American Horror Story S04E09 Recap: Tupperware Party Massacre

Dandy pays Maggie a visit, and she suspects that they've met before, she remembers his voice. It's very familiar, and it should be considering that he tried to saw her in half. He hands her $5, and she'll answer his questions. He's a heartbreaker he tells her. He's hurt someone badly, someone he counted on for help, can't help him anymore, and now he's worried that he'll have to pay. An Avon lady came to the house to pay Gloria a visit, and Dandy killed her. He cut off the woman's head, and sewed it onto his mother's body, making her into his own two headed puppet to replace the twins that left him. Maggie sees a clear ball. He'll get through the storm unscathed. Dandy asks about his past, and Maggie tells him that she does see a dark cloud. There will be rain, but it will pass. He'll go on as he has before, breaking hearts. He calls Maggie his savior, completely relieved. He throws a $100 on the table, so thankful. As Maggie goes to collect the money, he grabs her hand telling her that she shouldn't waste her powers, and Dandy slips once again from completely charming to totally creepy in two seconds flat.

Jimmy marvels over his fat lady's appetite. He's never seen anyone with such a passion for food as he feeds her chocolate pudding. He wants to see it again, all too wrapped up in his girl. Paul and Eve are a little disgusted of his lewdness. Jimmy sees Dandy leaving, and he races out to confront him. Dandy is willing to take back the twins. Jimmy knows who Dandy is now, the other clown. Dandy points out that there is nothing he hates more than an alcoholic with bad hygiene as Jimmy takes a swing at Dandy. He misses and falls to the ground. Dandy warns him that he took away his chance for happiness when he stole back the twins, and he plans to make him pay by destroying everything that he loves. Dandy walks to his car with a smirk on his lips. Things are about to get really bad for the Freaks.

Elsa and Stanley track down the twins. They tell them that the town has turned against them, and break the news about Ethel's death. The twins ask how they found them, and Elsa claims that she has her connections. In reality they searched Ethel's things, and found a note that was for Jimmy to go find the twins and keep them safe, and their location. Elsa tells them that she has done what they asked, and she's going to not only get them out of there, but keep them safe. She's even consulted the doctor as Bette had asked.

Maggie and Desiree try to avoid being seen as they sneak away, but they're stopped by Theodore Huxtable, who has come to see Mrs. Desiree the most beautiful woman in the world. She tells him that he can wait to see her like everyone else at showtime. Maggie warns him off, but Desiree tells her that its fine. Desiree croons to him that he needs more discretion, and she'll see him soon. She heads back to Maggie, telling her that the man is her beau, but to keep it quiet. The pair sneak into Barbara's tent and find Jimmy taking the woman from behind, which hurts Maggie. He can't get off though, and Maggie points out that he'd screw anything in his current state. Maggie tries to run off, but Jimmy grabs her back. He tells her that Barbara begged him to touch her, and to look at he soft curves, her huge breasts. He swears that she tastes like a lollypop, Maggie slaps him. Barbara tries to stick up for Jimmy, threatening to flatten Maggie, but the girl has spunk. She tells her that she's nothing and Barbara turns to Jimmy for reassurances, but he merely vomits.

Some ladies sit around chatting about their newfound talents. One comes out of the backroom. Jimmy's drinking has affected his gigolo side gig, causing him to miss his target. He stumbles out of the room. Can someone please sober him up, this storyline is already boring. He sees his dead mother, who tells him that he's disgusting, and that she's rolling over in her grave. He falls to his knees, asking his mother why she did what she did to him. One of the girls asks her about how she kept left overs in her days. He cries in her lap as she says how she spent her days raising a no good drunk like his father, and how he's wasting his life grieving over her. Jimmy snaps out of it, and sees that the woman he has his face buried in her lap is not his mother as he's asked to leave. He leaves, and the ladies go back to their tupperware party. There's a knock at the door and they think Jimmy has returned, but its not Jimmy, its Dandy. The dumb unsuspecting women let the dashing Dandy in, as he makes an excuse to use their phone. The woman is absolutely charmed by him, and lets him in.

Elsa and Stanley drive the twins out to a barn in the middle of nowhere. Elsa and Stanley have already brought the Twins' things, and even some of Elsa's to make the barn more hospitable. They ask how long they're expected to wait there, and where the doctor will take them. There's a table in the barn, the doctor isn't taking them anywhere. Really, it looks like an elaborate plan Elsa and Stanley cooked up to get rid of the twins. Although Elsa feels bad, and genuinely claimed to love her monsters, she's going along with the plan. Stanley pushes. He tells her that the best way to send the girls off is to give them what they want, and he claims that he's called the doctor. Its a win win. Once the girls are separated, then they can live their separate lives there, and he and Elsa can go off to Hollywood. Now, outside Elsa asks why there's a table in the barn. Stanley explains that its for the initial exam, once that's complete, the twins will be transferred undercover to a hospital where the procedure will be performed. Stanley tries to assure the twins, that the procedure will be good for both of them, that the doctor has perfected his technique and they will both live through it. Dot even tries to convince Bette of the benefits, that she can go to the movies whenever she wants, and even dance all night. Bette points out that she'll only have one leg. Stanley thinks they can be split right down the middle, which Bette finds heartbreaking. This is what Dot wants. She wants her freedom, and a chance for love. Bette won't do it, she thinks its barbaric. Stanley and Elsa head out so that they can collect the doctor.

The housewife's husband returns home, complaining that her friends are blocking the driveway. He allowed her to throw the party, with the understanding that they wouldn't, and he had to park down the street. Parking is the least of his problems. Sylvia doesn't answer, and then he notices his pool. Sylvia and all of her friends have been murdered, and their blood coats the water.

Dandy hums a happy song as he pours some blood into his bath. Regina returns, warning Dandy that she's gone to the cops for help finding her mother. Dandy smugly confesses that he killed her mother and Regina is instantly distraught. She notices the blood splatter all over the teddy bears and the room. It's not her mother's blood, but his. He tells her that he's finally embraced the power of bathing in blood. He confesses further that the blood in the tub is that of some nice ladies that he just murdered. He locks Regina in the room with him, and asks that she bathe with him like they did as children. He heads toward the tub, disrobing, asking her when she knew he was destined for this future. He thinks that he is a God, a God chosen to walk among men. He tells Regina that he has no plans to kill her, he just wants her to get in the tub. She doesn't want to though, she wants to leave. Dandy is disappointed, but he lets her go. It'll be lonely, but he thinks he is above the law.

Bette knows that Dot is disappointed. Everyone thinks that Dot is the smart one, but Bette has been paying attention, they can't both survive the surgery. Dot doesn't want Bette dead, she thinks that it is possible for both of them to survive, and furthermore, she feels like they have to take the chance at a normal life. Bette remembers their mother, how she didn't want to buy them lace up shoes, thinking that they would never be able to tie them, but they mastered it, and needlepoint too. Together there was nothing they couldn't do. They're special, they have a connection no one else would have been able to handle, and that connection has able to love another person like they've loved each other. Bette admits that she too has the same dreams of separation, but thinks that she wouldn't survive without Dot. She'd be too lonely. But Bette is ready. She would rather they thrive, even if its only one of them, then to stay together and wither away. If the choice comes down to only one of them, then Bette is willing to give her life so that Dot can survive. The twins truly love each other, and they're ready to be apart.

Back at the Freak Show, Dell has a hard time writing a letter to Desiree, so he scraps it, and tries to write one to Jimmy, his son in between drinks. Drunkingly he walks away from the show, when Stanley finds him. Dell tells him that it isn't his business, but everything is his business. Stanley asks if he's headed back to the club for his hustler. Stanley tells him that he's long gone. Dell grabs him, thinking he knows where Andy has gone, but he doesn't. Stanley taunts him, telling him that he's walking around like a guilty man, half-cocked. Stanley is never half-cocked though, and shows him. Dell sees that Stanley is a freak too, and alludes that it gets larger when angry. Stanley offers to let him touch him, that it can be their secret. Dell hesistates. In his letter he wrote down some of his secrets, of the reasons that he couldn't go on. The ghost of Ma Petite orders him to sign his letter when he hesitates. He heads over to the noose, and can't quite bring himself to use it. Ethel's ghost taunts him calling him a coward. She's not there to talk him out of killing himself, but pushing him to do it. Dell can't take the shame of it all anymore. Ethel calls him a freak, and he is. He's not sure how she was able to live that way. Most of them carry their shame on the outside, but Dell kept his on the inside. She understands. The shame eats away, until there is nothing left but the rot. Dell can't take it anymore. Ethel knows that he was always weak, no matter how many steel bars he bent, he was still weak inside. She tells him to step up on the bar and just get it done. He steps onto a chair, and places the noose around his neck and steps off the chair. He chokes, banging around, until he nearly blacks out. Desiree found him before he could die, and cut him down. She falls to her knees, and they both cry.

Stanley waits at a seedy motel, and the “doctor” has arrived. The pretty boy takes off his coat, but there's work to be done first. Stanley tests him, in preparation for their meeting with the twins. He may be pretty, but he doesn't know his lines. Stanley gets him to good enough before ordering him to his knees.

Regina returns to Dandy's home with an officer. Regina has made some serious accusations against Dandy, and he's come to question him. Dandy welcomes them inside, offering drinks. The officer is eager to get this over quickly as Regina spouts off accusations. He tells him if his mother could just come down and clear things up. Dandy admits that he and Regina use to be friends, that they grew up together, but things changed when he realized that they were not the same station. Regina runs her mouth again. Dandy goes on, he's never known Regina to lie, and if she says that he killed them, then they must be dead. What Regina didn't say though is that the Mott's own the biggest frozen food company in America, and they have a whole lot of money. The fortune left to him could sustain a small country. He's seen the face of God. The officer fingers his gun, warning Dandy that he's digging himself a hole. Instead Dandy suggests that he dig a hole, and work for him, and he'll pay him a million dollars. The cop doesn't hesitate to shoot Regina in the head, asking for a shovel. Maggie has no clue the monster she unleashed by telling him that he wouldn't get caught.

Jimmy comes back to find that Ethel's banner is being removed. He wants it put back up. He rages at Eve, but ultimately takes his bottle back to his trailer as he stumbles in. The twins are inside waiting for him. They tell him that they were about to do something horrible. Dot admits that it was she that was going to do something horrible. She finally realizes the mistake. Bette isn't the problem, she's the purest part of their soul, she's family. Jimmy knows that family doesn't stay, even that goes away. Dot grabs his hand. She knows his pain, and she's sorry for his lost, but he doesn't have to be alone anymore. She admits to him that she has loved him since she first laid eyes on him. He looked at her, and he didn't flinch, only saw her. Dot drops her robe, exposing them to Jimmy. She wants to replace the hurt that he feels with love. Jimmy asks Bette how she feels, but Bette is willing to support her sister. If she wants Jimmy, then Bette is willing to go along with it. Dot kisses Jimmy, and he pulls away. He reluctantly admits that he's in love with someone else. The twins leave Jimmy, and he picks up his bottle again, but he doesn't take another drink. Instead he smashes it against a wall. Sirens sound, as a cop car comes to take Jimmy away. He's being arrested for murders of Sylvia and her friends. Maggie comes running out, as Jimmy tells them that he doesn't know any of those women. They found his gloves at the scene of the crime though. Maggie claims that he's been there all day, and tries to stop them from taking him, but they push her away, and take him anyways. Poor Jimmy.


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