The Big Bang Theory S8E10 - "The Champagne Reflection" Recap

Raj, Howard, and Leonard are cleaning out the office of Professor Roger Abbot, as he has passed away recently. They are throwing away much of his life's work as much of it is outdated or disproven. They discover a bottle of champagne Abbot had bought with the intent that it would be opened after making a great scientific discovery. Leonard finds some journals that contained years and years of numerical data and believes it must mean something so they decide to ask Abbot's co-worker Professor Sharpe. Sharpe says that the journals were food diaries of his caloric intake, as he believed that counting calories would be the trick to living forever. The boys become discouraged and later contemplate the fact that not everyone can achieve scientific greatness and decide to drink Abbot's bottle of champagne when one of them discovers something to honour his memory.

Amy helps Sheldon with his final episode of "Fun with Flags." Together, they recap some highlights from the show that include Amy dressing up as a kangaroo, playing "Fwag, Not A Fwag" with Barry Kripke, Sheldon dressing up as Betsy Ross, and Sheldon and Amy dressing in old-time bathing suits on a green-screen displayed beach. Sheldon also has LeVar Burton on his show as a guest. Burton has only agreed to do so under the condition that Sheldon will delete his contact information and is further perturbed when Sheldon asks him if his donning blackface (as George Washington Carver) was offensive. As Sheldon prepares to sign off forever, he wipes his tears with a white flag. Sheldon and Leonard discuss the series ending and the mood is sad until someone leaves a mildly complimentary comment regarding the series ending and Sheldon is so elated that he decides to revive "Fun With Flags" and opens Abbot's champagne in order to hear the pop. Sheldon later goes to LeVar Burton's house to invite him to come back on the newly revived show.

Penny and Bernadette are attending a banquet for their pharmaceutical company. Penny tries to reassure their boss Dan, who is afraid of Bernadette. Penny explains to Bernadette that some of her behaviour is coming across as mean to others and much like a bully. Bernadette begins to feel bad, wanting to leave, and Penny advises her to stay and show people who she is. She apologises to Dan and begins to cry when she learns of the numerous ways that her co-workers have been manoeuvring around her. But then she begins to use her tears to elicit pity to continue to get her way.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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