Lost Girl S05E03 Recap: Big In Japan

We've lost Kenzi yet again. Bo has learned that she was born in hell, and she's lit her step mother's candle which has brought on unknown consequences. Now, Bo looks to make some home improvements. Shirtless Dyson tries to offer some advice. She goes in for a kiss, and resists him, claiming that she's experiencing a headache. A second near kiss, and she's walks away needing a drink she says. Dyson looks at her tiny roller in confusion.

A few Asian fae assault everyone's ears at the Dal with their bad karaoke. One of the singers bumps into another patron, and he takes issue. The man smooths it over with some gold as his drink is spiked. The singer notices the off smell before he consumes it, casting magic over the beverage he sees that its been spiked by a deadly spell.

Lauren shows Dyson what's in her meat locker. She has three bodies from the elevator, three human blood types, but there was a fourth one found, and it's fae. Dr. Hotpants wishes that Dyson couldn't read the situation so quickly. All the bodies had no marks, no bruise, but they were all dead. Lauren wants Dyson to find who the blood belongs to. The phone rings off the hook, and Dyson wants to her to answer it, Lauren reluctantly answers it, trying to play it off like a telemarketer. Dyson knows that it was another death threat, one of many she's received since turning the Morrigan human. He warns Lauren that she's in danger and needs to be ready. The fae are scared, but Lauren is use to being a target. She asks about Bo, if she's still renovating, and he tells her that she is, but nothing more.

Tamsin interrupts Bo, to get her night on. She brings her a tray of all things gummy, and yummy and covered in tube cheese, but Bo doesn't quite appreciate the culinary delights. Tamsin admits that it doesn't look very good.. She doens't know how Kenzi put together all that disgusting stuff together and make it delicious. Bo decides that she'd rather go out, and Tamsin is all in.

Tamsin is on the prowl, but Bo is hanging back. Tamsin is hungry, and Bo stops for some weiners, just not the kind that Tamsin had in mind. Karaoke boy stops them, propositioning them like hookers, and catches Tamsin's interest. Bo reluctantly tries to get her groove back, and the girls end up hopping in the music man's car, with Tamsin taking over driving duties. Little does the trio know that the man's would be assassin is following them.

Lauren's assistant, Lisa, asks if she and Sam can leave. Lauren is taken by surprise, but tells them to have fun. With Lisa gone, Lauren hears a strange noise. Armed with a broom, she readies for an attack, but its just the custodian.

Bo wakes up next to Tamsin, unhappy about having took the boards off the windows as the bright sun rolls in. She asks if they, but Tamsin tells her no. She asks if she can feed, and Tamsin rolls over offering herself, but Bo just can't. She rolls back over and sees that their man from last night is still there. He's not leaving, because an assassin is after him, and he wants them to be his body guards.

He treats the girls to a meal, and they get the low down of just what they're up against. Taki is one of the best, in fact he was the only one that gave Tamsin a run for her money during her bounty hunter day. Karoke boy shows off his impressive freeze skills, but claims its not his biggest trick, when Tamsin figures out that Musashi is legendary, and she's a little too fangirl for Bo's like. Tamsin tells Musashi's great story, but his sister isn't so impressed and pours tea in his lap. Bo gets down to the skinny, if he's so great, why is someone trying to kill him. He gives Tamsin a scroll, and she translates. Musashi is ascending.

Lauren pays a sweaty Dyson a visit at his gym. Is he going to be shirtless the whole episode? I don't mind, I just need to prepare myself. She wants to be trained, like he did for Kenzi, to become a shadow thief, less panty removal, more badass. After her little broom tango, she's ready. Dyson has her step into his ring, and she asks if he wants to put his shirt on. He does and the lesson begins. Lauren isn't ready for the light tussle, and she taps out. Dyson offers to find something that works for her.

Bo, Tamsin and Musashi take a walk in a dark alley. She wants to find out who sent the hit so they can get it called off. He's not sure who sent him, but he's sure he's racked up a few enemies over the years. Tamsin tells him that means that he's doing something right. On cue, the assassin drops from above, throwing Bo aside. Musashi doesn't put up a fight, and the assassin exposes some tattoo on Musashi's shoulder. He drops to his knees, apologizing for the insult on the exulted one, and takes his own life as penance. Tamsin offers the injured Bo a feeding, but she turns her down, telling her she can't.

Bo goes to see Lauren for some stitches, and tells her about her Musashi problems. Lauren finishes her stitching, a first for her. It's almost like she's human. Bo tells her of her issues feeding, and how she tried with Tamsin, and even Dyson. Lauren seems a little jealous at the mention of Dyson. Lauren tells her that she should let her try her hand at seduction. Lauren has Bo lie back and starts kissing on her, but it does nothing for Bo. She has no sex drive at all. Lauren pleads with Bo to stay, but Bo has a case to solve.

Bo pays Trick a visit, asking him if her mother Aiofe ever went through a dry spell. It's a touchy subject for grandpa. He tells her that the year that Aiofe lost her sex drive was the longest year of his life. Sex is a vital release for all fae, but more so for succubus. Trick stammers on, as Tamsin interrupts. One of Musashi's brothers is behind the hit. They think that it could be Craig, the one who would be next in line. Bo wishes to tread lightly, but Tamsin isn't exactly a light touch.

Craig lies down on a masseuse table, and Bo steps into her role. She tells him that she's there to please him as she gets to work. She asks to many questions abut Musashi, and Craig becomes suspicious, grabbing Bo in a choke hold. She can't break it, or use her powers, but she doesn't need to because she gets some hot stone assistance by Musashi's sister. She's suspicious of Bo, but Bo tells her that she's there to help Musashi. She tells Bo that she's getting in the way, that Musashi can't assend. She's trying to save him, before its too late. The sister was the one calling the hits. Seated at the bar, the sister explains to Bo why Musashi cannot ascend. She believes that he will turn into a giant Lizard headed man that licks toilets. Bo doesn't think its a real thing, but she insists that it is. Its an Akaname. If someone is dishonest with their ancestors they become this thing. Bo concludes that the sun, the saga, the weeping virgins all weren't Musashi. The sister won't say how he lied, only that he is not a bad man. He's just lied for long, that he's come to believe it. There is dishonor to revealing who was the warrior. She totally pulled a Mulan and let her brother take the credit. Bo still can't believe she would rather put a hit on her brother than let him be turned into a humanish plunger, but she knew that Tako would never kill the exulted one, no one would. She hoped that it would scare Musashi into admitting the truth so he can be saved.

She returns home, and finds that Musashi has already left for his ceremony. Bo tells Tamsin that they have to stop it so he doesn't turn into an Akaname. The ceremony has begun, and all ninja clad Bo and Tamsin head in to crash the party Kill Bill style. The brothers go to defend Musashi, but they're no match. Only one fights like out of the story that Bo was told, and she's exposes Tamoe, Musashi's sister and the true warrior of that legendary battle. Musashi has some explaining to do. Someone thought that it was him, and he never denied it. Tamoe is bestowed with the exhaulted one title, and Musashi leaves in shame.

Lauren isn't having much luck with the whole training thing. Dyson is a very good and patient teacher. She's having trouble concentrating, and she just doesn't feel like she's any good. Dyson gives her words of encouragement, and makes her see how important her staying safe is, not just for herself, but for all of them Bo included. At the mention of Bo, Dyson gets all sad panda. He held Bo back from saving Kenzi from going into the portal, and he thinks that she blames him for that. Lauren assures him that she doesn't. She wishes that Bo blamed him, or anyone for that matter, but Bo blames herself. She thinks that Bo needs a friend right now. He tells her now, and she turns and strikes the board, from her gut.

Bo stands before her mirror in her kimono, trying to reassure herself. Musashi attacks her, stabbing her in the gut. He believes that he was meant to ascend, that she ruined everything. He looks at what he did, and runs like a coward from her room, as Bo falls to the floor. She crawls across the hardwood, desperately trying to get to her phone, and failing.

She wakes to Dyson trying to bring her back. She's on Lauren's operating table, Trick and Liz are there too. After surgery, they're all gathered around her as she awakens. Lauren knows that she needs to feed. Tamsin tells Bo that what she's doing is really stupid. Bo doesn't want to do this right now. Tamsin rips sensors from Bo, telling her that if she wants to do this, then do it now. The pity party is over. Lauren fears that Bo is going to die if she keeps this up. Tamsin points out that that is what she wants. Bo sits up. She loses everyone, and she knows that she will eventually lose them all, that that is what being the One, the Queen means. Trick tells her that they share the same blood, and he will never leave her, she will never be alone. Lauren is up next. Bo stole her heart, and she will never ask for it back. Dyson pledged his alliance, and he plans to remain forever by her side. Bo succubus Blue eyes flare. She tells everyone to leave the room, all except Dyson, grabbing him back, and asking if he's still willing to offer no strings. He is.

Between moans and growls, Bo is getting the healing that she needs. Lauren and Tamsin sit together waiting for the pair. Tamsin notes that its a nice office that she has, and Lauren remarks on the nice equipment she has. Tamsin asks if she's okay with what is happening in the other room, and Lauren says that she is, that she and Bo are friends. She places her hand on Tamsin's knee, and Tamisn becomes suspicious asking what's happening. Lauren tells her that Tamsin is full of surprises, many of them bad ones, but sometimes she's just what they all need. Tamsin is reduced to tears.

Musashi has taken Tamoe's role as the tea boy. He delivers tea to Bo's table, and he's surprised to see that she's still alive. She asks his brother to keep an eye on Musashi, and he plans to, telling him that the toilet needs tending to. Bo tells Musashi to live his life this time with honor. He couldn't admit the truth before that he was weak, he was suppose to be a leader. Bo tells him that being open doesn't make him weak. Being a good leader means being what he needs to be. He tells her that he was chosen and she doesn't understand what that is like. She does, and she thinks its bullshit.

Liz brings Lauren in to see one last patient. She looks over his record, and he tells Lauren that she didn't think that he would be so small. He grabs Liz, holding a knife to her throat. Lauren tries to calm him, telling him that he will get it for him. He wants it all. Lauren draws it into a syringe, and makes her way back, she throws it straight to the mans neck, knocking him out.

Dyson makes popcorn, and Tamsin jokes that his super nose doesn't work on popcorn, but he tells her that he likes it burnt. She asks about him and Bo, and he brushes it off. He just helps her heal from time to time, so he's single. He asks if she's planning on quitting her job with the force to play PI full time with Bo. Tamsin has no plans of doing so at the moment, even with Dyson urging her to. The pair joion Lauren and Bo for movie night, and horror gets the vote as Lauren tells them that she still hasn't found any what type of fae the blood belongs to. It's either very old, or very new.

Back at Lauren's lab a body awakens. Its the pretty blonde from the elevator. She looks freaked as she stumbles around on shaky legs. She sees a picture of Lauren and Bo, and shambles some more. “Wheres a guy to say they're coming to get you Barbara.” Liz comes in talking on her phone. She's worried about wearing the wrong bra, and gets grabbed for a second time this episode. This time by the elevator blonde. She asks if she can see her, and she can, which turns out to not be so good for Liz. The blonde snaps Liz's neck and takes her lipstick.  


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