Once Upon A Time S04E09 Recap: Fall

The spell of Shattered Sight has been cast, and Ingrid the Snow Queen waits for the devastating results. Gold congratulates her, she's won so far and he wants to make a deal. The spell is to hit at sundown, it'll bring the darkness soon. She gleefully tells him that it will make everyone rip each other apart. She'll have everything she wants, except that he'll be there too, and it'll be his mission to rip her heart out. He wants his grandson and wife free to leave with him. She accepts.

Emma and the others see that the spell of Shattered Sight is upon them. Emma sees only one option, to leave. They head to the ice wall, and David approaches it with his ice ax. When he hits the wall, another icy peak rises. It causes a fissure though, and Anna's necklace is exposed. Elsa finds it. Everyone splits up looking for ways to separate people from their loved ones for their own safety, and to get them out. Regina wants to take Henry with her to Robin's camp, thinking that her magic would make him safer, but Elsa thinks he'd be safer with her and Emma. She believes that the ribbons on their wrists make them immune to the spell. If the Snow Queen wants to make them their sisters then they won't be harmed. Regina wants Henry with her as long as its safe, and Henry is ok with that.

Belle has found nothing in Gold's shop. The spell is pretty much unstoppable, but there may be a way to vaccine people with someone who has been through the spell. Elsa remembers Anna. Ingrid said that Anna put her in the urn, which she didn't think possible, unless she was under the Shattered Sight Spell. Belle said she could do a locator spell on Anna if they had something of hers, and now she does. Belle looks at Anna's necklace. There's actual mirror dust embedded in the metal. If they can find Anna she can save everyone. Belle plans to have the fairies start putting together the counter-spell. Emma reminds Elsa that she was time traveling when she found Elsa's urn, so there's no telling how old Anna is now. Elsa doesn't care how old she is, she's her sister and she plans to find her. Anna may be able to save them.

Anna and Kristoff defrosted to find Ingrid and the urn bound Elsa. She finds a piece of straw and knows that Gold has to have her. He must have followed Anna, since he would never let something he valued really leave his possession. She needs to find him to get Elsa back, and tell her that she didn't mean anything she said, that she was under a spell. Kristoff thinks that she's assuming a lot, but Anna is sure that she's right, and knows that Elsa is the only one who should be ruling Arendelle. Hans arrives with his brothers, he has other ideas. Hans claims that she attacked the Queen, and traded her to another land, which sounds a lot like treason. Hans crowns himself the new King of Arendelle after what he claims to be Elsa's freezing, sure that no one would protest. Kristoff feigns surrender, but moves for his ax. Anna puts up a fight, and ends up with a sword in her hand which brings everyone to a halt, allowing Anna and Kristoff to get away.

Hook looks over the harbor as a wall of ice rises. No fleeing by boat either. Gold remarks how good the Snow Queen is. She's got them all beat so far. Gold invites him to sit, his heart still in Hook's bag. Hook brings out the Sorcerer's hat. It won't be Emma this time. Instead, Gold wants the fairies that are at Granny's at the moment. Gathering them all, will give him enough power to cleave himself from the dagger and keep his powers intact. Hook is unable to say no with his heart in Gold's possession. Unfortunately, Belle plans to be spending time with the fairies, so Hook has to wait until Gold can get his wife away. Hook puts it together that the fairies are working on the cure. He's condemning the entire town and possibly even his grandson to a horrible fate. Well, maybe not Henry. Gold tells him that he's taking Belle and Henry and leaving everyone else. Everyone else though, he's willing to sacrifice. Hook may not like it, but they're in this together.

Regina watches Robin with his son Ronan. She warns him that the spell is happening, and he needs to scatter his men. Robin yells to Will, that its an emergency and they have to break camp. Regina searches his face, and he asks what else is happening. She wants to remember his face as it is now, with love in his eyes. Everyone else in the town looks at her with hatred, and the thought of Robin looking at her the same way may just kill her. Robin assures her that he loves her.

Emma and Elsa begin their quest to find Anna. Emma pours the spell upon Anna's necklace and it begins to glow. Signs point to the library. Elsa has been in the library before and never saw her sister, but Emma points out that the library is special, and has a whole network of tunnels beneath it, large enough to have held a dragon.
Anna and Kristoff ran their way right out of Arendell. Anna still has retrieving Elsa on her mind, but Kristoff isn't sure he's ready to face down an evil wizard. Anna never said Gold was evil though. Anna tells Kristoff that she has a plan. When she was looking through her mother's diary she tells her that she was looking for something called a wishing star. Anna has no clue what it is, but she assumes that you can wish on it, and just maybe they can use it to wish Elsa back. They tracked it to a pirate, Blackbeard, but her parents didn't find it. Dealing with a pirate sounds better than a wizard. At least with the pirate they may be able to bargain their way to the star.

The snowflake continues to glow brighter and brighter. It comes to a dead end. Elsa is sure that Anna is just on the other side of the rocks. Elsa wants to blast her way through, but Emma takes the cautious route. As much as she enjoyed their last cave-in she's sure they can find another way.

Anna and Kristoff arrive on the harbor, and she says that Blackbeard has something that they're willing to pay anything for. Blackbeard overhears, and he likes the sound of that. She tells him that she's looking for the wishing star, and for the right price he'll give it to her. Kristoff wants to know the right price. Blackbeard merely wants his weight in gold. Anna believed that if they kept the faith things would work out. What they hadn't counted on was Hans catching up to them.

Leroy is sure that they can clear the tunnel. Elsa wants to go now. Regina is upset over Snow slacking over her mayor job. Snow points out that if the Mayor only has to worry about one villain and its herself, that tends to free up her time. Leroy says that its going to take a couple of hours, but they don't have that much time. David arrives, Belle thinks they may be able to do the counter-spell even without Anna. If they pull out the mirror dust it could work, but it will take longer to produce, and it will destroy the necklace. So either they can save all of them, or Anna. Elsa thinks they have time for both, Regina though sees that it could take days to explore the tunnels and find Anna.

Gold and Hook head over to Granny's. He sends Hook around back to wait, knowing that he'll know when the time is right. Belle isn't so happy to see her husband has arrived. They're very close to getting the spell done. Gold offers to wait until Belle is finished. Mother Superior doesn't think its such a good idea that the Dark one be around all the Light magic, but he makes it clear he's not leaving.

Regina wants to get the necklace to the fairies immediately. One life isn't worth risking the entire town over. All of their loved ones will be destroyed otherwise. Emma thinks they can save everyone. Regina points out that she's thinking like a hero again. The Charmings are on Regina's side. They have to do what's best to save the most people, they have to turn over the necklace. They leave Emma to break the news to Elsa, who reluctantly turns over her pouch which holds the necklace. As Emma goes back to the Charmings, Elsa heads down the elevator with the necklace still in hand. There was no way she was giving up on her sister.

Emma, Regina and the Charmings rush over to Granny's and deliver the pouch. In the necklace's place are a handful of mine pebbles. Regina should have known better than to have trusted a blonde. Emma thinks she can run to the mine and retrieve it from her, but Belle tells her it would be too late. Without Anna there, they're screwed. Regina snarkily readies for another speech on hope and blind faith, but Snow points out that its Elsa's blind faith that is screwing them at the moment. Regina finds that admittance terrifying. Emma isn't ready to give up yet. She plans to head into the mine and help Elsa find her sister.

Emma makes it to the mine as Elsa is about to blast through the wall. She's sorry, but she had to try. Elsa blasts the rocks, and expose the beach. The map couldn't be any more wrong. Anna is nowhere to be found though. The necklace is still glowing though. Emma tells her that magic isn't always reliable, and thirty years is a long time. Elsa doesn't believe it's all been a mistake.

Anna doesn't understand how Hans keeps finding them. They didn't leave very inconspicuously, and some well paid informants and a fast ship helped. It was all a trap. Anna thought they hayd a deal with Blackbeard, which makes him laugh. He points out how much she looks like her mother. He thought it was funny that they thought he wouldn't recognize royalty. But he liked them, liked them enough to sell them the wishing star at cost. That doesn't make sense to Anna, she thought they would have used it to take away Elsa's powers. Blackbeard points out that they may not have known that the Wishing Star can only be used by someone of pure heart. If there is another star, Anna still wants to buy it, and says that she can pay as much as Hans can. Well, maybe not. Hans has control of the money too. He throws Blackbeard a pouch of money. Where they're going they don't need money, Hans tells her. Death isn't a place, Kristoff is sure, but Hans intends for them to find out. They're over what's called Poseidon's Boneyard, which happens to be where Anna's mother's ship went down. He wants her bones to mingle with her mothers. Blackbeard has other plans though, and brings out a trunk. No mingling of bones, and no mermaid interference. Anna is sure that Elsa will escape the urn, take back the kingdom, and boot his butt back to the Southern Isles. Hans thinks he has everything undercontrol, right down to the Jolly Roger. If Elsa hadn't escaped in the thirty years that they were frozen, Hans isn't sure she ever will. Anna had no clue they were frozen so long, and Kristoff doesn't understand why Ingrid would unfreeze them now. Anna fears Ingrid is about to do something worse. Hans shuts the lid on the overly talkative Anna, and the chest with her and Kristoff is shoved overboard.

Elsa still has faith that they will find Anna when her necklace suddenly stops glowing. She fears that Anna is really gone.

The chess falls to the bottom of the sea. Water is slowly seeping in, but Kristoff feels a nail and may be able to free themselves.

Elsa mourns Anna. The necklace was found among their mother's things, it was her last gift to Anna, for her wedding day. Emma sees the spell cloud on the horizon. She fears that them being immune to the spell isn't going to save them from everyone turning on them. Elsa thinks that she deserves the worst, to be attacked. All she has left of her sister is her necklace.

Anna has lost all hope as the water rises in the chest. Kristoff frees his hands and unties Anna. She thinks its the end, and she wants to marry him before they die, but Kristoff is sure that this isn't their end. He refuses to marry her unless they get out. He tells her to keep her chin up.

Elsa apologizes for not finding Anna where ever she is. She refuses to give up hope. She wishes that wherever Anna is right now she was with her. The necklace flashes. Looks like Elsa found the other wishing star.

Kristoff and Anna continue to hold onto what little hope they can, and eachother, as the water rises around them. The chest begins to spin.

From the beach Elsa spots something in the water rising and glowing. She isn't sure what it is. And the magic suddenly throws Elsa and Emma back. The chest lands on the beach, popping open. Elsa is overjoyed to have found Anna. Anna realizes that her necklace was the wishing star. There may be time to save the town yet, but first Elsa needs to pull her beloved sister into her arms. Their mother's final letter rises to the shore.

Belle has gotten word that Anna is on her way. The fairies may just be able to craft the counter-spell in time and save everyone, but it'll be dangerous. Gold uses that excuse to get Belle out of Granny's. Hook lies in wait.

Emma rushes Anna over to Granny's while Anna and Kristoff are filled in on the details. The spell can't affect Anna again, since she was already hit with it, and Emma and Elsa are immune because of their ribbons. Anna remarks how funny the world looks, and Elsa couldn't agree more.

Mother Superior carefully measures out the ingredients for the counter-spell when Hook arrives, sucking up all of the fairies. She tries to get away, and the poor guy is really sorry, but he has no choice, sucking her inside of the hat as well. Emma and the others arrive to find everyone in Granny's gone and the place destroyed. Emma realizes that they can't protect everyone now.

Gold takes Belle to the shop, and seals her in for her protection. Hook points out that Belle actually loves him, and that he's risking her love for power. Gold still thinks that he can have both, and intends to. Since Hook did his dirty work, he wants to be free, but Gold isn't done with him yet. He tells Hook to enjoy his last day.

Emma heads back to her parents, looking for Plan B. David is happy to see Kristoff and “Joan” again. Anna likes David's new look, and they get a little introduction to everyone else. More explanations will be had once the spell is complete. Emma wants to move onto the plan, which apparently is to just lock themselves in separate cells. As far as plans go, this one sucks. Emma doesn't want to lock them in. She's worried about the length of the curse, of something happening to her and them starving. Snow has faith in them, they both do. They trust that she will save them all. Snow knows that they are special and that both she and Elsa will use their specialness. Snow hands over her baby as Hook arrives. He needs to see Emma one more time. Emma tells him that she's a terrible good bye kiss person, but just once, she needs to do it. Emma pulls Hook into a quick goodbye kiss before he heads off. The spell is just on the horizon. It's one more adventure.

Regina take Henry to her office. She's sorry. She should have been more focused on Operation Mongoose, but she was too wrapped up following her heart to Robin. He understands, and there will be time for that later. Regina plans to seal him in as Gold sealed in Belle to protect him. Regina is headed to her vault and Robin off to chain himself to a tree. Ronan and Marion are safe somewhere he doesn't even know where. He wants to come with her, but its too dangerous. He doesn't fear her, but he really should. Regina makes it to the vault alone, and seals herself in.

David tells Snow not to fear. Nothing can come between two halves of one heart he tells her. Nothing can come between what they have. Everyone awaits the spell to hit as the mirror shards begin to rain down on everyone. Emma braces to protect the baby, as the mirrors invade. The mirror falls into the eyes of Snow and David, and they unhook hands looking at each other like strangers.


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