Lost Girl S05E01 Recap: Like Hell Pt. 1

Season 4 saw so much heart break, with the loss of Hale and then Kenzi.  There were some serious tears shed when Kenzi gave up her life to close the portal. With Kenzi gone and buried, the final season of Lost Girl begins!

Season 5 opens with Bo climbing a mountain, trying to escape her memories of Kenzi, of her death. Bo finds a great big nest, which houses one of the shoes ala Raiders of the Lost Ark Bo suspects the shoe is booby-trapped, but she takes her treasure and starts her climb down. Bo makes the first mistake of mountain climbing, and looks down. She slips and she falls all the way down. A broken Bo is found by some rednecks, who want to take “care” of her. The injured Bo is knocked out as they plot. Succubus Bo awakens and feeds off the closest one, getting enough energy to chi suck the other two from afar. They messed with the wrong girl, but she doesn’t really make them pay. She just takes her shoe and goes.

Bo returns to her home sweet crack shack, that is still depressingly Kenzi-free.  She reaches up into her fireplace, where she likes to hide things, and finds the item missing. Tamsin has hidden the other shoe. Bo now has both shoes, and she wants to dance into Valhalla and retrieve her bestie. Tamsin won’t give her the shoe, for fear that she won’t return. There is something really bad in Valhalla that scares Tamsin, but she remains mum. Bo has heard her screaming in her sleep, but Tamsin can’t talk about it. Bo wants Tamsin to accompany her, since she was the one who delivered Kenzi’s soul to Valhalla, but that’s not an option. Tamsin gave the shoe to the next in charge.

Bo shows Trick and Dyson the shoe. She’s ready to go after Kenzi, and get her back at any cost. She knows that there will be a high price to pay, but she’s willing to pay it. She was forced to sit back and watch Kenzi die, and she’s worried that Kenzi is scared and alone or in danger. Dyson wishes that he could go with her, not just because he pledge fealty to her, but because he loves Kenzi too. Dyson and Trick will do what they can to keep her safe on their end. Trick gives her the second shoe, and tells her that if she sees her grandmother to tell her….

Lauren runs her little clinic. Mr. Dupoint is having some odd fae issues. Bo comes to see Lauren. Worst case scenario when she puts the shoes on, is that she’ll go crazy ala French Lauren in Dyson’s past, and they’ll have to kill her to stop her.  Bo is worried about hurting someone, but Lauren won’t let her. She’s going to sedate her at the first sign of an abnormality. Bo puts one shoe on and jokes that she’s going to kill Lauren. The pair laugh it off, but Lauren needs more time, to get ready. Bo can’t wait, she puts on the other shoe, and they mold to her feet before disappearing. She feels weird, and Lauren runs to her, but in a flash of light Bo disappears. They were not expecting that.

Bo arrives in a posh hotel. A woman in red tells her that she’s late to her hell. She tells Bo that she likes her bouquets tight, and realizes that Bo isn’t the florist. Bo tells her that she’s looking for a friend. She tells Bo to check in first, and make friends late. A girl tries to check in, but she isn’t on the list, so the front desk turns her away. The woman sees the “stray,” and opens a black hole, which sucks her in.  She asks Bo’s name, but she points out a group of warriors who could use the woman’s help, and she goes to the group. Bo tries her charms on the front desk, but his no touchy rule, leaves Bo powerless. She makes an excuse to go off without giving her name, when she spots a maid. Bo approaches the woman, and with a touch on the wrist, Bo activates her power of persuasion.

Tamsin stuffs her face with carbs as she watches TV. Lauren wants to know everything about Valhalla. Tamsin tells her to “eat a sack of tits” so that she doesn’t have to hear her voice. Lauren points out that Tamsin claims to be a member of their team, and yet she’s the only one not helping get Kenzi back. Tamsin opens up the couch cushion with a knife and gives to Lauren her diary. If anyone knew it existed, she’d be dead. It’s not filled with kisses, or fingerbangs. It’s much more. Lauren tells her to sprout wings and head to Valhalla. It’s not so simple. She needs a soul. Lauren has a soul that’s on its way out. As a human, Lauren is still not understanding, but Lauren points out that everyone has made sacrifices, and now Tamsin needs to get her Valkyrie on.

A maid-clad Bo enters the elevator, with the most buttons every. Seriously the entire thing is covered with buttons. She sees finds one button covered in chocolate, it’s got Kenzi all over it. Bo pushes it, and heads towards that room number. Bo enters the purple room, and finds Kenzi eating chocolate spread with chocolate. Kenzi missed her Bobo, and Bo her. Kenzi looks very much alive. Bo asks if she’s seen Hale, and Kenzi goes into security mode. The pair grill eachother on things that only the pair would know from parental names, middle names, to favorite aliases. Bo and Kenzi both pass all tests with flying colors, and Kenzi begins gushing about the hell that she’s in. It’s five star all the time. She can have anything her heart desires, including a scenery change by just calling the front desk. No torture, just sequels and prequels to her favorite movies that are really good. Kenzi shows Bo the invitation for the event that she’s apparently hosting. A mouth breather calls her, and Bo asks what that’s about. The guy calls her once a day, which is another reason that Kenzi wants out, but after they share some icecream.

Lauren tries to find any information that she can on Valhalla, frustrated over Tamsin’s silence. Trick tells her that Tamsin can’t talk about it, because she’s a Valkyrie, she would literally die if she spoke their secrets.  Dyson reads through Tamsin’s diary, and he comes across a passage about Tartarus. It mentions the shoes and how the wearer of the shoes can collect a dark army to end all life. Trick worries why the shoes would work on Bo and Bo alone. Someone wants Bo to bring Hell to Earth. Dyson finds a picture of the gate where he found Tamsin at after she brought Kenzi to Valhalla. The gate only reveals itself to Valkyries. Lauren hopes that they can trick it. She found Tamsin’s baby hair in Massimo’s stash, and he had claimed that it was the key to opening things. She hopes to trick the gate into opening for her, and Dyson is on board with the plan. Trick continues his research.

The woman in red, Freya throws a fit over the wrong colored chair as Tamsin arrives. Freya is happy that Tamsin has come home, but she hasn’t really come home, she’s come for forgiveness. Freya is suspicious of the Valkyrie, as she has extra lives, and that suspicion grows when she’s told of the subpar soul Tamsin brought. Freya tells her assistant to send the soul down. They house warriors. Tamsin tells her that she brought Rainer, and that she’s paid her debt. It’s going to take much more to gain her sisters trust. Freya wants Tamsin to be the ruthless Valkyrie she was. Tamsin has come about liberation of the human soul. Freya is not pleased that Tamsin has used Valhalla as her personal holding cell. The phone rings, and Tamsin looks scared. It’s for her. Freya warns that she’s held him back for way too long, and its time Tamsin cleans up her mess.

Bo wonders if they had ever taken a vacation. With their messy love lives, it’s been difficult to get away. Bo almost wishes their lives were a little less exciting. There’s a knock at Kenzi’s door, and she retrieves an envelope. The item inside has her spooked. It’s a picture of her and Hale, one that she had destroyed the only copy of. One the back its inscribed in Hale’s writing “See you soon Little Mama.” She’s completely freaked out. Bo looks at the party invite, and notices that its for a wedding. Kenzi wants to get the heck out of there.  The wedding is to be hers to Hale’s. Kenzi wants to leave. Bo points out that this may all be real, and that if it makes her happy, maybe she should consider staying. Kenzi would do almost anything to be back with Hale, she truly loved him. Bo tells her that the selfish thing for her to do would be to drag her home. Kenzi takes it all in for a moment, and asks Bo to stay with her.  Bo agrees to stay, she’s going to need a maid of honor afterall.

Tamsin answers the phone, and tells the caller Bo’s descriptive prophecy, and that she is his. Just what is Tamsin up to? She hides out in the lobby and spots Kenzi. Kenzi has curlers in her hair, and she’s happy to see Tamsin. Kenzi is really happy that she’s getting married, but Tamsin wants to know where Bo is. She gets way too far into Kenzi’s bubble, as Kenzi tries to remind her about the little thing known as personal space. Tamsin needs to right her wrong she tells her. Bo is off looking for wedding stuff, but that’s not what Tamsin wants to hear as she continues to ask the same question and tries to corner her. Kenzi picks up a croquet mallet, and takes a swing at Tamsin, connecting with her jaw. She may have raised Tamsin, but the girl has been brainwashed, and Kenzi’s swing did little other than to piss her off. Kenzi knows she’s no match, and makes a run for it.

Bo runs into Freya’s assistant, Stacey. She uses a little persuasion on her, and she realizes that she’s a succubus. She spills that Hale has been held up on the bifrost, but he’s on his way. Bo lets go of her arms, and the girls says something under her breath to command, but won’t repeat it to a questioning Bo. She does confirm though that since Kenzi proved herself in battle, that Freya is celebrating her. It was all perfect, but with Bo sniffing around, she’s not so sure. Bo assures her that she won’t interfere. Bo wants to see Hale, but she can’t. He’s still getting fitted. Bo believes her that its really Hale, and she’s happy and disappointed. She’ll have to say goodbye to her beloved friend. Stacey isn’t worried about Bo though, she’s worried about the guy on the phone as it rings and she goes to answer it.

Kenzi runs all the way back to her room, with Tamsin in pursuit. A door stands between them, and Tamsin goes all Shinning on it. Kenzi climbs out the window, and luckily Bo arrives. Tamsin is all crazy eyed. She and Bo fight, until Bo finally gets her pinned. She uses her power on Tamsin to neutralize her. That’s strike two. Bo is willing to let her attack her, but never Kenzi. This is why Tamsin didn’t want to come to Valhalla, she does bad things here. Bo heads off to find Kenzi, and Tamsin stops her. She tells that when she fed off her, and said she tasted happy, it wasn’t about Dyson, but about her finally having a family. This is her last life, and she doesn’t want to live it without all of them, her family. The phone rings, and Tamsin is scared. She admits to her that she thought she had to deliver the wanderer, but instead the man on the phone, the one who hired her, asked her for someone she didn’t think could exist. He wants Bo. Bo isn’t interested, she has a wedding to get to.

Black clad Bo walks with a white clad Kenzi. Kenzi worries over the white dress, but Bo thinks its perfect. She gives her the old (Joan of Arc’s handkerchief), something new (a book of matches from the gift shop), something borrowed (Bo’s knife), but doesn’t have doesn’t something blue. Kenzi points out that Bo is her something blue. Bo apologizes for not being able to save Hale, and that she wasn’t there to save her. It was Kenzi’s turn to do the saving she says. Bo points out that Kenzi had saved her countless times since she came into her life. Bo admits that she doesn’t want to leave her in Valhalla, but she has to. The doors open, and it’s time. Bo offers her her arm, and the pair head towards the light. Bo walks Kenzi down the aisle, and its bathed in bright white light. Kenzi wants to run to Hale, but Bo asks that she wait behind while she makes sure its okay. Kenzi agrees, but as Bo walks towards the groom, Kenzi trails behind.  The light becomes blinding, and only the fedora remains. Freya says that she sent him back. Kenzi closed the door to hell, and Tamsin brought her there, but her soul was already promised to another and now she belongs to him, Bo’s father. Bo asks that Freya send Kenzi home, and take her instead, a soul for a soul. She knows that was his plan all along. Freya agrees that it is, but before she can take her soul, Tamsin stops her telling her that she cannot separate Kenzi and Bo’s souls. As the wearer of the Helshoes, Bo is permitted to take a soul that has thanked her, and Kenzi is her claimed human. Kenzi tells her that she felt Hale, and that he was happy, but she wants to go home. She asks that Bo reclaim her quickly. Freya doesn’t see the claim, and calls for the guard to take Kenzi away. Bo tries to claim Kenzi, but its too late, the deal was struck before the claim, and nulls it. Kenzi is taken away, as Bo asks that she be kept safe. Freya will heed her wishes. She opens a portal around Bo, and Kenzi will be returned to her body.

Stacey retrieves Bo’s necklace and taunts Tamsin. Stacey tells her that she isn’t special and needs to stop acting like she is. She asks Tamsin what Freya hates most, unbalanced books. Tamsin warns her to stay away from them, but Stacey needs to get another soul, one close to the Succubus’s heart.

Dyson and Lauren wait outside the gate, as Lauren tries to trick it into opening. Holding Tamsin’s hair she speaks the words to open the gate, and the spell works. Dyson wolfs out a bit, to man handle it open. As Lauren crosses the threshold she goes all Valkyrie. She tells him that the human has returned and that he has trespassed. Lauren collapses in his arms, dropping the hair. It goes up in smoke.

Kenzi has been returned to her body, and therefore her grave, still clad in her wedding dress. She lights a match, from the box that Bo gave her. Poor thing is stuck six feet under.

Bo is in the elevator. A blue light shines from one of the buttons. If he wants her, she’s coming. She pushes the button, and heads down.  


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