Selfie S1E7 - "Landline" Recap

Henry and Eliza are still nicely settled into their friendships. Henry gifts Eliza with a landline and Eliza learns that Henry is dating Julia, the woman he met at the end of last week's episode. Eliza is upset that Henry didn't tell her sooner. Henry notes the many things he has in common with Julia to his co-worker Larry, who warns him that Julia will become jealous by how close he is with Eliza. Eliza is confident that things will not change between her and Henry until her neighbour Bryn warns her that if she doesn't get on well with Julia then she will be the one cast aside.

Henry and Eliza apologise to each other. Saperstein asks Eliza if she'd be willing to introduce the keynote speaker at an upcoming event Pharmaceuticon, believing her internet star power is just what can help. Eliza confides in Charmonique about her concerns, who tells her that being supportive is the wrong way to keep Henry in her life. Charmonique advises her to "take the bitch down." Julia tells Henry about some negative feedback she received online and Henry quickly deduces that it was Eliza.

Eliza worries that Henry has stood her up to help her with introducing the keynote speaker. Henry comes over and tells her off for sabotaging Julia's career and says that they cannot be friends anymore. Eliza is saddened to have lost the only friend she ever had. She gets inspiration from her neighbour Bryn to bake Julia a cake. She has Charmonique make an appointment for her at Julia's office. She then decides to not go through with a direct meet but leaves the cake.

Henry learns that the cake was from Eliza due to a note left on it though Julia didn't know. Henry tells Julia that he should go to see Eliza give her speech and Julia is fine with him going, saying she is self-assured enough to not have a problem with Henry having female friends. Eliza successfully introduces the keynote speaker but is still sad about Henry until she finds him standing behind her. He agrees to keep helping her and Eliza happily but tearfully agrees. Eliza later visits Julia to apologise for leaving the bad reviews and Julia accepts.

Selfie airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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