Supernatural S10E05 Recap: Fan Fiction

Many shows are lucky to make it to the 100th episode, Supernatural tonight can boast that they've reached episode 200, In true Supernatural fashion they're giving props and making this one for the fans.

First we go all the way back with a nod to the pilot, before hitting the now in the form of a high school Winchester play. The director is hard on her classmate actors on getting the continuity correct. The teacher advisor, Mrs. Chandler, is done with the crapfest, and heading to the principal to get it pulled. The girls go on as Mrs. Chandler places a call, unbelieving in anything supernatural from happening. She should have believed. A group of branches comes alive, and sucks her in.

Every Supernatural opening sign is shown from seasons past, and there have been a lot, before the current one is flashed.

Dean works on his baby, she's as shiny and beautiful as ever. The motel parking lot is empty. Sam comes out of room 200, checking on Dean. Dean has found a case, and he's feeling pretty normal. He's found a Mrs. Chandler that was snatched from an all-girls school. Sam doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, but Dean thinks its has possibilities, so on the road they go.

The boys head to the auditorium, and Dean is less than enthusiastic to hear that they'll be questioning theater kids. Neither of the boys see the Supernatural banner, and they're in for a surprise when they see the people and events of their lives in full theatrical style. Dean is beyond horrified. The director, Marie spots the boys and think that they're from the book company, but they aren't. They flash their badges, and her babbling comes to an end. Dean points out that there is no singing in Supernatural. This is merely an interpretation. Dean claims that if there was singing, it would be Rock, not Andrew Lloyd Weber crap. Sam gets to the point of the missing teacher. The students assume that she was headed to the liquor store, she had a nasty divorce, and a bit of a drinking problem. Sam asks Maeve to give him a tour, and for Marie to show Dean to the Teacher's office. Sam thinks that the production value is pretty good, but Dean is still not on board. The boys split up.

Dean looks at the props. Some parts are made, some repurposed, but Marie wants Dean's hands off all of them. Marie talks with Dean about the Boy Melodramic moment, aka the end of each episode where they're all bonded, united. Dean doesn't like the fact that they're standing so close together, or the subtext implications.

Sam asks Maeve about strange occurrences. She plays a few screaming sound effects, and Sam starts talking his drama days. Maeve gets called away, and she asks him not to touch anything, but he can't help himself, messing with the lighting.

In Mrs. Chandler's office, Dean finds plenty of bottles, and an odd robot head. It's part of the play. Dean points out that there is no space in Supernatural, not canonically, but they've found a way to incorporate it. They can do whatever they would like. The play was inspired by Chuck's books, but since he stopped writing after Swan Song, she had to make a better ending then Sam and Dean being separated. She added robots, ninja, and Dean's Sex Change. That's got his attention, but not in a good way. He tells her that he can tell her what really happened after, he's got some inside knowledge of some unpublished books. He tells her what happened from Season 9 to now, but Marie thinks its the worst fan fiction that she's ever heard. Her's may be no masterpiece, but its better. “Castiel” and “Dean” are getting a little cozy, they're a real life couple, and though that part isn't in the play, they do explore their relationship a bit. All the nods to fans, are just fantastic. Dean has no idea about the subtext, and Marie tells him that you can't spell subtext without s-e-x.

Dean finds so many things in the play preposterous, and cannot believe Sam doesn't have more issues with all the things that he saw. Sam tells him that although it's about them, everything surrounding the musical is very unsupernatural. Dean still thinks its a pretty big coincidence. Unless Dean is seeing something Sam isn't, there is no case. Sam questions Destiel, and Dean shuts down that line of thinking.

Maggie is finished. She walks. She's tired of Marie's dictatorship, of everything. She believes that if its not cannon it shouldn't be in the show. She plans to go to the principal and do what Mrs. Chandler was too drunk to do. She heads off with her bike, but she doesn't get far. The vine creature grabs her. Marie sees the girl being hauled off, and goes after her, but she's gone. Only her bike and a flower remain.

Sam and Dean are back at the theater. There is nothing on the surveillance cameras, but Sam shows Dean the flower. There was one when Mrs. Chandler disappeared as well. There was a flower found near her cell phone. They go to talk to Marie, and she thinks they're going to accuse her too. She tells them how Maggie quit the show, and she was going to have them shut down. She saw a scarecrow like the one from their show, and it grabbed her. Marie called the cops, but they didn't believe her, thinking that she had an overactive imagination. Everyone thinks that maybe they should leave, and Sam agrees. He tells her that he's Sam, and Dean is Dean Winchester, and that its all real. Marie and Maeve break out in giggles. They are willing to accept that monsters are real, but not that the stories are real. Maeve says that they're way too old to be Sam and Dean. Dean tries to set the record straight. They are hunters, and Maeve thinks they're like X-Files hunters. The scarecrow isn't from the books, but rather from a version of Marie's own nightmare. She puts it together, they think its a Tulpa. Tulpas are made from intense focused energy. Sam has the girls read up. Tulpas need a lot of psychic energy, and its not something that would be learned from the Supernatural books. Sam is sure that he's seen the flower somewhere in the lore, to connect it back. Sam will look into that, and Dean asks Marie to show him the boiler room where the Scarecrow is kept.

She take him down, and he uncovers the terrifying scarecrow, but it's not so frightening. Dean breaks apart the thing, and together he and Marie burn it in the furnace. They came, they saw, they kicked its... Sam bursts their bubble. It's not a tulpa. Sam and Maeve have found evidence that it is Calliope, a muse. She's associated with a star flower. She can manifest creatures from stories that she's in. Marie burned the prop for nothing, but Dean thinks it needed to be burned anyways. Calliope uses her manifestations to get rid of threats and protect her creatives until their visions are completed. Then she eats the author, very bad news for Marie. Dean will get his wish and the show is canceled. That's what happened to Mrs. Chandler and Maggie. So Marie will get her wish, the show must go on. The only way to get Calliope to come out of hiding is to have Marie finish the show, and wait for Calliope to eat her.

Marie heads to the teacher's lounge in a panic. Maeve worries that Calliope will eat her. Marie breaks though a paperbag trying to calm her nerves. Dean tries to calm her. She blames herself for what happened to Mrs. Chandler and Maggie, calling the play dumb. Dean may not believe in this iteration of the play, but she does, and he needs her to forge ahead so that they can stop Calliope and rescue Maggie and Mrs. Chandler. If Dean and Sam were real, they wouldn't back down Marie realizes, especially not her sweet selfless Sam. That observation is just another point that really rankles Dean. Marie is ready to step into Sam's part, and Barbara Streisand this bitch.

Opening night is upon them, and the cast is getting ready for their debut. Sam asks where Chuck is, and Marie admits that although she loves Chuck she hates the author in the story and meta-stories. Dean and Sam hate those as well. Dean gives the girls a little pep talk, they're all there because they love Supernatural, well most of them do. Dean hasn't always loved this version of Supernatural, but this is Marie's vision, and he tells them to give it their all. They bring it in with a GhostFacers, and the show begins.

Marie warns that the front row may want to use their ponchos, as the show begins. “Dean's” intro song begins with the bringing home of “Sam” and death of their mother. Sam looks for signs of Calliope and Dean rocks out. As the road trip begins on stage, Dean spots the scarecrow behind Sam. On stage the brothers fight monsters, Dean loses the scarecrow and Sam, as the first act comes to an end.

Sam wakes in a room with Maggie and Mrs. Chandler. All things considering, the Scarecrow isn't that horrible of a monster. They're stuck in the basement. Sam tries to open the door, which Mrs. Chandler tried as well with no luck. There is no way out, and they aren't alone. Calliope is in there too. With stake in hand Sam goes for Calliope, but she's a goddess, and powerful, forcing him back with a flick of her hand.

Onstage Dean and Castiel chat, leaving Castiel waiting. Marie asks what they should do now that Sam is missing. Dean tells Marie to keep going. Castiel sings a song of waiting.

Calliope goes all evil villain. She knew when the curtain opened that tonight would be worth the wait, possibly because the inspiration for the show was there. Sam asks if she has to wait for the conclusion of the vision, as the lore believes, but even Calliope can't stomach the thought of the ending with the robots, tentacle and space.

“Sam” sings her song about the greatness of her brother “Dean” and his single man tear. The ridiculousness of the show makes it all the more. Dean spots the scarecrow, and runs across the stage to tackle the monster.

Sam asks why Supernatural. Calliope tells him that its because it has everything: life, death, redemption, but especially family. It has every element of a good story, along with catchy toe tapping music.

On stage, Dean is tossed across by the scarecrow. “Dean” and “Sam” continue their songs, and the audience prepares for a splash.

Calliope finds Supernatural to be her perfect elixir, her bag. Maggie bashes her across the head with a book. Dean finds himself on the losing end of the scarecrow. Mrs. Chandler kicks Sam's stake towards him. Marie/”Sam” arms herself with a stake on stage, this is no time for a chick flick moment. She thrusts the stake at the scarecrow as Sam runs through Calliope. The Scarecrow explodes at the edge of the stage covering the audience. Marie did warn them. The audience thinks its all apart of the show, and gives a huge standing ovation. Shocked, Dean prompts “Dean” and “Sam” to take a bow.

Maeve points out that this is where Sam and Dean usually take off to avoid questions. She tells Sam that if he cut his hair he'd make a good Dean. Dean tells Marie that she did well, and she should keep at it, even if her vision doesn't match his. She calls him Dean and gives him her version of his amulet that he threw away long ago, telling him he should have never thrown it away. He gives it to her, it never really worked, but she tells him to just take it, jerk. He instantly shoots back with “bitch.”

The BM scene begins, not bowel movement, but Boy Melodramic when the boys vow for it to be the two of them against the world. The important players in the life of the Winchesters sing a beautiful rendition of “Carry On Wayward Son” when one player arrives neither brother knows who it is. Maeve tells them that its John Winchester's other son, Adam who is still trapped in the hell cage. Oh yeah, that guy. The play finally touches Dean, as both he and Sam watch the lights go down.

In their own BM moment, as Dean and Sam drive away, Dean hands his new amulet from Baby's mirror. There's nothing they need to say as they ride into the sunset.

Marie gets flowers, and the ticket that she left for the publisher was claimed. She runs to thank Chuck, explaining she knows the issues for the second act. Chuck tells her that it's not bad.  


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