Red Band Society S1E9 - "How Did We Get Here?" Recap

In a flashhfoward, we see our lead characters in a series of rather strange positions. Dr. McAndrew has a black eye. Kara is straddling a senior citizen-patient, Jordi and Dash are sandwiching another young patient, and Leo is burning his prosthetic leg on the roof. Then, we flash back to 24 hours earlier to see how everyone got there.

Jordi gets some bad news. Though everything else is going well with his emancipation application, he doesn't have the $400 needed for the application fee. Leo and Emma have tests on their wellness to see whether they can go home. The Red Banders are interrupted by the new (loud) patient, popstar Delaney Shaw. She's been hospitalised for "exhaustion."

Leo's getting tested physically while Emma is being tested psychologically. Leo can't fake his but Emma can and does. She says just what the therapist needs to hear. As for Leo, he's giddy at the prospect that maybe he'll be able to get released early. Kara is trying to hook up with Hunter but can't because her heart monitor will go off if she takes it off or if her heart elevates too much. Nurse Jackson warns her not to get too involved. Emma is insecure about being released from the hospital since she thinks she and Leo will break up if they're not in the hospital anymore.

Kara finds a senior comatose patient to hook her heart monitor up to so she can get busy with Hunter but neither of them remembered to bring a condom. Doctor McAndrew is also having love-life woes, as he considers getting back together with Erin, who has been flirting with McAndrew, until he meets her new beau she met in Senegal, Sam. As for Dash, he's trying to hook up with Delaney and it seems as if he'll have a chance but they're interrupted by Jordi. Jordi wants a meeting with Delaney's manager and she'll only set up the meet if he gets her some painkillers. Jordi is hoping to jump-start his music career so he can afford his emancipation application.

Dr. McAndrew and Dr. Grace argue over his being the one to break up with her when she wanted to pursue her dreams and the fact that he feels blind sighted by her new man. Jordi swipes some pills from an older lady having her round of chemo. Kara approaches Emma asking for a condom and Emma slut-shames her. Kara points out that Emma is the one that is lying in her relationship by hiding her illness from Leo.

Dr. McAndrew runs into Nurse Brittany out at a bar and she gives him the signal to come over and rescue her from a bad date, after which they start to drink together. Delaney calls Dash in to help pierce her belly button, after which she prepares to have sex with him but Jordi interrupts yet again to deliver the painkillers. Delaney wants Jordi to perform a song for her. She is too impressed by his talent and since she sees him as a threat to her career, she offers to pay him for the pills instead. He accepts some money to help go towards his emancipation application fee.

Emma goes to meet Leo on the roof for a romantic dinner he set up, starting with a handwritten letter sealed with wax to invite her to it. He describes an alternate reality about how they would've met in the real world first, outside of the hospital. It's all very sweet and romantic until Leo's prosthetic leg accidentally catches on fire from one of the many lit candles he set up for ambiance.

Kara admits to Hunter that she isn't so sure about their having sex just yet. She wants to wait and doesn't want to lose interest in him. He says they don't know how much time they have and Kara says that neither does anyone. They decide to wait and then Hunter passes out with a fever before being taken to the ICU. Kara waits outside his room worrying about him and Nurse Jackson tells her that job is to protect her heart in every possible way.

Dr. McAndrew and Nurse Brittany end up going home together but when they wake up, McAndrew tells her it was just a one-night stand. Brittany rightfully punches him in the eye, thus leading to his black eye.

Leo goes to Emma and brings her a box of chocolates from the night before. They get into a fight as Emma admits that she's not better and claims she never will be. She says that no one, including him, understands her. She says that everyone believes she is better as long as she says and acts the right way but now he can leave and forget all about her. But as it turns out, despite all his progress, Leo isn't being released just yet. He needs to improve further physically before he can go.

Dr. Grace admits to Dr. McAndrew that she still has unresolved feelings for him but is just confused. But it would appear now he is feeling conflicted over his feelings for Nurse Brittany. When Leo goes to visit Emma and says that he's not getting out yet and wants to work things out, he finds out that Emma is getting released. He implores her not to go, as she had just admitted to him that she's still sick but she will not listen. Instead, she removes her red band and leaves it on her pillow, telling Leo nothing but, "It was nice to meet you."

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


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