Selfie S1E12 - "Stick in the Mud" Recap

Henry is excited about Kindercare's upcoming charity event, as he has been training for this annual 10K run. Charmonique tells Eliza that her sister has called, which is a surprise to Henry since Eliza had claimed her family was lost at sea. Eliza is not fond of her sister Bethany because Bethany was always the perfect sister and outdid her.

Unfortunately for Henry, Saperstein decides that Kindercare will partake in an obstacle mud run instead. Freddy however, is thrilled since he excels in this event. Freddy becomes jealous over all of Henry's assignments for Eliza, believing it to be a threat to his relationship with Eliza. He instigates Henry to start feeling more competitive about excelling in the mud run.

Eliza prepares for Bethany's arrival. She notes how hearing her voice reminds her of being an insecure five-year-old again. Eliza is determined to prove that she is just as good if not better than Bethany, but is out-shined once again when Bethany announces she is pregnant. Eliza tells Henry that Bethany has gotten pregnant just to make her feel like her life is insignificant. She then pushes Henry to make nice with Freddy and have him help Henry train.

When Henry is out training with Freddy, Freddy continues to be hostile and rude. Eliza and Bethany also continue to butt heads. This hostility between the two pairs carries on into the race. Bethany encourages Charmonique that she can do well in the race and Charmonique takes off going. It's the final straw for Eliza, who makes clear her disdain for Bethany seemingly acting like she is better than Eliza.

Freddy and Henry end up tackling each other and wrestling in the mud, as Freddy tells Henry he's sick of him undermining his relationship with Eliza, and Henry is sick of Freddy making him feel insecure about his age.

At home, Eliza shares how she always felt like when she was born, their family fell apart and Bethany apologises for the fact that their parents were divorcing and it led to her not getting as much attention. They reconcile, as do Freddy and Henry, who tied for second in the mud run, while Charmonique came in first. Eliza is happy to see that Bethany has finally followed her back on Instagram and then decides to call their mother for the first time in a while.

The final episode of Selfie airs next Tuesday on Hulu Plus.


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