Selfie S1E5 - "Even Hell Has Two Bars" Recap

Henry is excited to learn that he has been invited to his boss Sam Saperstein's estate in Santa Barbara, believing this is the first step to a promotion, but is upset to learn that Eliza has been invited too. She claims she has earned her invite and becomes defensive when Henry suggests that she might be his plus-one. Saperstein confirms that Eliza is the plus-one when she and Henry arrive. Her anger dissipates when she learns of all the pampering she'll be receiving. Her horror returns when she learns there is no wi-fi at the estate.

Henry isn't doing so well making a good impression, as he is being boring. The group decides to join Eliza's plans to lounge by the pool, which distresses Henry as he had only prepared to ride horses. Henry wants to re-introduce the idea to go horseback riding but again the group wants to do what Eliza wants to: Oprah-sight-seeing.

Henry begins to panic, worrying that the promotion is slipping through his fingers. Eliza tells him to do one fun thing before the day is over so that Saperstein will know that he is capable. This backfires when Henry jumps into a lake that Saperstein's wife had saved and had been untouched by humans. Henry lashes out at Eliza but regrets it after seeing that Eliza was only trying to help.

Henry goes to dinner and gives a speech to Saperstein and his family, apologising for unravelling when things didn't go according to plan. Saperstein is moved, and admits that he had always wanted to jump in the lake. He says he wanted to see the flawed, un-planned part of Henry. He also says he invited Eliza because she brings out the best in Henry. Henry tells Saperstein that Eliza is more than a plus-one, but a VIP, echoing her earlier words.

Henry gets on a horse to catch up to Eliza and apologise. She is impressed by how well he rode the horse. Henry tells her that he got the promotion and that their friendship is just as important as his job. Later, Saperstein sneaks out to jump into the forbidden lake.

Selfie airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.

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  1. It's so typical that just as a show is starting to hit its stride, it gets pulled because networks have no patience. No wonder they never develop hit shows! The pilot, though promising, was lacking depth and just too focused on the "social media has destroyed people" angle, but by now Henry and Eliza both have become compelling characters that are funny, flawed, and easy to care about. Sigh...

    I loved the first episode, and as somebody who lived in the central coast for a few years, they really nailed a lot of the details about Santa Barbara non-college student culture. And I just about died laughing at Eliza doing kegels to Riff Raff.

    The scene in "Never Block the Cookies" when Eliza shows up at Henry's unannounced was probably the best moment of the season so far. It felt real, it was heartfelt, awkward, a little bit funny, and seriously hot. Eliza and Charmonique also make a great team as they try to get Henry some action, and I also really liked that they played the song "Ever Love" by Beginners when the three of them entered the pub.

    Selfie's story arc probably never had more than one or two seasons in it anyway, but I still am pretty mad that it got pulled so early. Hopefully they really will air all the episodes on Hulu and they can figure out a slick way to give it a fitting ending.


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