Sleepy Hollow S2E8 - "Heartless" Recap

This week's Big Bad is a Succubus. She's been stealing the life forces from unsuspecting folks and giving them to Henry, who is storing them in a magical container. Abraham and Henry are butting heads. Abraham wants to go after Katrina but Henry says he cannot, as Moloch does not command it. Katrina is able to help Ichabod and Abbie by giving them a lead on the case of the victim based on some markings on the victim. This leads them to believe they're after a creature that sucks a person's life force dry. Katrina doesn't feel well, having a headache from a vision of a demon baby in a crib, and asks if they have any quince tea to help her nerves. Apparently Abraham gave her some when she was ill and this makes Ichabod uncomfortable to say the least.

Abbie determines that the first victim was getting busy when he was killed and this helps her to crack the case: it's a succubus. While Team Witness is forming a plan to track it, the Succubus is seducing Hawley by coming to him closely resembling Abbie. (The Succubus comes to its victims in a manner resembling the person they most closely desire. Abbie and Ichabod show up just as Hawley's being fed on. Hawley holds her off by burning her with a Maelstrom Crystal and she runs off after also being shot at. Ichabod figures out that Hawley is interested in Abbie but refrains from telling her outright.

Katrina has another vision and tells Ichabod and Abbie about it, leading them to determine that she's seeing inside Frederic's Manor. Once she starts to focus, she shares what she has learned. The Succubus is giving these souls to Henry and feeding them to the baby that was inside Katrina last week. Baby Moloch is alive and well. Katrina and Abbie get into an argument over Katrina's irrational insistence that Henry is still good while Abbie rightfully points out that she is a Witness and has been fighting this fight longer than Katrina.

Team Witness researches the Succubus and finds that she cannot be killed until her heart, which is kept outside of her body, is destroyed. Abbie had put a trace on Henry's computer and determines that the heart is being kept in a nearby cemetery. Katrina will destroy it but Abbie must go with her, at Ichabod's request. Because apparently he deep-down knows how incapable his wife is of looking after herself.

Ichabod will go to the nightclub she first struck at because Succubi follow circular feeding patterns. Hawley will go with him for no fathomable reason and both Jenny and Frank are nowhere to be seen this episode because apparently they're less important than wannabe-Indiana-Jones. Ichabod gives a brief speech to Hawley, wanting to know if his intentions with Abbie are honourable. Of course they're not; this sleezeball was just hooking up with her sister. They find the Succubus lurking about and Ichabod goes after her. When he meets her, she appears to resemble Katrina but she also tells him that he has doubt in him.

When Abbie and Katrina reach the cemetery and find the vase holding the heart, they both see different things inside of it. Katrina sees rats, Abbie sees maggots, but Katrina is too weak and incompetent to buckle down and reach in so Abbie is the one to get the heart out. Where is this Badass Witch we supposedly have on this show? Katrina performs the incantation while Ichabod has stabbed the Succubus but to no avail. She starts to feed on Ichabod while Abbie has to finish the spell because Katrina fell back. Why is Nicole Beharie not the top-billed star on this show? Abbie Mills is the only one that seems able to get anything done around here.

Hawley saves Ichabod from being fed on and they fend her off till the heart is destroyed and they're able to kill her. They appear to be on better terms with one another now. Hawley's just a creep anyway. He only agreed to help Ichabod in the first place to get a lock of Abbie's hair. Like I said, creep. As for Katrina, she decides that the best course of action is to return to Abraham/Henry. Ichabod decides to trust his wife and hope for the best. Abraham appears emotionally moved to have Katrina back and brings her to Henry and the baby. Problem is, that magical necklace is making her see the demonic baby as a normal human one, and made her feel an attachment to it.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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