Selfie S1E9 - "Follow Through" Recap

Henry is trying to figure out how to re-brand some diaper creme and Eliza advises him to sell it as an eye cream, as she read about it as a beauty treatment in a magazine. He encourages her to pitch it to Saperstein but she is reluctant to rise to the occasion until he continues to push her. Henry then meets two of Bryn's friends who become keen on him and invite him to their book club.

Henry once again pushes Eliza to pitch the idea to Saperstein who loves the idea. They decide to use a loophole, another of Eliza's ideas, so she will get the word out via her social media platforms. Saperstein then has them begin riffing as a corporate jazz trio. Eliza is later in bed with her boy Freddy who proposes that she join him for dinner with his parents who are in town. She becomes alarmed when she and Freddy go to sleep without having sex together. She consults Charmonique for advice the next day, who says it's the next step of their relationship where you think about more than just sex with the person.

One of Bryn's friends shows up at Henry's office and tries hitting on him. He very bluntly tells her he is not interested, adding that he doesn't want to lead her on and she leaves feeling very much offended. Saperstein pushes Henry to apologise after the sandwiches that girl makes become terrible due to her heartbreak, something Saperstein is upset about since he loves those sandwiches. Henry's first attempt to apologise does not go over so well.

Eliza is working late at the office and Henry stops by and commends her for her hard work. She then mentions her dinner date with Freddy and Henry notes how Julia is a workaholic, just like Henry, and that is why the two of them are hardly ever together. Henry tells Eliza to stay off the phone during her date since the only thing that should be glowing that night is her. He offers up his jacket to Eliza, which she fashions into an evening dress. "A little bit of you, a little bit of me?" Henry responds, "That seems to be the perfect combination." Swoon.

As Eliza embarks on her dinner date, she notes how many people are hiding behind their phones. She realises that some moments are worth putting down the phone for, but so many forget to do so, including her. She now sees things about Freddy that she never saw before, because when they're together, they're either on their phones/technology or hooking up. Now that the blue haze is lifted, she is finding that Freddy is quite off-putting and she breaks up with him without even ordering any food, and leaves.

Henry shows up to the book club and apologises properly, adding that he has a girlfriend and that his approach was wrong and he still has a lot to learn. As Henry is leaving, he runs into Eliza who has had a realisation about who she really wants to be with, Henry himself. She says she wants to "give it to him tonight," speaking about the jacket but… this involves a sexy strip-tease which has Henry all flustered and the tension between these two at an all-time high. Henry leaves feeling flustered while Eliza is now determined to get her man, or else.

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