Grimm S04E08 Recap: Chupacabra

In the Dominican Republic a woman gets the all clear, she'll be better soon. The one doctor wants to hurry out so they don't miss their flight, but the other, Diego is in no rush, though he'll be glad to be home in his own bed, and reunited with his wife. The mosquitoes he won't miss though. His wife meets him on the porch, glad that he returned home. She's reluctant to let him go again anytime soon. She sees that he looks exhausted. She plans for him to eat dinner, and then head straight to bed.

Rosalee searches for a suitcase for the honeymoon, and Monroe searches for his camera. He has a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen while he's away. Rosalee comforts him, they have to trust that his friends can handle whatever happens.

Nick and Juliette celebrate a little that Trubel is gone. They'll both miss her, and are experiencing a bit of empty nest syndrome, but they can get back to normal without her there, and impromptu sex on the table if they want.

Diego has trouble sleeping, he's feeling ill and drenched in sweat. He heads outside for some fresh air as he transforms into something else. A man walks his dog, Chico, and he runs off. The man chases after his dog, and finds his pooch's leash and collar. When he picks it up, the Chupacabra attacks him.

In Austria, Viktor gets the report on Nick's mother. She is officially dead, died in a car crash, head removed and body burned. Adalind is sure that it was Nick's mother who rescued her and her baby and helped them to return to Portland, and her head was very much still attached. She must have been in hiding the entire time, and very good at covering her tracks. Viktor points out that only Adalind has survived, and that maybe she should have killed her while she had the chance then she would still have her baby, but Adalind doesn't believe she would still have her baby for a second. Viktor points that they're now working together. Nick's mother was last seen in Portland, and that's a good place to start looking.

Diego wakes up covered in blood. He runs to a nearby trash can to get cleaned up.

Wu fills in Hank and Nick on the current case, and its victims: Justin Murray and his dog. No witnesses but many reports of growling and screaming. Nick says that it looks like something drained them of blood. Nick questions the man who found the bodies, and he tells them what he saw. Diego zips up his jacket to hide the blood as he walks past the crimescene. The witness did not see, but he knows what killed them, what took the blood of the man and animal. It's the Chupacabra he says, only the Chupacabra kills like that. Diego's wife rushes forward seeing her husband. She was worried about him. He left without his phone and shoes. She tells him that someone killed Justin. He's feeling better, but he needs to get ready for work.

Nick and Hank look up their victim, Justin. His record is pretty clean. Hank asks if they believe their witness, but Nick has no other leads, and looks into the Chupacabra myth. Nick actually hopes that what they're dealing with is Wesen, since thank goodness he's a grimm again. With the myth being of Spanish origin, he hopes that Juliette knows more, and sends Hank to the trailer while he goes to get the low down from Juliette.

Juliette is talking womb happenings with Rosalee. She hasn't gone for an ultrasound, but she took three pregnancy tests, all coming up negative. Am I the only one saying thank goodness? Please no babies Grimm or otherwise. Rosalee suggests an MRI. Juliette thinks that she's just been under a lot of stress, and that's whats ailing her. Rosalee isn't so sure, but Juliette thinks its nothing life threatening. Rosalee is willing to hope for the best, but she'll put together something to hold her over while they're gone, but urges her to see a doctor if it gets worse. Juliette makes plans to meet Nick, and tells her to put her sign up in the window and get out of dodge. Juliette leaves and Rosalee gets a creepy call. The caller tells her that she made a mistake, that her marriage is an abomination, and that the blood at her backdoor will be hers next. Rosalee heads out back and finds a dead fox hanging above her door. Rosalee is shaken, and Monroe comes to check on his wife. She's worried that it's going to be their blood next. Monroe isn't scared, he's enraged that someone would threaten them, her.

Wu takes a few odd cases to Captain Renard, all with deaths he considers to be Portlandesque. All were all of the cases handled by Nick and Hank, but they were all closed. Renard wants the point. Wu wants to know how they're solving the cases when the evidence doesn't lead to the suspects responsible. He wants to know what they're seeing that he isn't. Renard points out that they're good detectives, and that's why they can find what they don't see. Renard gets a call from a mysterious man. He wants to meet, but Renard can't leave the country at the moment. He tells him that he doesn't have to, he's already in town. Renard sets a meeting.

Diego heads into work, checking himself for a fever, which he has. His partner, Gabe, tells him to go home, that he can handle the work alone if he's feeling unwell. Diego asks if they talked when they got home, he can't remember what he did last night. Diego thinks he's just a little jet lagged.

Juliette knows plenty of things about the Chupacabra. She grew up with her grandmother blaming the Chupacabra for everything from stealing keys to killing people. Nick finds a passage about the Chupacabra in one of his books. Juliette translates it. It sounds an infection, or virus that affects certain wesen. Nick gets a call from Monroe, and he's not very happy.

Diego cannot focus. The Chupacabra virus is running rampant in his system. He makes his way to the garage, clearly in no shape to drive. He's feverish. Gabe comes to his office and sees that the chair is over turned, and his scribbles upon the paper. He heads towards the garage to see if he can catch up to Diego. Diego has warged. He goes after Gabe, taking him down. He begins to feed on him. Lucky for him though a driver enters the garage, and Diego goes after the woman. She crashes, as he pounces.

Nick and Hank head to the spice shop, and Monroe shows them the dead fox that Rosalee found. He tells them about the call that she got, and the threat he made towards her. Monroe warns that if he finds out who they are then he'll kill them. Trubel thinks that it was someone that was at their wedding, or that told someone from the wedding. Nick has been monitoring a few people. When he knows more, he'll let Monroe know. Wu calls about their latest Chupacabra victim. She's fine, but she's not making any sense. Nick and Hank has to investigate, but Nick promises to find out who is threatening them. For now, he wants them to go to his house for safety.

Chupacabra Diego runs through the streets. An elderly lady rushes home in the dark. She makes it to her door, but Diego is right behind her. She rushes into her home, and closes the door. Her family come out to defend her, hitting Diego with a bat. Diego goes running through the street.

Wu and his partner, Franco, search the streets for the Chupacabra. Franco is worried about his partner, who seems obsessive on this case. Chupacabra Diego runs right in front of the car, and Wu slams on his brakes. He takes off after the monster, but Franco yells at him to wait for backup. Wu catches up to Diego, but he's no longer beastly. He asks if he's been attacked, there's blood on his mouth. Wu looks for the creature. Franco brings the car around, but Diego is gone when Wu looks back.

Nick and Hank pay Diego's partner, Gabe, a visit in the hospital. He tells them that he went into the garage and approached what he thought was Diego. It was on the ground, and he thought Diego had fallen. He pauses and says that he's not sure. They press him, telling him anything he says may be helpful. The thing was wearing Diego's clothes and near his car. He tells them that he saw Diego in his office earlier, and that he said he was fine, but he thought he was sick. They just returned from the Dominican Republic.

Renard heads over for his meeting. Two men get out of the car, and Renard arms himself. A third approaches from behind. He tells him that there is a rumor that the Resistance has a child a very important child. Renard has heard that. He asks if he's heard that the Resistance supposedly took this child right out of Viktor's arms. Renard knows, just as the Resistance guy knows that Renard may have handed over the baby, but he had no intention of letting Viktor leave with the child. He asks where the baby is. Renard admits that the baby is with a Grimm, Kelly Burkhardt. He asks why Renard didn't tell him. The Resistance has been betrayed. Adalind and the baby barely escaped Europe. Renard suggests that he find the mole. If Renard were the mole, he and the baby would be with the Royals.

Hank and Nick reach the good doctor's house, which happens to be in the same neighborhood where the dog and his owner were killed. Hank wonders if it is a Chupacabra what kind of condition Diego is in now. They speak to Diego's wife. She hasn't seen her husband since that morning and has been unable to get a hold of him. They tell her that Gabe had been attacked. They suspect that Diego had been involved. She doesn't believe, and she wargs in front of them. Nick tells her not to worry, but asks if he's a wesen too. He's a coyote wesen like she is. Diego approaches the house, and sees Nick and Hank in his house. He throws up blood outside. She's unsure if Diego was home all night or not. They ask her to call if he returns. Wu is there when Nick and Hank come out of the house. He's losing his mind, and he knows it. He doesn't appreciate being left in the dark, and he's going to walk away from away from the job, completely fed up. Nick and Hank can't let him do that, its time to let Wu into the club. They ask him what he saw, but he wants them to explain about Trubel and her books first.

Diego returns home. His wife finds him on the floor. She sees that he's sick, and he's worried that he may have done something horrible. She runs to call an ambulance, and Diego goes all Chupacabra.

Hank and Nick clear the air about Trubel. She was attacked and she defended herself. He asks why she wasn't jailed. She was, but Nick let her go, and she's long gone now. They hear a scream inside the house and head in and all three rush in. Hank and Nick take on Diego, and tell Wu to get the wife out. She tells him that that isn't her husband, and Wu nearly shoots him. Nick saves Diego just in time

Monroe heads to the spice shop, and Juliette rises woozy. Rosalee tells her to stay home, they can handle it.

Rosalee find what can cure him. If they don't act fast, then it may be too late. The disease can be transferred by fluids. Monroe worries that they're bringing the infected Diego there. Rosalee and the others work fast to get all the ingredients together, but they only have enough for one dosage. Diego's wife falls to the ground in convulsions. She transforms into a chupacabra herself. Monroe tells Nick to hold still, but that's not really an option with the chupacabra ready to pounce. They try to subdue her, and Nick and Hank manage to get her cuffed. Rosalee has the one dose prepared, but there's only one. She asks who she should give it to, and Diego seizes it out of her hands, plunging it into his wife. She's saved. Diego begins to change. He tells Hank to shoot him. Nick thinks that they can help him, but Diego knows its too late. He changes, and Hank is forced to shoot him.

Wu sits in the bar, thinking over all the cases that just didn't make sense, right up to the Chupacabra one. He hallucinates seeing a monster behind him, and smashes the mirror behind the bar. He lashes out at the patrons around him as he has a total meltdown.

Nick and Hank plan to get to the bottom of things while Rosalee and Monroe are away on their honeymoon. They want them to enjoy their honeymoon, and not worry about anything there. There's an officer stationed outside of their house, to protect them and keep watch. Nick and Hank head out to find Wu.

Wu is spending the night in the drunk tank. The officer who takes him in has no choice.

Monroe and Rosalee are prepared for their trip. Their bags are packed, and the cab company is coming for them in the morning. Rosalee feels bad for the officer sitting out front in his car, and makes him a snack. Monroe heads outside to deliver it. The officer happens to be a member of the wolfsangel mask, and he's wearing one of their trademark masks. Before Monroe can do anything about it, he's hit from behind by another member.

Juliette has another headache as she gets ready for bed. She wargs. Juliette is a hexenbeist!


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