Atlantis S2E4 - "The Marriage of True Minds" Recap

This just in: Telemon is working for Pasiphae. As if his getting in the way of our favourite Atlantian couples, Jason and Ariadne, wasn't enough to dislike him. Pasiphae is worshipping the dark gods and has promised Telemon a place in her court when she rises to power, so long as he helps to lead Ariadne to her death. So there's officially nothing we like about this bloke. But at least the Atlantian trio are spying on him, and learn from a spy that he has secretly been out of of the city.

Telemon tells Ariadne that he cannot marry her without receiving his father's blessing on their union. He wants Ariadne to travel with her out of the city, but at least Ariadne's adviser Dion is insistent that he will be the only one to know the route that they shall take to travel. Jason doesn't want Ariadne to leave and risk her life but Pythagoras and Hercules warn him that simply trying to keep her from going will only look like him lashing out due to jealousy.

Jason visits Ariadne to express his concerns but is unable to change her mind about her plans to travel and she once again apologises that there is no way she can be with him. But she agrees to let him, along with Pythagoras and Hercules, accompany her on the trip to ensure that she is protected. The group is attacked on the their travels but when the moment comes for Telemon to kill Ariadne, he is unable to go through with it. He asks that she forgive him before riding out of the battle on a horse. When he reaches Pasiphae, she is enraged that he didn't follow through so she stabs him and leaves him stranded with only a pouch of water, which Medea punctures with a sword she throws into it. At least the "servant of Poseidon" has a weapon.

Jason and the other remaining members of the team continue to try to get Ariadne to safety. On the way, Dion is injured. He tells Jason he and the others go on without him but Jason refuses to abandon him. Pasiphae and her team are still in pursuit of Ariadne, following their trial. They find help from a small party of people, including a man named Orpheus and a woman named Eurydice. Jason tells the group that they are merchants so as to ensure Ariadne's safety.

Though Orpheus is blind, he is able to see much and determines that Ariadne is queen simply by touching her hand (and perhaps magical abilities… though it's not explicitly stated). He apparently knew Ariadne's father and notes that the king was consumed by pure evil in the form of Pasiphae. Ariadne privately admits to Jason that she fears for the safety of those that protect her more than she fears for her own life.

As Pasiphae and her company draw neared to Jason's now-extended group, our heroes must take refuge in the Necropolis. It is claimed that no one who enters the Necropolis will return so Pasiphae's troops are weary to go inside. Pasiphae claims that they may find death inside it or they will find it at her hand. She even kills one soldier to prove her point but they still refuse to enter. Pasiphae heads to the entrance with Medea following after her.

Ariadne is emotional as Dion dies in her arms. Jason comes face-to-face with Medea, who moves backward as Jason moves in towards her. Ariadne comes up from behind and shoots an arrow into Pasiphae. Medea become emotional and seemingly unleashes some magic, which causes a rockslide and sends both herself and Jason falling down below while Ariadne screams out for Jason.

Atlantis S2E5 "The Day of the Dead" will air on Saturday, December 13, at 20:25.


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