Lost Girl S05E02 Recap: Like Hell Pt 2

Poor Kenzi was brought back from Valhalla, as Bo had bargained for, but she should have been more specific. The beautiful bride is stuck in her own grave. She tries to calm herself, but can't as she screams for help. Help is coming. Lauren and Dyson have come to the rescue. Lauren used a shovel, but Dyson went all doggy style to rescue her. Kenzi, in the clinic tells them that she traded herself for her.

Bo arrives on the magically button lit floor. And she's welcomed by the fountain by a small bouquet, but there doesn't appear to be anyone else there. She was never any good at mazes, but she finds herself in one now, and Daddy is the prize. She goes down the center passageway and into the labyrinth.

Lauren gives Kenzi a once over. Dyson has gone back to the gates to make sure that they stay open for Bo to return out of them. Kenzi has had enough of the little physical, but Lauren insists. She complains about the icyness of Lauren's hands. Lauren notes that Kenzi is shaking, but she insists that she just needs a drink, that which Lauren can supply. She thanks her again, and for not removing her liver for science. Lauren jokes that science couldn't take the hang over. Lauren tells her that Bo never stopped looking for the helshoes to bring Kenzi back, and Kenzi was sure she would, just as she's sure Bo will come back, that its like she's with them right now. And maybe she is as a cold wind goes through the room, and a message of Help is written on a fogged glass.

Stacey comes topside to close the gates of Valhalla, but Dyson warns her against it. She tells him that unless he's some sort of weird looking Valkyrie she's never heard of, then he shouldn't even be up there seeing the gate anyways. Dyson won't let the gate close even if he needs to rip her apart, but Stacy remains unruffled, threatening to call her sisters for backup. Dyson is more than willing to take on a few pretty girls, even if they are badass Valkyries, but truthfully she's more than happy to just be out of the nest. She lets slip that she's out soul hunting, because of Bo's deal, and she needs to replace Kenzi's soul. Bo has thrown Valhalla out of whack. Stacey tells him that she needs a soul close to Bo's heart and asks who he loves. He claims not to know her well, but he knows who does, to Stacey's relief. She has work to do, even if Dyson is insanely distracting. He offers to help, and Stacey is more than happy to accept.

Bo hears crying, and follows the sound to Kenzi. She had a deal that Kenzi would be safe, and she's not happy thinking that she isn't. She hears Dyson saying that they can finally move on with their lives. It's all faint whispers, trying to mess with Bo's head. Bo is wounded, she's snacked on by something. The wart covered goblin took a bite out of her thigh, and continues to taunt her. A friendly face comes to help. She tells her to only hear what she needs to, that her true voice is way out. Bo kicks the goblin, and defeats the maze. She's in Tartarus, and her bird girl guide is willing to help her out of Tartarus, but Bo needs to see her father, and the surroundings look familiar.

Trick is happy to see Kenzi back. He asks her if she's sure that it was Bo. Kenzi is pretty sure it was, and more so that she won't let things go all Baba Yaga. Trick gives her a fae artifact, telling her to be careful, fae spirits can be very vengeful ones.

The girl tends to Bo, but she can't handle her ministrations. Bo wants to fast track the healing, and asks the girl to help. With a simple kiss Bo starts the healing process, taking the kiss and making it deeper.

Lauren's gotten cleaned up, but between the vodka and the shoveling, she needs to throw in the towel, succumbing to the needs for rest. Bo lays her bird girl against a bed, and hits the sheets with her. Asleep Lauren gets more than a little feel up as Bo gets frisky with the girl in Tartarus. Kenzi rushes in, waking Lauren with the spirit board that Trick brought in hand. They need to be sure the spirit is Bo, before they contact it, knowing that a spirit would say anything to cross over. After her little wet dream, and ghostly fondle, she's sure its Bo. Kenzi steps away from the bed, just glad that she wasn't getting freaky with a pillow, Bobo's vag-mission was received loud and clear.

Bo thanks the girl for some sexual healing, and she tells Bo that everyone is always starving in Tartarus. Bo remembers that fact from school, and then she remembers another part of the myth, Persephone. Bo just had sex with her step mother. Bo searches for her father, and Persephone tries to stop her. She wants Bo to get out while she can, he's found a way to null her deal by taking the Artemis Flame that was her way out, and hasn't been to the surface in a long time. Her father is angry with her. Bo is upset with him too, he has no reason to be angry with her, he tried to get her to end the world, and when she didn't he forced her friend to go through a portal and die to close it and save the world. She's upset that he's sent his child bride to seduce her, but Persephone claims that he didn't send her. Bo finds the most likely door for her father to be behind forges ahead, giving no mind that he's a God in his underworld.

Dyson takes Stacey to the Dal, and she doesn't understand why everyone is so happy. The Unamense are no more, Evany is no longer the Morrigan and now the Dal has become the ground for democracy. Everyone wants to fall into the footsteps of the unaligned succubus, and choose peace. Trick introduces Stacey to Dyson. Everyone is very curious to Bo's whereabouts. Stacey ponders if Trick's soul would satisfy Freya. Dyson plays the noble Trick off as a liar, a drunkard, and a trickster. Lauren calls, but Dyson silences it. Stacey asks who her soul is to be, and he describes himself, her lover, her confidant, the mad she fed off of when she needed it most, and the one who loved Bo enough to give his love of her to the Norn to save her. He tells her that he is the last of his kind, which intrigues Stacey. Dyson tells her this great love is Vex, the Mesmer. Stacey leans over and kisses Dyson, making sure he's not the one that loves Bo. Tamsin arrives, and she's not happy to see that Stacey is there. She warns him off. Stacey is Tamsin's replacement, and Tamsin admits that she betrayed Bo, her mission was to return Bo to her father. She was activated like some sleeper cell by Bo's father. The little distraction gives Stacey a chance to make a run for it with Dyson's phone. Tamsin sends Dyson back to the gates, so the Valkyries can't close it, and she'll take care of Stacey.

The room isn't what Bo expected, but she remembers it. It's a nursery, her nursery when she was a baby. Bo realizes that she was born in hell. There's a cage in the room, that once housed Aiofe. Persephone still remembers her wails. She was only allowed to hold Bo when she fed her. Hades use to gloat how powerful Bo would be. There were once lots of people, midwives and guards, but they fled when Hades began to lose his powers. Bo peels back layers of wallpaper in the cage, and finds a sketch of Aiofe and Bo. Aiofe loved Bo, but she realized that only one of them would be able to escape, and she set Bo free. Persephone's mother loved her too, but she was unable to save her from Hades. Bo warns her that if this is another trick, then she'll pluck out all her feathers. Persephone urges Bo to get out while she can, but Bo is the one that Hades has been waiting for, and she is about to end his wait. Persephone takes Bo to the elevator. Bo is sorry about earlier, unsure that she could have been as brave her. Persephone heard of Bo's bravery, and figured if she could be as brave as she's been, then she could too. The doors close, and Bo looks to choose another button. The white hand glows on her chest, and then the Pent House button illuminates blue. Bo chooses it, and heads up. Upstairs, the creepy mouth breathing starts. She's wanted to meet her father for a long time. She taunts him to come out to face her, to stop hiding as he has all these years. He's not her family, nothing, and she refuses to walk into the dark. She tells him to keep hiding, that she doesn't want to meet him. She doesn't want to jeopardize the people she loves. If he wants to meet her, he can do so on her terms, because her true family would never abandon her. Bo comes to a lone candle. She will never be what he wants her to be, but she will take everything that he has, and if he doesn't like it, she says to come and get her. She runs to the elevator. As the doors begin to close, a hand grabs her by the neck. She refuses to go out like that though, and her eyes flare blue. Her mother taught her to fight and she plans on it. The fights against the hand, and gets free. The doors close.

Kenzi prepares for her ritual, asking Lauren if she's going to eat the blood sausage willingly, or if she's going to have to force feed her. It looks like Lauren chooses force feeding. Kenzi has some experience with the whole spirit summoning thing, and doesn't want to wait for Trick. Kenzi takes Lauren's cold clammy hands, and it begins. Immediately the reactions start, and it may not be Bo.

Bo takes Persephone by the hand. She asks what Bo did, she did exactly what he didn't want her to do. Bo is ready to take Persephone out of there, but she can't go. She's found the center of the labyrinth, and she has to wait until her latest 6,000 years are up. Bo isn't accepting that answer. She wins not because of luck, but because she has a great support system, and she's unwilling to leave anyone behind. Persephone claims that she cannot go further,. Bo worries what Hades will do to Persephone when she leaves, but Persephone tells her that he's lost interest in her long ago. and tells Bo to leave, and to let her family know that she is safe. Bo promises to light the candle for her, and Persephone tells her that a little light is all that is needed sometimes to keep evil at bay.

Kenzi and Lauren hide behind the couch. Kenzi is sure that they awoke something evil. She asks if they disturbed a grave when they dug her up, but Dyson did most of the digging. They may have angered a spirit or something. Lauren should have known, she had a mirror shard in her pocket. Seriously, how did she not notice a shard of that size in her pocket? The thing even kissed her neck. Lauren thinks to play tough guy and go after spirit, but it pushes back, and Lauren calls for a retreat.

Dyson wolfs out as he holds open the gates with all his strength. When he swore fealty he really meant it. Bo appears behind him, impressed and thankful that he waited for her. He takes her home.

Lauren and Kenzi, can't hide forever, and so Lauren gets up the guts to make a run for it, and grab the boarrd. Lauren grabs it, and Kenzi torches it. Problem solved, well one down, a new blonde one emerges in the form of Stacey. She needs to feast on a soul still, she didn't buy for a moment that Vex was Bo's love. Lucky for her, Dyson's text messages clearly show Bo's big yen for Lauren. Lauren is willing to sacrifice herself for Kenzi, but Kenzi is still Kenzi, and she's unwilling to let that happen, offering up herself. Stacey is in no hurry to get back to Valhalla, but she's taking Lauren. Bo and Freya made a deal, which makes Kenzi off limits. Stacey uses a little Valkyrie mind magic on Kenzi and knocks her out, then goes for Lauren. She can't take Lauren's sou.l if she's still living, but she plans to remedy that issue. Tamsin plans to send Stacey home without a soul, so she'll know what it feels like to be on the naughty list for once. Stacey points out that the books will still be unbalanced, but so are Tamsin's boobs, and she deals with it. Stacey doesn't understand why Tamsin would choose mortals over her sisters, especially not in her last life. The fellow Valkyries are kinda mean girls, Tamsin points out. Stacey tells her that they call her a doormat, and she should stand up for herself. Tamsin tells her that she shouldn't talk, her haircut is very dated and her roots are showing. Stacey leaves in a fit, hair is against every Valkyrie rule of engagement. Kenzi is relieved to see her, but caution, after running into the Shining Tamsin last time, but its Tamsin Tamsin.

Trick toasts Kenzi, and Bo, and all the warriors that brought them home, as they sit around the table. Dyson and Tamsin call a truce, he had no choice but to improvise, even if it was all over Stacey's mouth. Trick welcomes home Bo. He's been around for a very long time, and still the afterlife is a mystery. Bo doesn't enlighten him on it though, telling him the afterlife was very personal. Dyson has something for Kenzi from Hale. He left her something in his will. Kenzi admits that she felt close to him for a second, and that he was happy. Lauren tells the group that there is an excellent selection of vintage Cabernet and offers to go retrieve some, Bo heads down with her. Bo can't believe that Lauren had ghost sex. Bo asks about Kenzi, not health wise, but otherwise. She's been through a lot with her almost wedding, and coming back from the dead. She wonders about the trapped spirit, the one that was summoned by the Ouija board, if they can burn a ghost. Bo turns just in time to catch the spirit, and knock it out. They didn't destroy it, they gave it corporal form. Lauren asks how Bo knew, and Kenzi points out its never easy and over with the fae.

At home, Bo is ready to welcome Kenzi back with all her favorites including “Tremors” but Kenzi isn't ready for that. She can't continue to be the lost girl in the fae world wanting to be fae. Bo tells her that that has never mattered to her, but it matters to Kenzi. It's mattered to Kenzi for a long time, but she's finally ready to do something about it. She's learned so much from Bo and everyone else. She lost the love of her life, and she died, which is why she needs to try something new, something human, something for her. For the first time in forever, she's okay with that. Am I the only one not okay with this? Kenzi has been the best part of the show from the start, and getting her back so soon, only to lose her again is heart wrenching. But, she says needs to go. Kenzi hugs Bo, and its another tearful goodbye. Hale left her some Santiago land on the coast of Spain. She's never been out of the country, and now is the perfect time. Her bags are already packed and she's ready to leave on a jet plane. Bo tells her that they're sisters, and in each other's life for good. Bo loves Kenzi, sometimes its the only thing that she's completely sure of.

Bo looks over the collection of wigs left behind. She pulls a board from the window, and another, letting the light in. A woman gets onto the elevator while on the phone, telling the caller about an evil copier and a bad day. A candle appears in the woman's hand, but disappears as Bo lights Persephone's in the window. The lit candle appears back in the woman's hands and then the screaming begins. Bo got the candle too easily from Tartarus, and now it looks like she's started something big.


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