Sleepy Hollow S2E10 - "Magnum Opus" Recap

Ichabod and Abbie are playing Heads Up because Abbie says they need to distract their conscious brains so their subconscious can crack the case since they're stuck. Katrina calls on a mirror phone to announce yet another of her failures. Moloch is still alive and she has failed to dispose of him. Now he's too strong to be taken out that easily. Katrina hears someone coming so she hangs up, but not really since Henry uses the mirror phone to eavesdrop on Ichabod and Abbie who use their phenomenal teamwork to decode a message in Grace Dixon's journal to determine that there is a weapon that can kill Moloch. There's a map that closely resembles Benjamin Franklin's "Join or Die" cartoon in which the snake's tongue is the "X" that marks the spot.

Henry has been spying on this whole thing so he sends Abraham after them to get the sword first. Also, Jenny gives Irving a burner phone and a map for him to use after he jumps out her car, something he must do to avoid being caught at a checkpoint. They make plans to meet up later while Ichabod and Abbie head to the ruins on the map, which Abbie recognises from her dream of her mother. Abraham beats them to the spot and Abbie takes off after him to try to keep him from finding the sword first. Ichabod helps just in time with the rising sun that sends Headless, something which he predicted with the help of a phone app.

Through some flashbacks we learn that Katrina has been manipulating Ichabod onto this path of "destiny" since they first met. Before this, he had been perfectly content to be on the path his father and others had paved out for him. Ichabod and Abbie use the extra day to get a head start on finding the sword. Abbie keeps Ichabod focused and they find a door hidden beneath some easily movable bricks. Unfortunately for our favourite Witnesses, the sword is being guarded by a gorgon (Medusa) that turns its victims to stone if they lay eyes on it. Abbie is distraught when she sees that one of the statues is a Dixon woman (one of her ancestors). She gets her focus back and realises that Headless can fight her because he doesn't have a head (and therefore has no eyes to lay on her).

Irving leaves a voicemail for Jenny to apologise and thank her for her help but he will not run and hide. He will stay underground but will keep fighting too. As for Henry, he chides Katrina for her humanity being her weakness. He knows about her didn't-go-through-with-it attempt on Moloch's life and decides to lift the enchantment so she can see precisely what it is she saved. He also shows her his evil shofar and says it has signalled "the start of wars for eons."

Night falls and our Witnesses wait for Headless to come and fight the gorgon, after which they'll search for the Sword of Methuselah. The plan sets off just as they had planned it. Abbie then heads off to search for the sword while Ichabod fights Abraham. Ichabod is amazed that he can see Abraham. The chamber is enchanted so that people are shown in their truest form. They fight both physically and verbally. Ichabod blames Abraham for having chosen Moloch while Abraham blames Ichabod for stealing Katrina away but Abraham also gloats that he will have his bride soon enough.

Abbie finds the chamber is full of swords and upon picking one up, it and all the others turn to snakes that escape by slithering away into the walls. Abraham catches up to Ichabod who had come to check on Abbie. They all believe that perhaps the sword was simply a legend. But Abraham is called away by the Shofar of War. It would seem that the battle is indeed about to begin. After Abraham leaves, Ichabod and Abbie are able to work together to uncover the sword, as they can see themselves most clearly through each other's eyes. As for Henry, he's standing with the two Horseman and a fully grown Moloch and they are ready to get the apocalypse going.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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