The Big Bang Theory S8E9 - "The Septum Deviation" Recap

Leonard has a deviated septum and needs surgery to repair it. Sheldon thinks that surgery isn't the best course of action due to the risks. Sheldon continues to pester Leonard about all the things that could go wrong so Leonard tells him he will reconsider having the surgery. He later goes to the hospital with Penny without telling Sheldon. Amy is unable to keep the secret and tells Sheldon, who insists on being taken to Leonard. Sheldon gets to the hospital and stays out in the waiting room with Penny and Amy. While waiting, there is an earthquake and Sheldon tries to run to Leonard but runs into a glass door due to the room being dark and falls to the ground. The next day Leonard and Sheldon sit on the sofa together with bandages on their noses. Leonard ends up teasing Sheldon that he really loves him.

Raj isn't sure what to get his parents for his parents' 40th wedding anniversary but then learns that they are divorcing and his father has moved out. Howard and Bernadette try to console him and Raj says that it was the little things that built up and created resentment between them over the years. Later, Bernadette and Howard talk about their own relationship and Bernadette expresses concerns that the same thing could happen to them. They attempt to do an exercise where they say all the things they love about each other but it only ends up leading to further bickering.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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