Reign S02E06 Recap: Three Queens

Houses continue to be set on fire, everything the peasants own including hives.

Frances day is to be spent with the Venetian emissary, and he acts as though the previous nights admissions never happened. Mary cannot let it go. She asked, but she did not expect the harshness of his answer. She tries to come to turn with his disappointment in her for not baring him children yet.

Catherine prepares to leave for Bavay when Mary arrives. Mary offers to come with her, but Catherine warns her that it'll be a bore, but Mary wants to get away from the castle for a time. If one queen is impressive, two will be better.

Kenna finds Lola hiding away. The hustle and bustle and nannies have become too much, and her family didn't take the whole baring the king's bastard news well. They feel that the disgrace is worst, and they've disowned her, her family has cut all ties. She's completely trapped in the castle, and even Francis is a stranger lately. Kenna understands her position as the mistress of the former king. She thought about all of that, nothing with a king is certain, and rivals usually come in and slaughter the previous king's heirs. Her words don't cheer, and they aren't meant to. Kenna tells her to be prepared should anything happen to Bash. Lola reasons without a husband or family that should she come into money she would be able to keep it.

Mary and Catherine ride by carriage, and Mary realizes that they're riding the wrong way. Mary is panicked, but Catherine has a plan. She isn't going to Bavay, but to a peasant town. Mary points out that Catherine has never cared for peasants. She doesn't care for individual peasants, but as a whole she does. Some angry peasants surround the carriage bent on killing the Queen. The soldiers try to hold off the people, but things go from bad to worse. Catherine opens one of her secret doors out of the bottom of the carriage, as she'd just been telling Mary she needed to start planning, and the two get away unnoticed. The women remove their jewelry and turn their capes inside out to look less like the Queens they are and make their way pack towards the castle. Mary wanted to get her mind off her personal problems and it looks like she found something.

Lola meets with the bookkeeper who handled Lord Julien's funds. She wants to have her dowry returned, but he tells her that the money was never hers. Her father gave the dowry, and normally with the death of her husband the dowry would go to his male heir, however with the King claiming her child the dowry is going to Julien's father. Julien and his father were estranged, but that doesn't matter. The bookkeeper hasn't transferred the money yet, waiting to verify the recipients information, but no matter the case, Lola will not be receiving it.

Mary helps Catherine through the woods as Catherine limps along having had her ankle twisted in a fox hole. The women are tired and slightly lost when they spot a village. Catherine races forward, but Mary suggests caution just in case they too hate royals. Catherine walks into a tavern with all her normal pomp, but as ragged as they look the owner doesn't think her anyone of importance. He didn't hear any horses signaling their arrival, and they have no escorts. Mary changes tactics, telling him that they were lady maids of the court, the families they served were killed but the plague. She asks that they work for their meals and beds for the evening doing chores, and he accepts, but thinks she'd be more valuable serving drinks. Mary goes to serving, and Catherine takes a load off of her bad ankle letting Mary do everything.

The Venetian Emissary to happy to find that he continues to enjoy the castle's hospitality. Francis gets news that the Queens are missing, and he immediately springs into action with Bash and Leith close behind. Francis tells Bash to stay at the castle he needs someone he trusts in charge.

Catherine and Mary enjoy their meals and Catherine plots how to buy a horse. It's too late to reveal that they are Queens, no one would believe them. Mary tells Catherine that horses are very expensive, and Catherine does know that. Mary couldn't make enough in the tavern in a year to buy a horse, so they have no choice but to wait for Francis to find them.

Narcisse comes to deliver his sympathies to Lola for her dowry trouble. He's very in the know, having worked closely with the bank and he's willing to help her out for a simple cup of tea and her company. She thanks him, but turns him down. He doesn't press, only hopes she will reconsider.

With their meal finished, Catherine asked the real reason that Mary was wanting to go to Bavay. Mary claims to not have known her destination, before opening up with the truth. There is a physician in Bavay who works with fertility issues. Catherine understands her woes. She too experienced troubles. Mary confesses that Francis has become distant, and fears that if the problem persists their marriage will be ruined. Catherine tells her that the crown changes everything. Catherine has walked the path Mary is now on. As a Queen she has to put on an act. If Francis isn't sharing his heart, then she must pretend that she doesn't see it. She needs to give up the dream of the perfect marriage for her sake, and that of France. The royal carriage is announced, and Mary and Catherine rush out thinking that Francis has arrived to save them, but its an impostor King and Queen.

The “King” gives a great speech about how the plague has taken a great toll on the land, asking the people to give what they can, and worse the people believe his every word. Many people do not know what Francis and Mary actually look like so its easy enough for clever people like these to continue their ruse.

Kenna wonders if Narcisse meant tea when he asked Lola to have tea with him. Lola thinks that he's just trying to pry secrets about Francis from her, but Kenna thinks that he may just want to seduce her. Kenna thinks she should avoid him in either case since he killed his wives, but Lola tells her that she was wrong about the wife killing thing. Narcisse told her otherwise and he's very believable. Beside she thinks if things got out of hand she thinks she could just walk away, and Lola tells her that he is the man with the butterfly mark, which Kenna thinks changes everything.

The people ask about some of Catherine's atrocities, “Mary” regales them with silly tales and customs from the castle. When she talks about a pool of milk outside that the ladies must bath in, it raises the eyebrows of the people, and “Francis” included. Maybe “Mary” should lay off the wine. She tells the people that they must look away, the penalty for getting caught looking is death. One man has been to the castle, and he knows that there is no milk pool she speaks of. The crowd looks to turn ugly, but Mary steps in to save her. The woman may be an impostor, but she doesn't deserve to die for it, and Mary has a plan.

Lola joins Narcisse for actual tea. He has quarters at court, but he uses it as a getaway. She notices the targets, and he offers to show her how to shoot. He places a vambrace on her arm, because mistakes in this game can hurt. Lola takes aim, showing off her Narnia form, and hits the center with a little tutelage from Narcisse. The beginning is always easy, showing promise, its keeping it there that takes effort. He's not talking about just archery.

Francis goes in search of his mother and wife. The peasant whose home was burnt down doesn't want to speak with the king, her home she believes was burned down by the King and Queen when she didn't pay enough. It was the impostors, and that was also the reason for the peasants displeasure earlier. The impostors have been stirring up the countryside. Francis orders his party to split up to cover more ground faster.

The “King” and “Queen”retire away from the people before returning on their journey. Mary thinks its good news, hoping that the Duke will take them home. The Queens go to see “Mary” but they're barred at the door. “Mary” allows them in. Mary gives her impostor the same story she gave the tavern owner about being lady's maids out of work, wishing to make their ways back home. “Mary” has always wanted to be a lady's maid. Mary reminds her that she is the Queen of France, and she realizes that they see through her ruse. She asks why Mary backed up her silly story, thinking she wants money. Mary merely didn't want to see her hurt. “Mary” doesn't quite believe her. Catherine spins another tale, telling her that they are tricksters as well, portraying themselves as the Queens they really are. “Mary” thinks that they're a little short to be Queens, but Catherine tells her its all in the accessories. “Mary” likes Catherine's crown, and she tells them that she can have it if they take them near the castle.

Another imposter King prepares to burn another house because the offerings are not enough, but he does like the look of the peasant's young daughter. The man refuses to give up his daughter, and the “King” orders everything to be burnt.

“Mary” stuffs her face. She was an experienced performer, but she didn't make a good living, until her “King” suggested this scam, and now everything is kosher. “Francis” isn't happy that she's been spilling secrets all over the place, and asks for a word with his “Queen” alone. Mary and Catherine go into the hallway, but his man doesn't let them leave.

At the palace its dancing and entertaining as normal. Narcisse is enjoying the music, but he thinks it would be better with Lola. She asks what he's after. Narcisse describes a bath under the stars, in exchange for her dowry. It's not a bad deal, but Lola doesn't like his blunt voyeur request.

Mary and Catherine are found by actual royal guards. France has been scoured looking for them when he got a report of a royal carriage and came looking for it. He's ready to take them home, but Catherine isn't ready to go yet. The carriage is not theirs, it belongs to the impostors who have her crown. He suggests that they wait downstairs while he handles the impostors. Mary wants to have the woman brought back to the castle with them. She can be the lady's maid she always wanted to be. The guard goes in the room to deal with the “King.” Looks like the impostors were working for him, what. And they had no clue who they were entertaining. The “Queen” took at beating at the hands of her “King” but its nothing compared to what the guard does to him and all of his men. He kills everyone except the “Queen” there's a chance that they can also make it all out.

Inside of the carriage, Mary notices that they still are not on the main road, and they should be by now. “Mary” continues her crying, and Mary wants to know what is happening. Taking the friendly approach doesn't work, so she demands to know, and “Mary” gushes everything through tears. “Francis” Roger was killed, along with everyone else, and now they plan to kill the Queens. She wasn't recruited by Roger, but by her lover the guard. They need to take out the guard, Gifford, and take his sword. Catherine gives her some instructions on the best way to kill him. “Mary” isn't sure she can do it, but its the only way to ensure their survival.

When the carriage comes to a stop, Mary and Catherine exit to find out why they are stopped. Gifford asks Mary if she really thought that she could wear the English coat of arms and not be stopped. Elizabeth was behind all of the impostors. Gifford plans to deliver the punishment, but he never thought it would be so easy, that he would find the Queen all alone. “Mary” strikes, but she misses her target and Gifford easily takes care of her. Catherine cautions his haste. He could make so much more money by ransoming the both of them. Francis will pay any price for his mother and wife. Gifford doesn't trust her though. Mary takes Catherine blades and warns that its poisoned. Gifford hesitates, and Mary stabs the horse who rears and crushes Gifford. Francis and his men arrive. They came as fast as they could, they found some guards dumping bodies near the tavern, and they confesssed, but they weren't sure they would make it in time. Francis pulls his wife into his arms. Catherine looks at the fallen “Queen” with pity and takes her crown back. Never give up your crown to anyone.

Mary and Francis return home. Francis tries to talk to Mary, but she tells him she's tired, and retires. Catherine calls him a fool. Mary risked her life because of him, to try to see a physician. She knows the desperation that Mary is experiencing. She's smart and cunning, and loves him dearly. She's devoted, and Catherine cautions that his pressure will change her, force her to merely play a role rather than be the Queen he needs. Francis wonders why she would suddenly care. Mary possess a youthful vigor and she trusts her husband, Catherine sees a lot of herself in Mary.

Narcisse watches from across the way as a brunette undresses by candlelight and steps into the bath. Lola surprises Narcisse by coming from behind him. It is a lovely night for a bath. The girl in the bath is a maid who does her laundry. She paid the girl well, and warned her that someone may be watching her. For the price Lola paid her, the girl wouldn't care if the entire kingdom watched. Narcisse is enjoying their little game, and he offers his services to Lola. He understands why she does want her dowry back, and he thinks that she should have that freedom. Not many think as he does, and Lola teases him as he did earlier. She's definitely still interested.

Francis joins Mary in their room. He was overjoyed to find her, he can't bare the thought of losing her. He tells her that he didn't mean what he said to her before, he feared for her. She wants him to stop shutting her out, to tell her his fears. She would fight by his side to the end. He sees her ferocity, the pressures of being King just get to him sometimes. Whatever happens he will never leave her, never betray her. He will fix it all. She believes him. He never wants her to have to merely act the part of a dutiful wife, to have the type of marriage his parents had. She holds him close, but all is not fixed between them.


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