Haven S5E13 - "Chosen" Recap

Charlotte is determined to see Mara and bring her back through a thinny which will hopefully save Audrey and Haven. Charlotte knows that Mara is dangerous and hopes to take her away and hopefully undo the damage she has done. As for Dwight, he's still leaking aether and it's infecting people into having troubles. He even gives a female customer who had complained to him, the ability to explode things (and people) that she touches. This also triggers a locking trouble, leading to some officers getting locked into a room as the lock, doorknob, and hinges all disappear.

Duke is overwhelmed by his lack of control so he decides to go see Charlotte and ask for help. He tells her about the aether tears and she agrees to do some tests. When he removes his shirt, it's revealed that there are black handprints on his back, though Charlotte doesn't tell him about this.

Nathan and Audrey stop for coffee but Nathan leaves a cold and sick Audrey in the car while he retrieves the drinks, leaving Mara opportunity to hop into the driver's seat with a gun pointed at Audrey. Mara refuses to see Charlotte but has a message to be delivered; Mara will go into a thinny but only if her mother doesn't come with her. She adds that she has turned Duke into a massive ticking time bomb of a weapon and unless Mara gets her wish, Duke will explode. Also, if Mara is killed, Duke will still explode.

The locking trouble also causes several school children to get trapped inside a boat that begins to sink. Audrey delivers Mara's message to Charlotte and Duke overhears the fact that him exploding will release the worst troubles onto Haven. This causes him to run away and Charlotte says that she will let Duke explode before she lets Mara run off alone. However, Charlotte proposes a different idea entirely: if Audrey re-combines with Mara, perhaps her goodness will fix Mara's evil ways.

Duke has run off to see Vince and Dave and wants to know where the open thinny is. He threatens them into telling him, while Dwight and Nathan struggle to cope with the sinking ship, particularly since half of Haven PD is still locked up at the station due to the trouble. Charlotte and Audrey relay the news to Nathan about Audrey re-merging with Mara. Audrey has already agreed to do it and despite the fact that Nathan doesn't want her to do it, he eventually agrees to let her make her own choice. He promises that he will get her back and implores her to keep fighting to stay alive once she has re-merged with Mara. Before leaving with Charlotte to find Mara, Audrey is able to talk the locking-trouble man down and save the kids trapped on the boat.

Duke calls Mara up to tell her about the open thinny. He summons her to the boat where he has chained himself up (at her request) before she comes in to see him. He says he will take her to the open thinny under the condition that he will go into it with her so he won't explode. She agrees to the terms, not knowing that Duke's true plan is to kill Mara at the thinny and go in without her.

As for Vince and Dave, they go into the woods following the lead from one of Dave's visions. They discover a rock with Croatoan carved in it. Though there's still not a whole lot of explanation offered up, this is presumably setting up for a plot that will play out in the second half/arc of season five.

Before Duke can enact his plan to kill Mara, Charlotte and Audrey arrive. It's revealed that Mara's anger towards her mother is because she blames her for her father's death. Charlotte tries to talk her down, apologising for the last 660 years. Charlotte implores Mara to let her return Audrey to Mara, or else she will be angry forever.

Eventually, Audrey and Mara are recombined in an explosion and only Audrey is left intact. Charlotte decided to combine Mara into Audrey instead of the other way around because Mara was too far gone into her grief. Charlotte tells Duke that Mara said that she turned him off, and Nathan revels in the fact that he can feel Audrey again.

But the happy moment is short-lived, as a dark cloud begins to form. Duke then declares he can't see and his eyes have turned black. Now that Mara is dead, Duke the time bomb is going to be triggered. Dwight finds that he is unable to leave town when he reaches the edge. Vince and Dave look at the large cloud surrounding Haven from afar, while Duke has a seizure before countless aether balls flood out from his eyes and fly into Haven, striking anyone and everyone they come across. Everyone is now going to be troubled.

Haven season 5 (part 2) will return to Syfy in 2015.


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