Supernatural S10E08 Recap: Hibbing 911

Hibbing, Minnesota a graffiti artist gets to work on his latest masterpiece when he hears a noise in the alley way. Rather than heed the warning noise he goes on, and the mystery figure makes him apart of his artwork.

Sheriff Jody Mills arrives at the Sheriff's retreat. She looks less than enthusiastic as her bag's handle breaks, and a panhandler approaches her. She gives the young girl some money for lunch, worried about the girl she left at home. Donna chipperly welcomes Jody, and she witnesses an awkward exchange between Donna and her dick ex.

Dean is getting no where in his research about the first mark. He's a little upset that he can find out about transgender werewolves, but nothing about his mark.

The sheriff's retreat is kicked off with a stumbling speech from Len, Hibbing's sheriff. No one looks particularly happy to be there, especially when a new aspect is introduced: partners. Jody finds herself paired up with Donna. Donna is told about a body that was found eaten, and Jody perks up for the first time. The normal wildlife is suspected. There are no tracks, hairs or claw marks. Jody makes an excuse to get away.

She places a call to Sam. Sam tells her that Dean says hi, which is news to her, since she didn't know that he was found. They get the update on Sam, she's not the peppy cheerleader, but she's doing ok. Jody tells them about an eaten body, but they haven't heard of anything in the pipeworks. Dean offers to come down, but Jody thinks that she can handle it. Dean wants to head down anyways, and Sam can't think of a reason not to.

Jody heads over to the morgue to talk to the ME. She wants to look at the body, but she'll get nowhere as she's not part of the precinct. Donna comes down and charms the ME. Donna gets easy access so Jody does as well. The midsection is picked pretty clean. Donna gloves up as she asks for personal effects. Jody can't believe the size of the pants that the guy was wearing without a belt. Either he had no belt, or the animal took it. Dona is an experienced hunter, and she can't identify the bite marks, which Jody was afraid of.

A man sneaks out of his house and retrieves some hidden cigarettes. There's a warning noise, but he pays it little notice as he tries to get a smoke. Unfortunately, he's out. Worst, something was in the dumpster he threw the pack away in. See smoking is bad.

At the bar, Len sits alone nursing a seltzer. Donna and Jody corner him to pick his brain. Donna wants to know what kind of animal was responsible. He's not sure, he's letting animal control take care of it. A younger officer, Deputy Brice comes and takes him away with an issue. Donna spots her ex, Doug, dancing with a couple of younger girls. Jody points out that Doug is kind of a dick, but he was her dick and it hurts. Donna excuses herself, and Jody goes to pick at Len some more. He tells her that there was another attack, but to try to enjoy the retreat. They don't want everyone's nosing around the case.

Donna comes out of the restroom to find herself abandoned. She finds Jody calling home to Alex. Her life isn't all cupcakes either. She's being a normal teen with mom away, to Jody's dismay. Donna knows that Jody is trying to do the case without her, and Jody gives her an update, but there is nothing more they can do for now with the morgue being closed. There's nothing more for them to talk about besides Jody's home life though. Donna lends a sympathetic ear, but Jody isn't up for pillow fighting and hair braiding.

The boys roll into town. Jody is happy to see them, even though she said that she could handle it. They've already seen the second victim with flesh eaten off of him as well. They tell her that the second victim was missing a wallet, and so they have a monster that's eating and robbing their victims. They spot Donna, and remember her too. They ask Jody to distract her so that they can get to hunting. Jody isn't happy, but she does her best. Donna thought they were headed off to the morgue, but Jody says she's letting animal control handle it. The boys head off to find Len and get more information on the pair of bodies. Dean doesn't mesh well with Brice who jokes that its just a bobcat. Len leaves the boys in the hands of the officers while he goes and checks with animal control. The boys smell a lie. Sam heads back to the morgue, and Dean to pump the deputy for information. Sam asks him to take a less defensive manner with him, but the fake badge still means something to Dean.

The girls are looking over some guns. The guy tries to talk down to them, as if the female officers were less about their jobs, and more about just being pretty. Jody and Donna both school him on what he considers to be the big one, which is hardly that. Donna's dick ex Doug comes by joking how she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. This guy just can't stay away from her. The gun seller leaves, and Donna tells him to save the compliments for another officer. Doug pokes at Donna some more, and rather than telling him where to stick it, she makes a joke at her own expense. Jody has had it, and calls Doug out on his fat shaming, pointing out that Donna is not fat. She calls Doug a douche to his face, and the winds have officially come out of his sails. Donna is a little upset how Jody handled Doug. She tells her that until she's lost a husband to keep her mouth zipped about hers. Jody's lost a husband and more, and he wasn't the total douche bag that Doug is. The haunted look on Jody's face brings Donna's apology, and Jody most certainly does not want to talk about it.

Dean heads in to talk to Brice again. He tries another approach. He tells the younger officer that he's on a very big case, and he's looking for a little help from someone who isn't afraid to talk shop with some DC boys. That gets Brice speaking. He tells him that there is some footage of the first death, but the sheriff changed the password. He's sure he has a good reason to go so though.

Donna heads out to get some air. She spots some blood on the pavement, and follows it. Down the stairs she spots Len standing over a dead officer. He's got a mouthful of sharp teeth, and Donna hides before he can spot her. Looks like she's about to be pulled into the demon fighting world after all. Len runs off.

The officer body is carted out. Dean doesn't believe for a moment that it was an animal attack. Jody asks how Dean is. He's fine, nothing he can't handle. Sam comes back to report that the files they needed were deleted, with only Len having access. Donna comes and steals Jody away. She's freaked. Jody apologizes for her handling of Doug, but that's the last thing on her mind now. Donna asks if Jody has ever seen something she can't explain. She tells Jody about Len's shark teeth, and Jody tells her that she believes her, and that Dean and Sam will too. Jody leaves Sam a message about her suspicions, but she's definitely not letting the locals handle it.

Jody and Donna head over to Len's room and do a little breaking and entering. They search the room and finds a boatload of sunblock, which Jody will explain later. They continue to search, with Donna finding something on his notepad. The door knob begins to turn, and Jody pulls out a very large machete, Donna draws her gun, but its just the boys. They got Jody's message. She tells them that they're definitely after a vampire, that Donna saw his teeth. Maybe she should have explained vampires to Donna first. She's definitely freaked. Dean asks if she wants to give her the talk since she did blurt it and all. After the talk, Donna asks why there were at the spa. Dean confirms that it was a monster sucking out her fat. She knew that losing that much weight so fast was too good to be true. Donna gives them the address. Dean wants Donna to sit out on the vampire hunt, but there's no way he's sitting out.

The boys drive the sheriffs out, and they machete up. Dean even hands Donna her own machete, giving her the advice that if she swings, she needs to swing hard. The vampire head needs to roll. Sam finds Len sitting down, in what looks to be prayer. He looks back at Dean for a moment, and Len is suddenly in front of him, telling him to run. He can't move into action fast enough, the vampires get the drop on them, knocking Dean out, capturing the ladies, and throwing him to the ground. The leader of the group looks to be the young girl that Jody gave money to at the beginning of the episode.

The girl pets the handsome Dean like a shiny new toy she's about to devour. Dean isn't interested in her circle of life speech. She removes his belt, and he's not interested in that from her either. Jody can't believe she gave the girl lunch money. Len asks Star to let them go, but she's not about to do that. He did what she wanted, and got rid of the camera footage. She didn't want that, just him. He's embraced the twilight way of life, and lives off bagged blood. Donna asks about the little display that she witnessed earlier. He found the body, smelled it and fanged out a little, but he didn't bite. Star mocks Len going against his nature. Dean spots Sam's tiny knife, and he wants him to make a move, but Sam thinks it too risky. Sam asks what did Len do break up Burning Man, but Star clarifies, it was Woodstock when Len found her. Dean works on freeing himself as Star talks about the man who transformed her and the rest of the vampires. He was ruthless, he was a killer, and then one day he didn't just change his ways, he became a cop. Star asks if he's feeling dirty, cause they're about to have a blood bath. He goads her on, asking if she ever wondered why he stopped. He got a conscious. Even if they used every part like he taught them, it was still wrong to take lives as they did. He tried to protect people after so many years of gutting them. That's why he's there, to join the bloody caravan so they won't kill everyone. They're not killing anyone, he is. Len tells her to kiss his ass. They love him, but they don't know who he is anymore. Star beheads Len with a machete as Dean gets loose. Machete in hand he goes after the men. Star gets tripped up by Jody, still struggling in her ropes. She flashes her fangs at Jody, as Dean beheads the last guy. Donna chops off Star's head saving Jody. It's the BM moment. For the first time since he's been back, Dean hasn't felt pushed by the mark. Donna's eyes are opened up to a whole new darker world, and Jody is willing to be her Obi Wan and guide her. Sam is willing to go with that for now.  


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