Sleepy Hollow S2E11 - "The Akeda" Recap

The Witnesses abscond with a motorcycle to get to Frederick's Manor, Sword of Methuselah in hand. They also discover that Henry's places of attack form a pentagram, naturally. Henry wants to unleash a demon army in the centre of it. But first let's save the eternal damsel-in-distress Katrina who is still as useless as ever. Ichabod opts not to kill Headless because perhaps he has some useful information to offer up. So Floptrina extends the spell from her necklace by saying "Extendus." Literally.

Abraham tells the Witnesses + Floptrina that the sword will steal the soul of anyone who uses it to kill evil (a soul for a soul, I guess). They bring Abraham back underground and Katrina chains him up and tries to flirt more information out of him on whether this intel is true. Sure. Meanwhile, Jenny is the one to actually get work done and finds that Abraham's information is true. So it's time to call Irving back so he can be the one to wield it. And we're subjected to yet another round of Floptrina telling Ichabod that Moloch is the real threat instead of Henremy with all of his evil doings.

The gang finds Irving who left a coded message. When did he have time to learn trivia on the Revolutionary War? Sword in hand, Irving threatens Abraham into sharing the information that Henry is planning to merge Purgatory with their world by using the four white trees, the same place where Henry rose. Each trunk will be burned and when the last is complete, the ritual will be complete. Then they run off and leave Headless alive. Because. Reasons. They also summon the even more useless, Hawley, and have him babysit Headless. Never have we ever wanted a supernatural meteor to strike and destroy everything in its path. But even though there's apparently NO TIME for Irving to say goodbye to his family (seriously? Not even a phone call? A voicemail? A bloody text message?), we're given the agonising plot point of Ichabod and Katrina bickering and deciding they're on a break. You're breaking my heart with how bad this season is, is more like it.

Cue a bit of action and mystical zombie fighting, and let's just skip to the part where Irving destroys the War-bot but ends up mortally wounded as a result. That's right, folks, Irving has been sidelined this whole damn season just to be brought back to be killed because those precious few minutes of his screen time he was taking up in the few episodes he was present in surely aren't important as the Crane family drama. Of course we're kidding. This is the worst plot point yet on an already terrible season. To add insult to injury, they try to write in that Katrina's trying to help save him. When has she ever accomplished a damn thing?

They prepare to fall on the sword, so to speak, to ensure that Moloch is killed. Henry appears to have begun questioning his loyalty to Moloch and briefly appears as if he'll buy into Ichabod's heartfelt plea, noting how Ichabod never gave up on him. But then he starts strangling Ichabod and literally none of us are surprised. Henry brings the four people out to Moloch who is waiting in the woods. Moloch orders Henry to kill Katrina and before we can even begin to shout "DO IT," Ichabod is screaming that he should be sacrificed instead. So now all of a sudden, Henry has a change of heart and uses the sword to stab Moloch instead so he is sent up in a fiery explosion. And we just. don't. give. a damn.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM and will return on January 5.


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