The Big Bang Theory S8E8 - "The Prom Equivalency" Recap

Penny begins to clean out her closet to make room for her work clothes. Amy and Bernadette are amazed to see Penny still has her prom dress. Amy admits she never went to prom and was only on the clean-up crew. Bernadette also had a terrible prom, as her date only asked her to pursue her friend. Bernadette proposes they have a prom do-over which they will have on the roof.

Leonard is stressed that Stuart will attend with his mother and calls Leonard to express his distress. Stuart insists that "nothing weird" is going on with his mother but then has to go because Leonard's mother has drawn a bath for him.

Sheldon visits Amy and suggests that they make the prom fun by pretending to be aliens. Penny then asks Sheldon if he will engage in any "post-prom mating activities" with Amy. Sheldon becomes alarmed when he realises the legitimacy in the de-virginising tendency of prom-goers. Sheldon panics and returns to the apartment when he sees how pretty Amy looks for prom.

Stuart has decided to embarrass Howard by bringing Howard's second-cousin Jeanie, the girl Howard lost his virginity to. Raj's girlfriend Emily makes Bernadette uncomfortable by professing her love for the darker versions of fairy tales. Howard attacks Stuart in the limo for getting involved in weird relationships with his family members.

Leonard and Penny head to the roof and admit that they wouldn't have danced with one another at their proms but are happy to be together now. They begin to dance with each other despite their being no music playing.

Amy goes to check on Sheldon, who is having a panic attack. He tells Amy that he feels pressure about the social stigmas about having sex and for what Penny and Leonard said. She tells him that there is no pressure for them to spend the night together. He asks if he was hoping for them to be intimate and she says she is always hoping for that but she understands the pace of their relationship. She wants to say something to him but that he doesn't have to say it back but before she can say anything, he says, "I love you too." Amy is elated but then begins to have a panic attack.

Everyone arrives at the prom but when Stuart receives a jealous call from Debbie, he abandons Jeanie.

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