Sleepy Hollow S2E9 - "Mama" Recap

Abbie has a nightmare of her mother singing her a song from childhood. It's foggy, with torches, and her cloaked mother warns her of demons. When Abbie wakes, Ichabod has showed up sick. Abbie tells him to rest up, hydrate, and go to sleep. Abbie shares her Purgatory dream with Ichabod and they note how the demons that tortured her explained much of the problems Abbie had with her mother. Abbie gets a call about a case and leaves Ichabod to rest up.

Reyes tells Abbie that there have been cases of strange "suicides" at Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital at which her mother died and Irving is now being held. Abbie brings Jenny along as she was also a resident there and knows the facility. A patient named Walter attempts to approach them but a nurse intervenes.

Abbie meets with Irving, who knew the first patient that killed himself. Irving says that this patient, Nelson, was doing well and staying on his meds. None of the suicides appeared to have proper motivations. Irving says that he wasn't the one who did this and that for now, he still has control of his own actions even though Henry holds his soul.

Jenny recounts to Abbie a time she tried to visit their mother at Tarrytown but was unsuccessful, since her mother was dragged away by orderlies. Abbie admits that she thought that she herself would end up in the hospital like their mother and wants to know why she was chosen as a Witness. They look over surveillance footage of Nelson from the night of his death. They spot something in the corner and upon putting the night vision onto the footage, they see the apparition of their mother.

They form the theory that Abbie's mother is killing the patients but they must figure out why. Hawley shows up and brings Ichabod some drugged soup to put him to sleep. Hawley offers up his assistance and goes with Abbie back to Tarrytown.

Henry struggles to cope with Katrina's maternal behaviour towards baby Moloch, despite the fact that it was his idea for her to tend to it. Apparently hundreds of years wasn't enough to make him grow up and get a clue. The demonic baby feeds on Katrina's neck and she has a vision of the events that led to the baby's arrival but carries on with her actions anyway.

Abbie and Jenny and knock-off Indiana Jones intercept a patient in his attempt to kill himself. Abbie's mother appears and quickly disappears along with Abbie. Abbie ends up in an old wing that hasn't been used in years and encounters Nurse Lambert.

Katrina finally realises what's going on and the discolouration of her skin so she goes outside and collects some Devil's Breath to try to kill the baby.

Abbie is reunited with Jenny and promises that they will do everything together. They then look over some security footage of their mother who is saying that Nurse Lambert is behind everything but the orderly is saying that Nurse Lambert isn't real. While they determine that she is the one behind the deaths, Nurse Lambert is giving Frank some pills which lead him to try to kill himself via drowning. Once he has settled down, Frank says he wants to help Abbie but now that the orderlies will think he's a suicide risk, they'll have to do it without him.

Abbie and Jenny determine that Nurse Lambert was a nurse in the 1950s that went on a mercy killing spree. Abbie and Jenny head to their mother's old cell and begin chipping away at the plaster on the wall and find drawings from their mother and the lyrics to "You Are My Sunshine," which remind Jenny of a time that she almost died when she and her mother were in a parked car in the garage with the exhaust running.

Abbie comforts Jenny and then their mother appears, bringing a message of a hex they can use to banish evil. It's in a journal passed on from their ancestors that contains powerful magic. Nurse Lambert steals Abbie away. Jenny is told by her mother to get the journal while she will save Abbie. Nurse Lambert tries to kill Abbie but Mama Mills intervenes. Jenny has found the journal and recites an incantation to banish Lambert. Lambert is in a face-off with Lori Mills but Lori declares she is not scared of her anymore. The evil Nurse is vanquished.

Jenny finds Abbie and gets her free. Abbie says that they're both gone but is disappointed that she didn't get to thank her mother for saving her. Jenny says there might be a way. She prepares a ritual and Crane shows up to witness it take place. The incantation is recited by the group and Lori appears. Abbie asks why she was chosen and Lori tells her she must fight. She reveals how she fought after she had passed out in the car from the exhaust. She started the car and crashed backwards through the garage door despite a demon being present. Jenny realises that her mother saved her. Lori tells them that Moloch sent Lambert to finish her off after she was locked up. It's a tearful reunion. Lori tells them to use the journal to fight Moloch and tells Abbie she was meant to win this war. The Mills sisters want to free their mother but she tells them they already did. She disappears while the sisters plead with her not to go. Ichabod tells them that she left them a fitting legacy.

The Mills sisters and Ichabod and Hawley&Oats are driving away when they nearly hit Frank, who has escaped from the hospital. He is back and ready to help.

Katrina prepares some Devil's Breath and recites an incantation to ensure that it will be effective in killing baby-Moloch. When she goes to the crib, she is reminding herself that he is a demon but she finds the crib is empty. When she goes downstairs, she discovers that baby-Moloch is now child-Moloch.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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