobs are the best course of action, Jordi suggests pet therapy, and Leo suggests they use put their money together and do it all. Jordi struggles with his unresolved feelings for Emma, who is happily back with Leo. Dash tells him to just act normal.

Kara and Hunter are still flirting but Kara becomes jealous when an attractive older-than-her woman comes to visit him. Nurse Brittany advises her to tell Hunter how she feels and to not go about winning him by being a mean girl. Nurse Brittany advises her to meditate and Kara is thrilled when she spots Hunter arguing with this mystery woman. As it turns out, the woman is Hunter's sister Ashley. She's there to donate half her liver to Hunter but he is refusing. She thinks Kara can help convince him, saying that Hunter has mentioned her. Kara is thrilled to hear this but is disheartened to learn that Hunter normally goes for skater chicks.

Dr. McAndrew finds that Charlie can communicate through blinking. His parents come to his bedside and Dr. Naday arrives. The staff is taken aback by his attire and demeanour, as he seems more naturalistic than they expected. Later, when Charlie's parents begin arguing in front of him, they advise them to relax. Nurse Jackson is taken aback when he doesn't want to look at Charlie's stats. He opts to have a jam session with Charlie's dad and sing some songs. Naday asks Charlie's dad questions about Charlie's favourite music and they decide to play one of Charlie's favourite songs.

The Red Banders go out on a shopping spree. Emma appears to struggle after having one of Leo's chips, spending much of the rest of the day rubbing the lingering cheese residue on her fingers. They head to a pet store and instead of getting a puppy, end up with an iguana. They then head to a strip club where Dash attempts to bribe a bouncer with $5 to get in and obtain a lady for Charlie. While the boys are trying to get their rocks off, Emma is frantically trying to scrub the cheese off her hand. The boys are thrown out by the bouncer, even when Leo tries to use his illness to garner some sympathy. They run into further trouble when Jordi's car gets towed.

Dr. McAndrew believes Naday is a quack but Nurse Jackson says that he is thinking with his ego and should try to work together with him instead. McAndrew ends up in an argument with Naday over his unconventional methods. When he goes to tell Dr. Grace that he wants Naday gone, she agrees that Naday is a disaster. Nurse Brittany becomes jealous when she walks by later and sees them bonding.

Kara borrows some of Dash's clothes and one of his skateboards to try to become Hunter's dream skater girl. Hunter doesn't like Kara playing a part and tells her to stay away. Kara ignores this and comes to talk some sense into Hunter while he's on dialysis. She chides him for rejecting the liver and that it's an insult to everyone waiting for an organ. He then shares the rest of the story, the part that Ashely didn't share. Hunter had a younger brother named Jack, who went into a coma and died after an accident. This is why he as so shaken at seeing Charlie wake from his coma. Hunter can't bear the thought of risking Ashley's life despite the low odds of anything bad happening. Kara tells Ashley that he didn't convince Hunter because sick people don't like having so much control taken away from them and that if she tries to go through with the surgery against Hunter's wishes it will only push him further away. Hunter overhears the conversation.

Nurse Jackson tries to send Naday packing for not getting anything done, calling him a fraud. Naday opts to flirt with her and call her "Funky Cold Medina." He then shows her the progress that has been made and talks her through some of what he has done. He says that the singing helped to bring an end to all the bickering between Charlie's parents and that it gives Charlie the opportunity to be rehabilitated through the neuroscience of positive thinking and notes the improvement on his monitor. Nurse Jackson relents and agrees to let him stay.

Hunter goes to meet Kara on the roof and the two share a kiss.

Dr. McAndrew retrieves Jordi's car but the iguana is gone now. The Red Banders decide to stick with Charlie's wish by ordering pizza. Emma throws a fit in her room and cries after tossing her meal at the window. Leo, Dash, and Jordi enjoy the pizza in Charlie's room and Charlie narrates his enjoyment of the pizza and the company. Somehow, the iguana from before is shown to be under Charlie's bed.

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


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