Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E9 - "Ye Who Enter Here" Recap

Skye has a creepy dream about an eerie music box that is apparently the Diviner and then Coulson and May looking like a domestic couple and they abandon a baby in the lab as a sacrifice of sorts. It's then that Skye holding the box, that might be the Diviner, begins to have a sickness spread up her arms all the way up to her face until Coulson wakes her up.

Team Skye, consisting of Skye, May, Trip, and Hunter go on a mission to hunt down Rayna after they learn that she is being hunted down by Hydra. They're also aided by the Brothers Koenig, of which there are many. While rescuing her, they're attacked by Agent 33 who still has May's face because of being electrocuted while wearing the mask, so now there's just some scarring across her fact that makes her look like a stereotypical villain.

Agent 33 later gets into a fight scene with Skye at the safe house Rayna is being held at and it's really quite impressive how well she holds her own considering how new to action Chloe is. Agent 33 is knocked out and the team carries on with their mission. They later determine that Hydra is after Rayna because she has the ability to hold the Diviner and she tells Skye about the device and that she will understand when she touches it.

Rayna later tells Skye how she met her father in Thailand when she was just a simple con artist. She claims she was a lost soul who didn't know where she belonged until he took her in. All he wants is his daughter. According to Skye's father, Skye is worthy of holding the Diviner. Skye wonders if this is about alien DNA but Rayna says that they're both human but with the potential to be more. The Diviner artefact is of alien technology and determines those that are worth of finding The City and possessing True Power. The ancients called the blue angels "The Cree," and those that are worthy will inherit the earth. Those who aren't worthy will be destroyed.

The rest of the team is at a tunnel at the entrance of the city. Skye wants to warn them but the communications are jammed because the Bus has been surrounded by Hydra agents that hacked Rayna's tracer. Mac is being lowered down the tunnel and when he reaches the bottom, finds glyphs carved into the ground. When Mac touches it, the glyphs light up and a symbol appears in his hand as he begins to scream and convulse in pain. The team pulls him up and then he changes into a red-eyed rage monster, that's at least nice enough to warn them to run before attacking them.

The Hydra team sends Ward on board to take Rayna. Ward insists that Skye come along too, after all he promised that he'd bring her to her dad. He promises that no one will get hurt as long as she comes along and despite May's protests, Skye decides to go and tells May that she can handle herself. Meanwhile, Morse knocks Mac out with shock batons and then he falls down the tunnel again. Coulson order the team to seal the tunnel. She also brings her tablet with the map of the city on it, at Rayna's insistence.

Finally, we see Agent 33 meet with Whitehall in his car and tells him everything that happened with the Rayna Op. Ward wasn't supposed to bring Skye, and he was supposed to shoot the Bus out of the sky when he was done. But since he has gone against his order, Whitehall tells 33 to give the order, so she makes a call to have the Bus shot out of the sky.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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