Sleepy Hollow S2E7 - "Deliverance" Recap

Katrina dreams of being in bed with Ichabod until it turns to a nightmare and she wakes in pain, still feverish after Henry infected her with that spider.

Ichabod complains to Abbie about the midterm elections and how things were better before. She calls him out for the fact that she wouldn't have been able to vote in ye olden colonial times and throws in a sly reminder that she is paying for all of his expenses. Ichabod further gets in trouble for trying to sway Abbie's votes.

Abraham is concerned for Katrina's health and assures her that he is not the cause of it. Henry arrives with some henchmen to take Katrina away. Henry tells Abraham that he is there at Moloch's command and Moloch has a new purpose for her. They move to take Katrina away and Abraham pleads to speak to Moloch himself. Katrina pleads for Abraham's help but when he tries to help her, Henry slows him down by opening a window and exposing him to the sun. He gets back and tries to help again by throwing an axe at one of the henchmen but Henry stops him again. Katrina is able to fight off a henchman and get away, heading to a gas station where a man asks if she is alright.

Abbie gives Ichabod an I Voted sticker, which makes him feel a bit better. Reyes shows up and Ichabod notes that Abbie has been excluded from her plans as of late. Some other officers arrive and tell Ichabod and Abbie that a red-headed Jane Doe was brought to a hospital. They head there and find her in a bed with a fever and an infection. Katrina wakes and tells them what has happened and begins screaming in pain. They examine her stomach and find black veins spreading fast across her skin.

The nurses have taken Katrina's clothes so they steal some skinny jeans and a corset and the show sexualises the absolute hell out of Katrina. Ichabod and Katrina head back to the lair while Abbie says she will tail the henchmen that have just arrived at the hospital.

Katrina talks about seeing something with the head of a goat. Ichabod realises this is the symbol of the Hellfire Club, a batch of evil scientists that were routing for evil in the Revolutionary War. Ichabod becomes alarmed to learn of Headless being "Abraham" and Katrina's conversing with him. Ichabod still doubts Katrina because of all her secrets, though she says she isn't keeping anything else from him. Right.

Abbie has followed the henchmen to a warehouse and sneaks inside after them, snapping some photos of the inside, a tablet, and almost getting caught when she bumps into a cadaver. She snaps some more photos before sneaking out and relays her findings to Ichabod and Katrina. The markings on the cadaver matched Katrina's markings now. Ichabod reads about this condition and finds that Katrina is pregnant and has 10-12 hours to live from the time she was first infected.

Ichabod figures out that the poison Henry obtained is the source of this pregnancy and hypothesise that a demon is growing inside Katrina. The warning hex Katrina had performed flares up, indicating that Henry and his men are on their way. The group escapes into the tunnels and end up in St Henry's Parrish. Katrina thinks they should get in touch with Henry, believing he can and could be the one the remove the demon. She blames Moloch for this evil and is insistent that they can save Henry. Ichabod admits he hasn't lost all faith and Abbie tells them they're making the wrong decision and they shouldn't let their feelings get involved. Ichabod admits the odds are stacked against them and that Henry is their only option.

Ichabod has Irving call Henry so the two of them can talk at the hospital. Abbie is still with Katrina, who screams out in pain as her belly begins to grow to a swollen pregnant size. In both places, the parties figure out that it's no mere demon growing inside of Henry but Moloch himself. Katrina proposes killing herself, since Moloch will not be able to rise if his vessel is dead. Abbie tells her they will find another way. Ichabod tries to appeal to Henry and offers him the opportunity to come back to them but Henry chooses Moloch. As Henry is leaving, Ichabod touches him and gets a vision of Henry as a child, running through the woods and screaming for help.

Ichabod returns to the church where Katrina tells him to have faith and not give up on their son. Abbie looks over a photo of the tablet the Hellfire Club had and Ichabod notes how the distortion resemble the northern lights. He recalls a paper in which Benjamin Franklin proposed that the lights could banish demons. Further research and a cracked code reveals that there is a stone inside the tablet that if held up to the sun and beamed onto Katrina could banish Moloch.

Abbie and Ichabod realise they need an army to get back into that warehouse so Abbie comes up with the idea to go to Reyes with their information and spin it as a doomsday cult. Ichabod provided "consultation" because of its historical origins. Since the cult are in possession of illegal firearms and perform horrific torture, they will be worth apprehending. The team goes in and a shootout ensues while Abbie and Ichabod head back to steal the tablet. Ichabod needs to crack a passcode while Abbie unleashes her inner badass to cover his back. He can't crack it until Abbie tells him to try "666." Ichabod and Abbie are about to leave but first Reyes tells Abbie that she sees why Corbin always spoke so highly of her. She also tells Ichabod to be in touch.

Katrina communicates to Ichabod over the walkie-talkie he left her to say that Moloch is coming. Abbie is left to play Mammy and it's ghastly to watch, while Ichabod at the last minute gets to play hero by smashing the tablet, getting the stone, cracking a window, and shining the light onto Katrina, thus preventing Moloch from being born into this world. Katrina isn't breathing so Ichabod performs CPR and Katrina comes back to life. Abbie heads outside to give them some time alone.

Ichabod comes out to see Abbie after Katrina falls asleep. He says that he feels joy he hasn't felt in an age but Abbie and him both agree that this was too close of a call. Abraham will stop at nothing to get Katrina back. Ichabod still thinks he can reach Henry, after having that vision of Henry as a child, and Abbie doesn't think this is a good idea but for now, can't seem to convince him otherwise. She offers up a fist-bump, which Ichabod blows up. He's learning, people!

A storm is brewing and lighting strikes a chord connected to a jar, causing a red light and black smoke to form inside it. Henry watches and smiles.

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