Selfie S1E11 - "Perestroika" Recap

Eliza is still dealing with Henry's rejection and employs some techniques she learned from her class mean girl Corynn McWatters. Step 1) Pretend not to see the individual in question. Step 2) Pretend not to hear the individual in question. Step 3) Since steps 1 and 2 didn't work, Gone Girl his ass (which involves writhing on the floor with the contents of a ketchup bottle all done your front. Charmonique tries to organise peace between the two, but Eliza snubs Henry instead.

Eliza also faces problems when her landlord demands rent and an increase for her security deposit. Henry is horrified when he gets an 89% on his performance review, the lowest mark he has ever gotten on anything in his entire life. He learns that negative peer reviews were the reason for his lower-than-usual score so he asks Saperstein if he may take them to look over the feedback.

Eliza finds she has to vacate her apartment because of several unpaid bills and asks Charmonique for help, admitting that she's afraid of looking through her mail, bills, etc. Her credit cards are maxed, she has no cash, and now has no place to live in. Charmonique tells her to clean herself up and ask Henry for help.

Eliza tries to check into a hotel and is only able to book a room when the clerk finds that she has more rewards points than anyone he's ever seen. She enjoys the luxury of the presidential suite but runs away since she can't pay the bill. Eliza resorts to selling discounted gift cards around the office and even tries to peddle her trucker hat. Henry believes that Eliza is the one who gave him an F on his performance review, though she denies doing so. Henry tries to get answers from Raj, the HR guy, and intimidates him into discretely telling him that it wasn't Eliza who gave him the bad review.

Henry returns to his office and finds Eliza 'living' there, wearing her pyjamas and lying on his sofa and drinking peaches. She admits her problem and dumps all her mail and bills onto his desk. He offers up advice and Eliza is delighted when she notes that Henry isn't mad at her but simply his usual level of disappointment where she is concerned. He agrees to help and lets her stay at his place for the night, adding that he'll be staying at Julia's (which is a lie, because they broke up). Henry also apologises for assuming that she was the one who wrote the bad review.

Henry calls to tell Eliza to stop snooping, which she was, and when she assumes there were cameras, Henry says that he just knows her. He claims that the voice Eliza overhears is Julia wanting to role-play but when the call ends, Eliza meets Julia who has brought some post-breakup items in a box. The next morning, Henry presents Eliza with some office supplies, and says that he has worked things out with her landlord so now she can pay things off in an instalment plan. He also tells her to stop paying so much for eye-makeup-remover. Eliza inadvertently helps Henry to realise that his assistant Charlie was the one who gave Henry the bad review.

Eliza asks Freddy why he didn't offer to let her stay with her and he says that if he had, she would have freaked out since that's what she does every time he tries to get close to her. He says that he would love to be around her as much as possible and hints that he'd like for them to live together someday. Henry tries to charm Charlie with hot cocoa filled with mini-marshmallows. Charlie apologises for the bad review and asks for him to go back to normal, since he hates for Henry to be nice to him.

Eliza asks Henry about his plans with Eliza and not-so-subtly makes it clear that she knows that he and Julia broke up. He admits the truth and the two enjoy some banter, with Eliza making height jokes about Julia and Henry telling Eliza she is like a seven-year-old.

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