Walking Dead Recap S05E06 Recap: Consumed

Carol drives off, after Rick asked her to leave, last season. We never did see what Carol did during that time, and it looks like its now reveal time. At least she had a car to take. Carol drove long, without looking back, and found a quiet place to shed some tears. A walker bangs on her window, and Carol is not in the mood to deal with it, so she just drives off as it shambles after her. She reaches another town, and heads inside a law office. She digs through the recycling bin, and tries to sleep alone in the office. Carol is surviving, but not really living. She sees smoke in the distance, and rushes back to the prison. Seeing the guard tower on fire is a bit of a shock.

Nowish. Daryl tells Carol about his time with Beth. They had run into some walkers when she was taken. Now they're following Beth's save-nappers. Carol thinks that he should just run them off the road, but Daryl thinks a wait and follow approach is better, so they can find out what they're up against, and get Beth back. But do we really need Beth back?

The cross marked car stops, and Daryl wonders what the hell its waiting for. The two men inside get out, and Daryl notices the cop uniforms. Carol and Daryl try to make sense of what they're seeing. A walker disturbs them with its banging. The men get back in the car, and head out. Daryl tries to start their car, but fails to start. They need to move, and Carol knows of a place nearby. She rolls down her window and quickly brains the walker. The pair traverse the streets trying to avoid all of the walkers. Inside the building, its quiet. They come across a quiet body and take its keys. Daryl asks if Carol use to work there or something, since she seems to know the layout. She says something, and they reinforce the room, blocking the door behind them as they move forward. Carol tells Daryl that they're in what use to be temporary housing, but she didn't stay. She offers to take first watch, and Daryl lets her. It's quiet and Daryl is feeling chatty. They don't usually get to save people in their current lives. Daryl asks why she's here. He asks what would have happen when she was at the car if he didn't show up, but she still isn't sure.

A noise brings the pair to their feet. They head down to investigate. Some walkers are trying to get in. Carol moves to kill them, but Daryl tells her that she doesn't have to, and has to say it twice before Carol believes.

Morning comes quickly, and Carol sees smoke outside. She rushes to get a closer look. There's a fire, and Daryl burns the wrapped bodies. Carol thanks him.

Past after the deaths of Mika and Lizzie, Carol dug the graves. Now Carol packs up her few things. Daryl found the car heading downtown. They plan to head out on foot, and stick close to the buildings for cover. Daryl sneaks around a building. There looks to be a bridge they can get up to. Daryl lights a notebook on fire for distraction. As the walkers go to investigate, Carol and Daryl sneak past them and into the parking garage. They meet little resistance as they head to the sky bridge. Someone is watching. There are a few walkers camped out, but they're easily taken care of. They don't even bother the ones in the tents.

It has to be Noah tracking them as they slide through to the other side. Daryl barely fits through the door. Inside, they can see the quiet city. There is no one out there, but the walkers. Daryl thinks that he sees something, and uses Carol's rile to get a closer look. He spotted a van with the same crosses on the window. It looks like it was in a wreck, half-way off the overpass. Carol waters up, and Daryl looks over the artwork in the office. It looks like a dog butt smear to Daryl, but Carol kind of likes it.

They slide back through the door of the sky bridge, and Daryl slides through before Carol can warn him not to. Noah is there, and he's got Carol's riffle. He takes Daryl's crossbow with an apology, and lets loose the tent walkers to get away. Daryl is so not letting his baby be stolen. They run off Noah, but Daryl lets him get away.

Carol tells Daryl that she wasn't going to kill the kid. She was trying to injure him. She didn't want to kill him. She doesn't want him, or Beth, or anyone back at the church to die. That's why she left, she couldn't sit around and watch them all and do nothing. If she's going to hell she's taking walkers with her, and not sitting around waiting for death to come.

Past: Carol watched the two bodies burn in the prison. She didn't just light them on fire and walk away, she stayed.

Carol and Daryl walk out to the overpass in the distance where the save-nappers crashed and left it. Daryl precariously climbs inside to look for clues, and Carol follows him in. The walkers are closing in on them, and they have to fight through them. They find its likely that Beth is being held at a hospital. There are too many walkers, and they have no choice but to get back into the van. Surrounded they're going to have to take a gamble. They go into the front seat and buckle up before sending the van over the edge. The van is in worse shape, but Daryl and Carol are okay for the most part. A few walkers fall from the sky, but they're no threat as the pair stumble away.

The pair find a quiet place to rest, and Daryl forces Carol to drink. He asks how bad her arm is, and she says that she's had worse. Daryl blames his stupidity. They're close to the hospital, and Daryl wants to scope the place out. Carol isn't so sure that they'll find what they need just by watching, but its a start.

Daryl finds a machete and some supplies in a nearby building. It looks like there's activity inside the hospital. Daryl asks what its like being back to a place she'd been before the apocalypse. She and Sophia stayed in that shelter, when she ran away from Ed, praying that something would be different. She didn't do anything. Who she was with him, was burned away, and she was happy about that. At the prison she got to be who she thought she should have been, then she got burned away. Now, she's jsst ashes. Daryl doesn't believe they're ashes. They hear a noise below and head down to investigate. Don't tell me its Noah again.

A walker is pinned to the wall with an arrow. Daryl finishes the job. They hear gun fire, and run towards the sound. A walker heads towards them, and takes down Carol. Daryl kills it, but Carol slows because of her injury. Daryl sees Noah trying to move a bookcase to trap some walkers, and he knocks him into the bookcase, bringing it down on top of Noah. Noah thought that they were following him, and he's sorry for what he did. Daryl saved him once, and says that he won't do it again. Carol begs Daryl to help Noah. The walker wiggles free, and is almost on Noah, but Daryl shoots it in the head.

A gore covered Carol walks in the woods. She removes her macabre poncho and wipes away the zombie sludge before she heads back out. In the distance smoke rises.

Carol and Daryl help Noah from beneath the bookcase. She's still there. Noah is looking out of the window for signs of activity at the hospital. Daryl asks him if he knows Beth, and he says that she was the one that helped him get out of there. The save nappers are patrolling the area. They group runs downstairs, but Noah stumbles. Daryl stops to help him, as Carol continues on out the doors and is hit by the save-nappers. Noah stops Daryl from running out after her. He tells Daryl that they can help Carol, and she may be Beth's best bet. Daryl lets her go, and Noah tells him that they're going to need a lot of help to get her out, since the hospital has guns and people. He has people too. Daryl takes Noah with him, and they head back to the church in a garbage truck.

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