The Flash S01E04 Recap: Going Rogue

What does the fastest man alive do on his day off? The lightning strike didn't just give him speed, but also friends. Barry hands out at STAR labs and put his multitasking mind to the test. Playing Chess against Wells, Ping pong against Cisco and operation against Caitlin

Elsewhere a truck is about to be over taken. Two black clad motorcycle rides, and one tow truck take a Black Hawk Security Truck. STAR labs gets the notice, and Barry springs into action. He may have lost his game of chest but he was rocking the other two games. Barry easily takes out the masked men, but when one of them shoots one of the guards, Barry chooses to save the man, rather than pursue the culprits.

Joe and Eddie get the case. The guard is in stable condition, but no one knows how he got there. The video from the truck is missing, but what they were likely after is not. The large diamond which was headed to the museum is still there. Eddie mentions how Iris wanted to go to the museum to see it, and his inability to say no, before noticing her father's icy glare. Probably best to avoid that course of conversation. Barry arrives on the scene and gets the lowdown. Barry corrects them about there being four bad guys. Barry saw the face of one of the guys.

At the station Barry flips through the mugshots and Ids Leonard Snart. His father is also in jail and Barry cheekily wonders if they should start a club. Snart has been linked to a few well planned heists, but he always gets away, but Barry doesn't see that happening anymore with the Streak on the case. Iris arrives with coffee, but Joe isn't biting. He's still a little mad about the whole Eddie secret. And speaking of secrets Iris wants to start a blog about the Streak. She wants to expose the secrets, and Barry doesn't want to help, claiming to want to keep the weirdos away. Felicity surprises Barry in his office, taking his side and vouching about the weirdo trolls on the internet. Barry is very surprised and happy to see her. Felicity asks about the lightning.

Snart and the other men talk about the Streak. They thought he was just a story, but he obviously is more. Snart grew up around the police station, he still goes by a nearby diner to listen to their radio frequently. He knows the response times, and hitting a moving target should have given them an advantage. The cops have nothing that should have been able to catch them so quickly, and his men lost their cool in the face of the Blur. One of Snart's men quits, and Snart shoots him. If he's out then he's all the way out, while Snart ups his game to take on the Blur.

Barry and Felicity take a stroll, she congratulates him on the beautiful Iris, but he tells her that she's not his girlfriend. Barry wants to know why she's there, and Felicity wanted to see him after hearing that he was awake. She heard him and Oliver talking the night he raced over for some advice, and now she wants to see him in action. He has her stare at a far off building while he races over and snaps a picture of her, and runs back in well, a flash. She's impressed, and his shoes are smoking, literally. Lucky for Barry he has a heat resistant suit, and he plans to show it to her.

Barry takes Felicity to STAR labs and pulls back the curtain to show her the magic. Its almost as impressive as her bat cave. Caitlin is worried that Felicity doesn't need to know so much about their operation, but Felicity assures her that she knows how to keep a secret. Barry spills that she knows the Arrow. His secret keeping skills aren't so good. Cisco approves. Felicity meets Dr. Wells, and she's ecstatic to find that he knows who she is. He's like a super science talent scout, so of course he knows who she is.

Felicity watches Barry have some tests run on him. They haven't reached his top speed yet, but Wells assures her that everything they're doing is to protect Barry. The lightning may have changed him, and they don't know how much, but they're working to find out. Barry tries to impress Felicity by running backwards, and in typical dorky Barry manner, he crashes hard. Caitlin tells her not to hurry, he heals quickly too.

Eddie wonders why they're staking out their current location. Once Snart sets his mind on something, he doesn't just let it go. Eddie uses the opportunity to tell Joe how serious he is about Iris, from one pal to another, but Joe reminds Eddie that they aren't friends. Eddie doesn't want his personal relationship with his daughter affecting his professional relationship with Joe. As long as they keep it separate, and doesn't hurt her, it'll be fine.

Barry and Felicity head to Iris's work. She invites Barry and Felicity to a trivia night. Felicity checks in with work, and Iris tries to push the double date. She sees Felicity as a adorable nerdy kindred spirit to Barry, and she thinks it'll be fun.

Snart's man has created him a combustible fuel, but he doesn't need to heat things up, but cool them down. Snart is attracted to the cold gun. It was stolen from STAR labs, and no one but the thief knows about it. Snart makes the number of people who know they have the gun, one less.

Barry joins Eddie and Iris for trivia night as E=MC Hammer, but Felicity hasn't shown yet. Felicity arrives in a jaw dropping outfit, and loves the name that Barry chose for the name.

A museum worker gushes over Bovine McFeely, while Snart suggests to a child that he leave. She brings them next to the diamond, warning of the proximity alarms. The museum head spots Snart, and calls in to report him in the building.

Barry and Felicity rock the trivia challenge, while Eddie and Iris try to decipher what they're saying. Eddie asks where Felicity works, while Iris asks the boyfriend question. Felicity hesitates, but answers, no boyfriend. Eddie gets drinks, and Felicity excuses herself from the table. Iris thinks Barry should pounce on the girl. She's obviously into him, and she's the first girl Iris has ever seen who truly appreciates him.

Wells asks Cisco how long the ice gun has been missing, and Cisco has no clue. One of the janitors didn't show up and he's the one who likely stole the weapon. It is one weapon that could potentially harm Barry. Wells wants it found, immediately. Caitlin asks what the weapon can do, and Cisco merely answers bad things.

Joe asked the museum to call if they saw anything suspicious, and he did. Joe spots Snart and calls for backup.

Eddie gets the question wrong, and Iris thinks his confusion is adorable. Eddie gets the message that Snart has been located, and runs off. Barry is quick to follow, leaving Felicity to come up with some sort of excuse. Sorry Olicity fans, but I adore this paring.

Joe calls for Snart to stop, but he's not slowing at all. He shoots the street, making a squad car slide across the ice as Snart heads into the museum. Joe is close behind. The Flash arrives, as Snart takes aim at Joe. He manages to get Joe to safety but Snart hits him with his ice gun, Barry is hurt, but not enough to keep him down. Snart puts Barry to the test, taking aim at innocent people around. Barry is quick enough to move everyone to safety, all except one. And that is enough to break Barry's spirit.

Barry's side remains black with frostbite. He's lucky to be alive. If it weren't for his super healing he wouldn't be. Snart isn't a metahuman, and he didn't even finish highschool. Felicity wonders how he managed to build a high tech snow machine. Wells admits that STAR labs built the snow machine. Cisco admits to everything. He built the gun. He built a gun to achieve absolute zero to stop Barry, he built everything before they knew who Barry was. STAR labs was built on the premise of doing good, and the reactor malfunctioning was a reminder of how good intentions can go array. Barry is upset that he was never told about the gun. If he had told him he could have been prepared, and now someone died, and that's on all of their shoulders.

Iris watches the news, she's glad to see her father home safe. She isn't sure how long the cold treatment is going on. Joe doesn't want to talk, but Iris isn't letting it rest. He did the same thing when she applied to the police academy until she withdrew her application, and she doesn't want to do that with Eddie. Joe isn't focused on his job because Eddie is her boyfriend. If something were to happen to Eddie on his watch she would never forgive him, he can't do his job if they're dating. He isn't mad at her, and that is why its so hard for him.

Snart plans another go at the diamond. His men think that it would be folly, but Snart knows the Streak's weakness. They want out, and they raise a gun to Snart. Well, he taught them something, but they hesitate to pull the trigger. Snart warns them that he should never see their faces again as they tell him that the city is no longer his playground, but he isn't done playing.

Barry tries to run away from his demons, but he can't outrun everything. Barry is still upset about the weapon being forged to stop him, but Felicity reminds him of when he met Team Arrow. They weren't tossed together overnight, it took time to earn the trust they have. Felicity knows how lonely the hero path can be, and she advises him not to make it any more lonely than it has to be.

Snart takes his little ice gun and heads back to the museum for the diamond. Suited up in his cool shades and a parka it looks like he's finally ready to claim the diamond.

Cisco has a way to track Captain Cold. Caitlin isn't into his villainous nicknames. Cisco explains how he plans to find Snart. It'll take about 30 minutes, but considerably less with Felicity's superhero hacking skills. They're in in a flash, and Snart's location quickly established. Barry does a quick change, but turns off his communicator. He's not feeling like talking.

Joe and Eddie arrive on the scene to go after Snart, but Joe tells him to wait behind for back up.

Caitlin and Cisco sit worried about Barry. Felicity tells them to go after Barry. He may want to do it alone, but he's hurt, and he needs them. She's been told countless times to stand down by the Arrow, but that's never stopped her from having his back. Cisco thinks that he may have something to help.

Eddie gets the drop on Snart. He's Joe's partner, not his assistant, and he doesn't plan to wait in the wings. Captain Cold jumps aboard a train, and Barry races to catch up. Captain Cold knows Barry's weakness, he's seen it too many times. While Barry is busy saving the people aboard the train, he'll be saving himself. Captain Cold freezes the floor of the train to derail it, as he jumps off. Barry races to save everyone on board, but he's not fast enough to escape Captain Cold's ice gun. Captain Cold holds Barry at gunpoint, Cisco, Felicity and Caitlin arrive with a bigger gun. Cisco may be shaking in his boots, but he's willing to shoot him if he has to. Captain Cold let's Barry go, but doesn't give up the diamond. Cisco's ruse worked, what they held was nothing more than STAR labs vacuum cleaner full of LEDs. Barry is grateful to Cisco's quick thinking.

Back at STAR labs Cisco continues to try to track Snart, but he's disabled the tracker. It's time for Felicity to leave. Barry is in good hands with his team. The two say a friendly good bye. Wells sees how special Felicity is, and Barry knows it too. Wells warns Cisco to never do anything like that again, and Cisco is a little creeped out.

Iris comes to visit her father, to apologize. She tells him that there is nothing he could do to make her look at him differently, and she never thought of how her relationship with Eddie would affect him. Joe admits that Snart had the drop on him and that Eddie saved his life. Maybe he underestimated Eddie. All is forgiven, and Iris hopes that there will be no more secrets between them. There's still a big whooper of one though.

Felicity rides the train home. Too bad Barry didn't offer her a super-speed piggy back ride. She reads some Streak news articles when Barry surprises her. She asks about the person who he has feelings for that doesn't see the way they feel, she knows its Iris for him, as he knows its Oliver in her case. She wonders what's wrong with them. They're both perfectly perfect for eachother, and yet they're pining for people they can't have. Barry tells her that if she ever needs anything he will race over to her in a heartbeat, and she promises the same, though much slower. He gives her a quick kiss before flashing out.

Captain Cold meets with a former associate of his past. Someone who likes fire a whole lot, who Snart never planned to play with again. Nick is the exact opposite of him, and Nick is on board.


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