Red Band Society S1E10 - "What I Did For Love" Recap

The Red Banders contemplates who will be the next to leave while Dr. Naday works with Charlie through an eye-tracking device that allows Charlie to spell out messages. Currently, he's also trying to get Charlie to move just one finger. Naday also flirts with Nurse Jackson when she stops by to check on Charlie. Emma returns home and continues to hide the fact that she isn't better at all.

A friend of Delaney's pays Jordi a visit and after making out with him a little explains that she wants to buy some pills off of him. Kara stops by Hunter's room while his parents are visiting because she wants to know exactly what's going on with him. He's doing as well as he can be considering he needs a new liver and he's given the option of whether to stay in the hospital or go home. He tells his parents he wants to go home with them and Kara leaves angrily without even coming into the room. Hunter approaches Kara and tells her he'd much rather stay put and only said that because of his mother. She doesn't want to hear it and seemingly ends their relationship.

Leo tries to call Emma to check in, saying he misses her, but she won't answer. Kara passes by, telling Leo she plans to sneak out to get away for a while so Leo threatens to tell Nurse Jackson unless Kara gives him a lift to Emma's house. Meanwhile, Emma discovers some rotten food in her drawers that she had hidden when she was home. She then confronts her mother about how she hasn't visited for the last three weeks. Emma's mother admits that she was concerned about saying the wrong thing and says she has been going to a support group and how it made her worried, and mentions something about "Grandma."

Kara's minion shows up with Kara's car and ends up abandoned as Kara drives off with Leo, first stopping by her old high school where cheerleading practice is underway. Kara doesn't want to come back to this school, even after she is released from the hospital. Naday and Nurse Jackson agree to go out on a date together. Emma learns from her father that her grandmother was also anorexic and that after she passed away, they found uneaten food hidden around her house. Emma is upset that they never told her about this and that she felt alone all this time. Emma pleads with her mother to understand that it is a disease with a genetic component but her mother says that Emma will become complacent if she sees it as a disease.

While Hunter is about to leave, his pager goes off which means that he's finally going to get his new liver. Kenji calls out the weirdness and Nurse Brittany admits to him and Jackson that she slept with Dr. McAndrew. Kenji tells her that office romances never work and that "Pam and Jim are fake." Meanwhile Dr. McAndrew is giving Jordi the news that his tumours have shrunk so he can now be operated on.

Kara makes Leo kick a soccer ball. He is reluctant to do so but eventually does and becomes excited at being able to do what he loves again. Meanwhile, Emma listens to Leo's voicemail and then is visited by her little sister, whom Emma apologises to for not thinking of how all of this would effect her. Hunter is preparing to go in for surgery and tells Dash that even though he's often playing second-in-command to "President Leo," he is actually the one that is holding everything together. He then gives Dash a letter to give to Kara if he doesn't make it out of surgery.

Dr. McAndrew runs into Nurse Brittany and apologises again but adds that she needs to either get over it or get out. Emma struggles to eat her first family dinner, while Nurse Jackson backs out of her date with Dr. Naday. Kara and Leo continue to bond in her car until they begin kissing. An upset Emma locks herself in the bathroom and tries to call Leo back and smashes her phone against the wall when he doesn't answer. She then grabs a toothbrush and forces herself to throw up the food she has eaten.

Dr. McAndrew tells Jordi that there complications due to his needing to be emancipated. Jordi is given 24 hours to file his paperwork and calls up the girl from earlier, Alexa, with the promise to meet her outside the hospital in an hour. Looks like desperate times call for desperate measures. Naday confronts Jackson for backing out of the date, in Charlie's room no less, and Jackson responds that professionalism is important. Naday's response is to kiss her, which she reciprocates. Charlie gives them a thumbs-up.

Kara has climbed on Leo's lap and he's reluctant to have sex with his prosthetic leg. She tells him she doesn't care so he agrees to go through with it, not realising that Emma has tried to call him. Meanwhile, Hunter is having his surgery. Jordi is scraping the label off some aspirin so he can scam Alexa. Finally, Emma's father smashes the locked bathroom door open to find Emma passed out on the floor.

This is the winter (and possibly series) finale of Red Band Society.


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