Selfie S1E8 - "Traumatic Party Stress Disorder" Recap

Eliza learns that it is Henry's fortieth birthday, a fact that he had been making every effort to keep quiet but Charmonique insists on singing "Happy Birthday" to him as a part of company policy. Eliza is determined to get him a gift so Henry asks that it be something personal, meaningful, and modest. Eliza enlists the help of Charmonique and Larry to figure out what to get him. She considers throwing him a party but Charmonique points out that Henry's not the type to be fond of parties. Eliza opts to get Henry tickets to Blues Traveler, a band he used to love in the 90's. She is disappointed that he doesn't seem more excited so she decides to throw him a party anyway at the recommendation of the man she is currently hooking up with.

Henry is out for dinner with his girlfriend Julia and invites her to come along to the Blues Traveler concert afterwards while Eliza has broken into Henry's house to throw a surprise party together. At the concert, Henry quickly begins to sing along and have fun dancing to all the songs while Julia quickly become uncomfortable with Henry's unrestrained joy. Eliza calls up Sam, Charmonique, and other co-workers and decides to throw an office-themed party because of Henry's love for work. Julia leaves Henry at the concert and he returns home only to be further upset to find everyone in his house for a party. He pulls Eliza aside and gets into an argument with her over not being able to have peace in his home. His coworkers overhear him and leave. Eliza chides him for not being grateful that people want to party with him, especially since people did not want to come to her birthday parties when she was younger.

Julia comes over to Henry's place to apologise for her behaviour, saying that he had pushed her out of her comfort zone and that she became cold and judgemental as a result. Henry admits he tends to be the same way as he looks at the merchandise he bought at the concert. The next day, Henry apologises to Eliza and expresses his gratitude for everything she did, admitting that he had fun at the concert. She then shows him a video of him from the concert of him having fun and he tries to get it to delete, not realising that he can't do that.

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