Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E10 - "What They Become" Recap

May manoeuvres the Bus to keep it from being shot down by Hydra Quinjets. They then reunite with the rest of the team in San Juan and May determines that Ward likely had his own agenda and took Skye in order to bring her to meet her father. Coulson tells Bobbi to keep an eye on Mac and do what she can for him, while they continue to try to get into The City while keeping Hydra out of it. Morse and Hunter must also determine where Skye is being held.

Ward brings Skye to meet her father and leaves them alone to talk. He introduces himself as Cal and Skye is naturally uncomfortable and this clearly disturbed man. He tells her how she was born in China, to a Chinese mother. They were a happy family and he liked himself, as did others. He apologises for not being there and not protecting her. But he has no intention of letting her go and says that she has a destiny to fulfil. Skye is disgusted that he works for Whitehall and this is when Cal tells Skye that he only got involved with him to get to Skye. He tells Skye that her mother was "special" and had a "gift," just like Skye does. He says that SHIELD came to get Skye's mother because they claimed she was "dangerous." He left Skye with people he trusted and went chasing after the people who took Skye's mother but when he found her, she had been hacked to pieces, butchered by Whitehall and then dumped like garbage. He starts humming "Dasiy Bell" to Skye, who recognises it because her mother used to sing it to her. Cal then announces he is going to kill Whitehall and finally get revenge, leaving Skye alone in the room.

Whitehall shows up and confronts Ward over the fact that he violated orders by taking Skye. He figures out that Skye is Cal's daughter and gifted like her mother. She is able to pick up the Diviner without being harmed. But Whitehall takes Cal, Ward (who had revealed himself to be loyal to Skye first and foremost by moving to protect her when the Hydra men tried to move in on her), and Skye hostage but Coulson and the rest of the team are on the way.

Trip and FitzSimmons head out to find Mac and set explosives to rig the City, while Coulson's team go after Skye to rescue her. Coulson kills Whitehall before Cal can do it, who is enraged at being denied his revenge. Coulson demands to know where the Obelisk and must run off when Agent 33 begins shooting at him. But Cal corners Coulson and begins viciously beating him.

Ward gets free and releases Skye, telling her to stay seated while he checks the door. She then shoots him and says, "Never turn your back on the enemy. You taught me that," before heading out with her gun in hand. Skye saves cousin from being killed by Cal and refuses to go down in the city with him. This is his one chance to walk away or she will kill him. He tells her he'll leave, but that he will wait for her since change terrifies people and no one else will understand after she has changed. Before leaving, he tells her her real name is Daisy. So it's now presumed that "Daisy" is Daisy Johnson, AKA "Quake," daughter of Calvin Zabo, the super villain named Mr. Hyde.

Skye determines that she must do what her father said anyway because Raina has escaped to the city with the Diviner in hand. Skye is going after her and Coulson follows after her. Raina has Mac lead the way, as he is still being possessed by the City. As for Trip, he also goes into the tunnels in order to disarm the explosives after getting a call from May that Skye and Coulson are now in the tunnels.

Skye encounters the possessed Mac and tries to get him to leave but he won't budge. She promises to come back but then reaches the room Raina is in with the Diviner still in her hand. Raina puts the Diviner on a pedestal where it begins to float and the room gets sealed up with both of them still inside. As for Coulson, he gets locked out with Mac but Trip ends up locked inside with them. The Diviner opens and a set of crystals begin to emerge from it. The crystal shatters and releases a mist. Cue the terrigenesis, and both Skye and Raina are wrapped in cocoons. That's right, folks, Skye and Raina are Inhumans!

Sadly, Trip ends up dead because why kill off someone who contributes nothing to the plot (Lance Hunter) when you can kill off a compelling and dynamic POC instead? The cocoons fall away and Skye emerges, devastated that her friend has been killed. But now we are free to use "Skye" and "Quake" interchangeably.

In a post-credits scene, we learn that there are Diviners and other Inhumans, who now know that more of them have been activated.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM and will return on 3 March 2015, following the first season of Marvel's Agent Carter, which will premiere on Tuesday, 6 January 2015.


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