Selfie S1E6 - "Never Block Cookies" Recap

Eliza decides that Henry's being particularly cantankerous is an indication that he needs to get laid. She shares this tidbit with Charmonique, who says that a coffee barista in the building had previously experienced interest in Henry. Eliza and Charmonique manoeuvre a meeting for the two but he remains oblivious that he is being hit on. Eliza and Charmonique make plans to create a dating profile for Henry, pre-screen some women to be invited to a mixer so that Henry can get laid.

Saperstein gets into an argument with his wife, after she sees him being dismissive to his son-in-law, Terrence. Saperstein catches Eliza and Charmonique snooping through Henry's things and learns of what they're doing, offering to help them get information out of him for the dating profile. Unbeknownst to Henry, profiles for him are being posted on every other conceivable dating website. When Eliza invites Henry out for drinks (to be set up with someone else), Henry's co-worker is present and tells him that Eliza is interested in him.

Charmonique and Eliza are making arrangements for Henry's set-up and Eliza is being entirely dismissive of all of the women that have expressed interest. Charmonique warns Eliza that she'll need to coach Henry so he doesn't screw anything up. Eliza stops by Henry's place, ready to teach him the importance of finding a way to touch someone in order to facilitate a connection. Henry is resistant at first but then he grabs Eliza around the waist, leading to an intense stare-down between the two before Eliza scurries off again.

Saperstein invites Terrence to have lunch with him and asks him what he wants. Terrence just wants to be treated like everyone else at work and not be dismissed like everyone else. When Saperstein notes who well Terrence handles verbal abuse, he promotes Terrence to work in customer service.

Eliza and Charmonique bring Henry to the party for him and he is offended, telling them that they've just made it all about them since all of the women present look like either Eliza or Charmonique. He storms off angrily after telling them that casual sex doesn't interest him and is looking for the real thing instead. Eliza follows Henry out to apologise but stops when she sees Henry hit it off with a woman who is more similar to him in personality.

Selfie airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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