Red Band Society S1E11 - "The Guilted Age" Recap

Leo and Kara try to deny the fact that they had sex but Dash quickly determines what happened between the two of them when they return to the hospital. Their guilt worsens when they learn that Emma has been brought to the hospital by her father. Also, Kara learns that Hunter has complications from his transplant surgery and has left a note for her that officially states that he will donate his heart to her in the event that he doesn't survive the surgery. Emma is apologetic, and implores Leo not to hate her. She asks him to stay with her and she says that she never should have said those things to him.

Dr. McAndrew apologises to Nurse Brittany for snapping at her and she seemingly accepts his apology. He later learns that Dr. Grace wants to appeal Hunter's decision since she thinks Kara does not deserve the heart over other patients and this only escalates the tension between her and Dr. McAndrew. Kara gets drunk and makes a scene over her guilt over Hunter signing his heart to her and her sleeping with Leo. She gets caught by Dr. McAndrew and Nurse Brittany while Dash is trying to help her. McAndrew implores her to pull herself together while Brittany is more compassionate to Kara's emotional state.

Leo gets a visit from his parents who give him good news that they can sign him out and take him off, which is what he has wanted for some time now. Dash wants to celebrate but Leo admits that he is concerned about Emma and doesn't know if he should leave. Dash gives him some hard advice, which is that Leo makes Emma worse and that he needs to cut ties so she can learn to take care of herself and stand on her own.

Jordi has successfully sold the aspirin as drugs and then has a court hearing for his emancipation case. When he is at the courthouse trying to prepare to speak, he gets a call from someone who wants to buy drugs, which only stresses him out further. Nurse Jackson comes to meet him at the courthouse to show him support. He freezes up due to being distracted from selling the pills and walks out of the testimony. Nurse Jackson gives a statement on his behalf and it's quite moving but the judge still denies Jordi's emancipation. Outside, Jordi admits to Nurse Jackson about selling the pills and why, and he expresses his fear that he is already his mother. Nurse Jackson tells him that he's a better person because he owned up to what he did.

Emma is in a panic since she learns that her eating disorder may have done irreversible damage to her body. Leo visits Emma to tell her about his being discharged. Emma tries to make it clear that she wants to get back together with him but Leo says that she needs to focus on herself. He then admits that he slept with Kara, angering Emma who then kicks him out of her room.

Kara tries to pray for Hunter but is interrupted by Hunter's sister Ashley. She tells Kara that she should honour Hunter's last wish which is to accept his heart, should he fail to survive. She later visits Hunter in his room to tell him she loves him and implore him not to die. He wakes and smiles at her but then the machines start beeping and his heart rate begins dropping. Kara goes to visit Emma, who admits that she never felt like she had lost control of things until now. Unfortunately, Hunter doesn't survive his surgery and Ashley breaks down in Kara's arms.

Jordi returns to the hospital and much to his surprise, finds his grandmother there waiting for him. Dr. McAndrew is preparing for Leo'd discharge but then discovers that his cancer has returned. Leo meets with Dash to toast his leaving but then he learns about his cancer returning when he comes back downstairs. Jordi also learns about Leo's cancer, as do the rest of the Red Band Society. Finally, Emma comes to Leo's hospital room to comfort him in his hour of need.

The finale of Red Band Society will air on Saturday, February 7 at 9PM.


Wizard World Portland 2015 ~ Museled Highlights

After announcing that we'd be heading to Portland to offer up press coverage of this year's Wizard World Portland, we were contacted by Tony Kim ( about being a panelist on his "The Most Racist Panel Ever," which would be part of his ongoing series of panels entitled, "The Battle For Multicultural Heroes." Tony moderated his panel, while Victor of Vantage Inhouse Productions and I contributed to Tony's panel by offering up our thoughts on matters of race and representation in media. I took time to address such issues as intersectionality, anti-blackness and its relations to shadism & colourism, as well as the importance of solidarity within the community of those who claim to care about these issues. All in all, it was a successful panel that seemed to strike a chord with many of those in attendance.

The line-up for Portland was positively stacked with guests whom we were looking forward to meeting, many of whom we had never had before. But unsurprisingly, our top priority was to meet Ming-Na Wen ("Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Mulan," "The Joy Luck Club," "ER"), whom we've met on more than one prior occasion but can never resist meeting when the opportunity presents itself. As Ming-Na was only going to be there on Saturday, her table was where we headed first thing that morning. Ming-Na also has a practice of asking her fans to bring her beaded bracelets so we brought along a bracelet we had bought while home in Japan for the holidays. We also brought along some hand-fans for which to use for a cheekily-posed ode-to-Mulan photo and Ming-Na was more than happy to oblige! We even insisted that she keep the fan she posed with, saying, "I have plenty more back in my room!"

One thing that's good to keep in mind when budgeting for a Wizard World convention is that some guests will sell "selfies" that are typically cheaper than the professionally shot photo-ops so if your funds are limited, this is an excellent option to use. If the guests are too in-demand, the likelihood of their offering this decreases but you'll never know for sure who is offering it until you get to the con itself.

Not only did we make use of this "selfie" option for Ming-Na, we also did so for Tyler Posey ("Teen Wolf"). Tyler has a personality we've dubbed "Eleven Red Bulls," as he is enormously energetic and outgoing. As some fans were nervous, starstruck, or generally overwhelmed, Tyler went above and beyond to make each experience meaningful and memorable for them. When we got up to him, we first had photos taken by his handler, after which Tyler agreed to take photos more befitting of the term "selfie." But first, we had to alter our camera by putting the flip-screen up, to which Tyler responded with, "Whoa! Is that a transformer?" He grew progressively more excited with each photo he snapped and by the end, he was nearly yelling at the top of his lungs. Before heading off, we told him how much we enjoy his work on "Teen Wolf," and how important it is that he be playing a non-stereotyped Hispanic lead on such a successful show and even more so now that there is a double-POC interracial relationship for his character. Tyler responded with the utmost appreciation and a hug, too!

The guest with the longest queues at the convention was Stephen Amell ("Arrow"). Stephen has amassed a large following on his social media, particularly on Facebook where he has used his following to raise large sums of money for various charities. We first decided to do a photo-op with him and were told by the Wizard World workers that Stephen had two rules: no handshakes and no kissing. The handshake rule is because with all of the autographs Stephen had to sign, it would do no good for over-excited fans of a larger stature to squeeze too hard. The kissing rule, well, should be self-explanatory because 1) he's married and 2) personal boundaries, much? When it was our turn, we had but one request, "Will you pick me up?" His reply? "Sure." We've been asked more than once how it is that we get such memorable photo-ops and we'll simply tell you that you should respect whomever you're asking's boundaries. Be respectful, treat them like the human being they are, and don't give them any reason to worry that you're going to do something you shouldn't. It's simple! We later went back to have Stephen sign our photo-op and congratulated him on his recent campaign to raise money for "F*ck Cancer" and when we asked if he'd be willing to let Candice Patton and Jesse L. Martin know that the work they've done means a great deal to the POC community and that we'd love to see them at more conventions, he was more than happy to relay the message.

Later that night, we had the pleasure of meeting Ming-Na Wen and Brett Dalton ("Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") while out for a drink. Ming-Na came over as soon as she saw us and gave us a big hug, and even came by later on in the night to make sure we had a picture with her before she left. Brett was just as generous, and when we told him how we had been in the show's press room at SDCC 2014 and had unintentionally been the only one able to ask him any questions before the handlers rushed him off, he noted how it's always a shame when interviews are too hurried to allow more opportunity to more thoroughly discuss the show's content.

Another largely popular guest we knew he had to meet was Karl Urban, since we've always loved "Lord of the Rings" and he is by far, one of the strongest performers in the divisive "Star Trek" film reboots. We'd also sat in for part of his panel and found him to be entirely hilarious and charming. For our photo-op, we asked, "Can we do overacting like Shatner?" (An idea that we'd gotten from seeing Karl do a spot-on Captain Kirk impersonation at his panel). Once we got up to his table to have him sign it, we found he loved the photo we had taken together. We also talked about "Star Trek" and how much we love DeForest Kelley.

Next to Karl's table was Katee Sackhoff's so we went over to meet her, too. Katee had first piqued our attention back in 2013 when we attended the "Kickass Women" panel at SDCC in Hall H (which had other panelists including Maggie Q, Tatiana Maslany, Danai Gurira, and Michelle Rodriguez). Katee was enormously interesting to talk to as we talked about how much we loved that panel, she asked about my camera, and even shared about some of her upcoming projects. We'd have kept talking were it not for the fact that there were more people waiting behind us and so her handler hurried us to finish up.

Giancarlo Esposito was also in attendance, and perhaps one of the most interesting people we talked to. Upon telling him how much we admire and respect the way he has navigated his career and played such diverse characters and avoided playing stereotyped roles, Giancarlo responded with a hug and proceeded to tell us about his growing up mixed Black/Italian and how his multiculturalism has influenced his approach to the work he chooses.

One final person about whom we'll share meeting is Sasha Roiz ("Grimm"). We had decided on doing a photo-op with him but first decided to walk up and say hello so as to break the ice beforehand. "Grimm" films in Portland and much of the cast has taken up residency there as a result of it. Sasha has been to SDCC but this was a newer experience for Sasha, to be at a convention where his first priority wasn't to promote his work. He's very friendly and nice to talk to, and we told him that we'd be doing a photo-op with him and be back to have him sign it afterwards. About our photo-op, we simply told him, "It's going to be awesome." ~ Awesome, it was! We spun into him and had his arms hold us and when we returned to have him sign it, we were greeted with a big laugh and a "You completely blind sighted me!" My response? "I told you it was going to be awesome!"

Wizard World Portland was another tremendously fun convention that we can add to our list of happy memories. Having now attended Wizard World in first Reno and now Portland, we can say that we're quite impressed with how the organisation runs its events and how much of a priority they make it for those in attendance to enjoy their time there. We're already making plans to attend this year's Wizard Worlds in both Las Vegas and Sacramento so stay tuned for more coverage and stories!

Here's our video recapping our personal highlights and all our photos that we shared are at the end!


Banshee S3E4 - "Real Life is the Nightmare" Recap

Siobhan momentarily holds Lucas at gunpoint but ends up lowering her weapon and shouting at him to get out, adding that use needs time to think.

Job and Sugar team up to break into a secure facility and steal an algorithm Job will need. They're nearly caught but Job is able to get out in time without being detected.

Gordon is shown to be cleaning himself and his place up, likely to make a fresh start for himself. Carrie misses a parent-teacher conference and she gets into an argument with Gordon when he passes on the message that Deva isn't doing well in school and that they think she lacks discipline and structure at home. Gordon attempts to patch things up though, saying he doesn't want to play victim and instead wants to work with her on fixing things instead. It's unclear if he's trying to reconcile their relationship as a couple, but it does seem he wants at the very least for them to figure things out to give Deva more stability.

Lucas lets Job and Sugar know about Siobhan and they're far more alarmed by the news than Lucas seems to be. Job says Lucas should cut his losses and leave but Lucas doesn't want to leave. Job packs his things up, apparently ready to throw in the towel.

Deputy Lotus confronts his ex-wife Emily about her new job at Proctor's house. He thinks it's a bad idea to get close to Proctor but Emily is determined to do her job, which is to help the dying woman, Proctor's mother.

Deva is out with a friend and appears to be scoping out the place for its security, obviously taking Lucas' advice about how to properly prepare to steal. She has her eyes on a $75 video game that her brother Max has been wanting for months.

Emily offers Proctor the opportunity to talk if ever he'd like to get some things off his chest, noting how he seems to be so preoccupied being strong for everyone else. He immediately asks her if she'd like to sit down.

Carrie later quits her job and heads to a bar. It's not entirely clear what's happening, as she had seemingly just grown tired of waiting on rowdy customers. Mid-life crisis, perhaps? A guy gets her drunk and then gets angry when she tries to leave without paying up with some sexual favours and she opts to pull him into a back room and smashes his head into a mirror, after which she steals his jacket and motorcycle. Definitely a mid-life crisis. She later is pursued by a cop for speeding and tries to outrun him. She is able to get away by escaping into the woods, but it's only then that she notices that the bike is out of gas.

Burton and Rebecca go after the Red Bones who are transporting Tommy Litttlestone's body. After they run them off the road, they set the car up in flames, killing everyone inside.

Lucas patches things up with Deva by having a talk when he catches her ditching school, and their future now seems brighter, though he has to head off and take care of some police responsibilities. She is then shown to be breaking into the store she was scoping out earlier and accidentally sets off the alarm but is able to get out with the game. Upon returning home, she puts the game in her brother's room.

Carrie calls Lucas to pick her up and she admits that she feels trapped, and whenever it becomes too much she does these stupid, dangerous things. Lucas brings her back to her home and also tells her about Siobhan learning about his false identity. He notes that he might have to run off if she comes forward and they express concerns over Deva, but Lucas seems sure that she'll be okay, as she is strong like her mother.

Tommy's body, which has been burned and melted into the morgue bag, is returned to the reservation, where an emotional Chayton carries it out of the local police station.

Proctor gets bad news, as it appears his case will not be able to be thrown out, and instead will have to go to the jury. Following this, he gets a call from Emily that his mother has taken a turn for the worse. Lucas then shows up and attempts to kill him, as it seems as if Proctor hoped to do the good deed of killing him before skipping town. The two brutally fight, while his lawyer attempts to call reinforcements in. When Lucas finally gets the upper hand, he doesn't actually go through with killing Proctor. Deputy Lotus arrives and arrests Proctor for assaulting an officer.

The Red Bones do a traditional ceremony for Tommy. Ex-skinhead Kurt Bunker arrives at the station to see Lucas, who has come into the station along with Proctor. Proctor's lawyer is determined to tell Hood that a dozen witnesses can testify that Lucas attacked Proctor but Lucas simply tells him to "shut the fuck up." Proctor ends up in a cell that is next to another cell with Red Bones in it. Lucas sees Siobhan for the first time since their fight and they head to a back room to talk. Siobhan says she won't be turning him because even though she wants to, she knows doing so would also undermine all the good that the local law enforcement has done. Lucas assures her that what their relationship was not a lie and that being with her was the only time he felt safe. She is angry that he endangered her life and career and insists that he resign and leave town. But it's then that Chayton and his team of Red Bones arrive at the station in full war garb, weapons in hand, and begin an attack on the station.

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10PM.


How To Get Away With Murder S1E10 - "Hello, Raskolnikov" Recap

Annalise is brought in for questioning regarding Sam's disappearance. She claims she didn't know about the affair until very recently and it was what spurred her on to come forward and demand that all of Lila's teachers be tested for DNA to see if they were the father of Lila's baby. The rest of her students involved in the cover-up are all struggling to keep the secret, and Annalise assures Wes in private that she would take care of everything when he becomes emotional. He also gives her Sam's ring, which he had taken off of him the night of the murder.

D.A. Wendy Parks comes over to insist to Annalise that she would do everything in her power to make sure that Rebecca goes to jail for Lila's murder. Annalise apologises to Rebecca for not coming forward sooner regarding Sam, making Rebecca suspicious, but Wes does his best to convince Rebecca that nothing is out of the ordinary. Things are still on the rocks between Frank and Laurel. Laurel insists that things are over, though Frank tries to tell her that it was just a long-distance girlfriend.

Connor is still pining after Oliver. Oliver says that he and his boyfriend broke up but it doesn't means he's all that interested in rekindling things with Connor. Annalise's team finds that Lila had visited a clinic that among other things, performs abortions and figure they should try to get access to the records but the judge bars them from finding it. Annalise appears to be on better terms with Nate now. He asks about her visiting him the night Sam disappeared and she says she just needed to be with him. He seems to believe her.

When Laurel is questioned by police about Sam, she claims that when no one was looking, Sam would look at her sexually. Connor tries to convince Michaela that it's in both of their best interests to come forward about what really happened with Sam. Bonnie tries to reach out to Annalise, saying she's there if she needs to talk. Michaela gets Annalise a lead she is able to use. They can use the security footage from the clinic that's from the waiting room, but the footage will be viewed only in a secure room in the courthouse.

Frank brings Annalise the result of the DNA test, which shows that Sam was indeed the father of Lila's baby. Frank knows that something's going on and tells Annalise he should tell her, so she can help. Annalise agrees to do so but Bonnie must never know. Asher gives his account of the night of Sam's disappearance and he is the only one to do so without telling lies. He even admits that he had hooked up with Bonnie. She gives her account of the night to the police, which also is more truthful than not. Bonnie angrily confronts Asher later and tells him the what they had was just a one-time thing.

The group gets access to the footage and find that Sam was at the clinic with Lila and appears to be arguing with her, which is confirmed when the receptionist is brought in to testify. Annalise puts Parks on blast in the courtroom by saying that Parks is not having Sam's laptop examined and is just holding it hostage. The judge orders it to be examined by a forensic expert.

Michaela gets questioned and afterwards, becomes alarmed that the police are on to them. She tells Connor that she's willing to come forward with him but he first states that they need Laurel to join them. Frank confronts Laurel, seemingly knowing the truth about what happened the night of Sam's disappearance. He calls her out for being a hypocrite after she had been so angry with him for lying but now she is doing the same.

The results of the laptop examination are in. They have the tracking of where Sam was, which show he was at Lila's sorority house seemingly at the time that she was murdered. The judge orders the charges against Rebecca dropped. Annalise goes to use the washroom to recompose herself following the victory and overhears some rude ladies talking badly about her. She comes out of the stall, revealing herself and they're rightfully mortified.

Connor and Michaela seemingly convince Laurel that they should come forward regarding Sam's murder. But when they arrive at the station, Annalise and Wes are already there waiting. As it turns out, Laurel went and strong-armed Wes into admitting the truth because Frank came to her, meaning Annalise had to have known, which means he had to have told her. Wes then went to Annalise, who agreed to go talk to them herself. She gives a rousing speech to them in which she promises that if they trust her, they will get away with this.

Finally, Annalise gives her class the final exam, in which they are tasked with finding a defence strategy for a hypothetical death/murder, the circumstances of which strongly resemble that of Sam's murder. We also see Michaela trying on her wedding dress, Laurel trying to reconcile with Kan, and Connor getting questioned and speaking highly of Annalise. But there's one final bomb to be dropped and it comes in the form of Hannah Keating, Sam Keating's sister. She meets with the investigator to say that Sam was no murderer. Annalise looks awfully worried…

How To Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays on ABC at 10PM.


Archer S6E4 - "Edie's Wedding" Recap

Pam is an emotional wreck at work and Archer considers ignoring her but opts to ask what's wrong instead. Pam says her sister is getting married and has only asked Pam to be a bridesmaid instead of maid of honour. The main of honour instead is a woman named who had "stolen" a boy whom Pam had liked. Archer offers to be Pam's date to the wedding, which will be in rural Wisconsin.

When Pam and Archer head to the airport, they're spotted by Barry Dylan, who decides to follow them to Wisconsin and enact his revenge. Lana is angry to learn that Archer has run off because he was supposed to look after the baby while Lana went to survival camp. When Pam's sister Edie shows up to the motel, Pam attacks her. When Edie starts throwing verbal low-blows, Pam runs out upset and gets abducted by Barry.

Barry calls Archer to tell him about kidnapping Pam and that the abandoned farm they're heading to, Edie knows the location of. Edie doesn't want to help so Archer knocks her out and kidnaps her to make her do so. Archer and Barry start to fight while Edie begins insulting Pam. Edie attacks Barry instead when he insults her. Pam ends up saving Barry when he's choking her by shooting her with Archer's explosive shotgun shells. The group sets the farm on fire and leave but Barry's mechanical endoskeleton is still alive. Edie is furious to learn that her husband cheated on her at the rehearsal dinner and when Edie yells at Pam, demanding to know if she's happy for ruining her life, Pam says yes and that it's all she ever wanted.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


Arrow S03E11 Recap: Midnight City

Felicity tries to talk Oliver out of his duel. She isn't worried about that he can't beat him, but that he can't kill him, that it isn't in his make-up anymore. Oliver tells her that he'll stay, and that he loves her. Someone is clearly dreaming. Felicity and Oliver kiss, and she jumps back in horror as blood pours out of his mouth, and a knife is in his gut.

Oliver awakens. Maseo brought Oliver to the cabin. He didn't realize that he and Tatsu were still in contact. She reveals that they haven't been. Maseo comes in and sees Oliver up and about, when he shouldn't be. He helps him back to bed. If Ra's finds out that Maseo helped him, he'll kill him, but Maseo tells him not to worry about that. Maseo warns him that his concern should be for his home, and what its become in his absence.

A girl runs, from her would be attacker. He tells her that had she chosen a different alley she would have been free. Black Canary arrives on the scene and tells the girl to run. The guy meets Black Canary head on, but Laurel is no Sara, and he gets the upper hand on her, telling her that this is Brick's town now. Lucky for Laurel, Arsenal arrives, and takes out the trash. It's time they have a little chat.

Roy patches up Laurel, stitches and all. Dig taught them how to suture, but he's clearly not as talented as Felicity. He tells her that her grief isn't enough to help her out there, he's had a lot of training. Dig is on the same page, she's certifiable if she thinks she can wear her sister's mask. She knows he's right, but Oliver, the Arrow is gone. She thinks that Canary sends the same message, but Diggle points out that they don't fear her, they fear her sister.

Felicity sits at her desk, when Ray comes in. She thought he would be there later, but he had the meeting moved up with the new threat in town. Felicity hopes that he means to help with his money, and not a suit that shoots lasers. Ray makes a joke, and tells her that his suit can't actually fire the beams of light since she won't fix his nanite chip. Felicity isn't interested in assisting him on his suicide mission.

Thea runs into Chase. He's there to get his gear, but she's there to just do her job. He asks if they're okay after their moment, but she claims that he thinks too highly of his kissing skills. He teases that she must have a pretty high opinion of them too, unless she needs a reminder. Merlyn arrives and Thea runs out the meet him. He went by her apartment to see how her packing was going, but she's not packing. She can't leave until she knows what happened to Oliver. Merlyn tells her that they're in danger and she's not ready for the truth. She's just sure she's not ready to leave Starling City. Roy oversees the whole exchange.

Quentin meets with Laurel. He asks if she's heard from her sister. He thinks that Sara is back in town. Before Laurel can stick her foot in her mouth, the meeting begins about Brick. Brick has been a huge problem, and all of the men that were sent after him were taken out. They need more men, which means more money. Ray and Felicity arrive. He's made a large donation, and although that will help, he thinks that the National Guard should be called in. Brick arrives and causes havok. He wants the mayor, and orders the death of everyone else. Ray moves to protect Felicity in the shootout, as he, Quentin and Laurel take out as many guys as possible. After the chaos is over, Ray points out that this is the exact reason he needs a suit.

Back in the cabin, Maseo pours some tea and heads out. Oliver tells Tatsu that she cannot let him go back to Ra's. Maseo blames himself, and sometimes death is preferable to the agony of life.

Hong Kong, five years ago. Maseo and Oliver stake out a club. They think that they know where Tatsu is being held. Oliver asks if he would do anything to get her back, and he would. The pair are disarmed and pulled in by guards. China White is waiting for them, and Maseo had a deal with her, betraying Oliver. He wants to see his wife, but once he does, he'll hand over the thing she desires.

Quentin checks on Felicity, but she's worried about his heart. He's fine he tells her, but he noticed that no one in a hood came to their rescue. Felicity tells him that Oliver is gone, which doesn't make sense to him since Sara is back. That admission confuses Felicity. Someone tell him now. Quentin tells her that a masked blonde has been taking out Brick's men. Felicity admits that she's sort of been out of the loop lately.

Laurel goes to question one of Brick's thugs. He was doing pretty well for himself before joining up with Brick. He refuses to talk, and Laurel playfully warns that she has another heel still. She asks about his role in a death, but he claims to know nothing about it. She tells him his file says otherwise. He's not one for taking the credit for crimes he didn't commit, but Laurel reminds him that she can charge him with whatever she wants, especially after his little stunt, and he would be held until the trial. She would hold him in the same prison of the family of the murder victim. If she does that he won't last a day, but she's willing to take that gamble unless he tells her where she can find Brick. He doesn't want to play, but Laurel is serious and he really has no options, so he tells her what she wants to know.

Merlyn returns home, and Roy has followed him. He's not sure why Merlyn wants Thea to leave, but thinks that he should stay away from her. Merlyn thanks him for his human. Roy wasn't joking. Merlyn is poison, and he put a bullseye on Thea when he had her kill Sara. Merlyn tells him that she will never know about Sara. Roy knows Thea, and he knows that she will not stop until she knows the truth, and when she figures it out, she will leave him. Roy knows from experience. Merlyn points out that its a family matter, and Roy isn't family.

Felicity looks after Ray's wounds. She knows that the fight couldn't be easy for him. Ray admits that it brought back memories of Anna, but then it became about protecting Felicity. He admits that he went about the suit project all wrong. At first it was about avenging Anna, but it became about protecting the people he cares about, namely her. Can we all say awwww together?

Roy and Laurel suit up, and she's taking Sara's weapon. Dig thought that they were on the same page, but Roy tells him that Laurel found out where Brick was with the hostages. They have to move, and do it soon if they plan to save any of them. Dig wants Laurel to talk him and Roy through to the location, but Laurel refuses to back down. She knows she's not her sister, but she's not staying home either. Dig warns Roy to stay close to Laurel.

Brick and his men head to another location. They didn't get their hands on the mayor, as they had planned. Arsenal fires a few arrows, stopping the vehicles. Canary comes from above to rescue the people, as Brick goes after Arsenal. Laurel manages to open the doors for the hostages before Brick double backs. Lucky for her he doesn't like to hit women, so he tosses her aside, and gets the van moving again. Arsenal fires an arrow into Brick, and he retaliates by shooting one of his hostages.

The news reports that Brick is still at large as the Police and Quentin watch. A bruised Laurel arrives, and Quentin pulls his daughter aside as they show footage of what he thinks is Sara. They've been running footage of her and Arsenal all night. He asks if Sara has made contact, and Laurel tells him that she hasn't. Someone let Quentin in on the fact that his other daughter is dead, the fact that he can't tell that Black Canary Laurel isn't Sara is ridiculous. Brick makes a call to the Mayor. He's a little upset over the city vigilante problem. Brick quotes Shakespeare to her. He wants to parlay with her in person. She refuses to negotiate, especially not in person. She's already going to one funeral, and warns her that she'll attend many more if she isn't at their designated meeting place.

Merlyn pays Thea a little visit, and no she isn't packing. He doesn't want to lose her, but telling the truth is a little difficult. Merlyn tell her that they're on the run from Ra's because thinks Merlyn betrayed his code. He joined up with Ra's after the death of his wife, and it lead to the death of his son. Thea is all he has left, and he doesn't want to lose her too.

Laurel listens to more news reports on her laptop about her fallen co-workers. Felicity pays Laurel a visit, and she came to ask her if things are okay. Laurel figures that she came to talk some sense into her, but Laurel isn't sure she has to bother. Brick killed someone in front of her, and she thought that being Sara would make it hurt less, but it didn't. It hurt more. She won't be wearing the mask anymore. She's not strong enough to fight for Sara. Felicity tells her that maybe it isn't about Sara, or Oliver or those they've lost. Maybe they do this for the people who are still there, the ones who need them.

The Mayor prepares for her meeting with Brick. He's cocky and confident driving out into the open with no care that the area is surrounded by the police. His collateral insures that they won't act hasty. He asks Ray why he's there, if its merely to look important. Brick thinks he has the city in the palm of his hand, but the night is still young. Brick tells him that all of his money won't help him, but Ray has a lot of money. Brick wants all of the police presence out of the Glade. It's an absurd request, they can't abandon an entire district.

Quentin calls to Felicity, and tells her Brick's demand. They need all the help they can get immediately. The Arrow may be gone, but she thinks she knows where she can find the Canary.

In the mountains, the storm has passed. Maseo prepares to leave, but Oliver tells him that he doesn't have to leave, he can still have a life. Maseo claims to not want one. Tatsu stops him. She still loves her husband, and she kisses him goodbye. Maseo hesitates to leave, as Ra's men come out of the trees. The jig is up, they've been found. Maseo waits by the fire as the men barge in, Oliver and Tatsu are nowhere in sight. They ask what he's doing there. Maseo tells them that he was told to find and bring back Oliver's body, but he found tracks and followed them to the cabin, where there was no further sign. He makes to leave, when the men hear Tatsu. One goes to look, and she cuts him down with a sword. Maseo springs to action, killing the others as Oliver stays in hiding.

Past. Maseo tells him that Tatsu is the mother of his son, and Oliver shouldn't judge him. Oliver is so judging him. Matseo hands over the item China White wanted, and claims it to be the real deal, but she tests it. She finds it to be a fake, and orders all of them to be killed. Maseo, Oliver and Tatsu spring into action, and get away into the club with Oliver leading the way, grabbing a gun. The trio make it out of the club.

Roy beats himself up over the death. The man died because of decision that he made, but Dig tells him not to blame himself. That death is on Brick. Dig pours them a drink, and shares with him a ritual that he and Oliver use to do when they had a rough night. They take the drinks, and Roy realizes that they can't win this battle without Oliver, that Felicity was right. Felicity and Laurel arrive, and Felicity admits that she was wrong, which doesn't happen often. Laurel tells them that they talked to her father, and the Mayor is going to cave to Brick's. It's up to them to make this right. Oliver's mission may be over, but theirs isn't. This is their home, and they need to protect it.

Quentin argues with the Mayor. He thinks that she's making the wrong decision, and he refuses to be the one to give the order. If she wants to doom a district, she's going to be the one to make the actual call. “Sara” calls her father. Laurel uses a voice machine to apologize to her father. She tells him that she's there to help. She needs to know everything that he has on the hostage, no matter how insignificant. He tells her that he isn't holding back any information, but if they don't move quickly, the one with the pace maker won't make it. That information helps, they may be able to track him that way. Roy tells Laurel to gear up.

Felicity drops in on Ray's meeting, interrupting him. She needs the keys to his helicopter. She promises not to crash it. Ray isn't confident in her aeronautic abilities, since she didn't know that helicopters don't have keys. She asks him if its on the roof, and he admits that it is. She runs off to retrieve the helicopter, and he plans to hold her to the no crash promise.

Diggle flies the helicopter with Canary and Arsenal inside. He hasn't flown for over five years, and Arsenal hopes its like riding a bike, as Felicity plays navigator from their lair. The trio arrive via chopper, and the bad guys get the call that there's a copter in the area when its pretty much too late. Canary and Arsenal spring into action, kicking butt along the way. Laurel's canary is so ungraceful compared to Sara. I get that she's no trained assassin, but still, it's just not pretty to watch. Arsenal and Canary make it to the hostages, and they get them out, but Brick catches up to them and cuts Canary off from the pack. She needs a getaway, and Brick is hot on her trail. He just may make an exception for his dislike of hitting women for her. He thinks that he'll keep the city safe, but Canary isn't buying it. The copter is in place, and Canary leaps from the window, catching the ladder as Diggle flies away.

Maseo returns from burying the bodies, they won't be found. Oliver knows that he plans to return to Ra's but points out that Ra's won't accept him back. Maseo slices his own throat, he'll claim it was inflicted by Oliver when he escaped. Oliver tells him he can just come back to Starling City with him. He turns his back, and prepares to leave his friend and his wife once more. Maseo is clearly torn about it, and he hesitates outside.

Past. Maseo is happy to be home with son and wife. Oliver pulls him aside. If he had a fake virus sample, and planned to use it he should have told him. Maseo admits that he didn't know it was fake. Amanda Waller knew he would try something like that and must have switched out the samples before he took it. Oliver can't believe he was willing to risk so many people dying for his wife. It was for his wife, for his family, and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for them. Tatsu thanks Oliver for helping to save her life.

“Sara” goes to see her father. He tells her that because of her the hostages were saved. The police are being pulled out of the Glades anyways. Brick has the home address of every city council member he revealed, and she caved. “Sara” goes to leave, but Quentin stops her, asking her to join him for dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant. She tells him that she can't, but he sees it as avoidance. She promises to tell him what's wrong, but not tonight.

Merlyn sits on Thea's balcony. He asks if she's ready to leave, but she's not leaving. He told her they were in danger, and who was after them, but not why. He did, he said that Ra's Al Ghul wanted them dead. He will want them dead anywhere, so why not stay and fight. He taught her to stand her ground, to stay and fight, and Ra's should be the one to fear them. Merlyn agrees to stay.

Felicity tells Ray that his helicopter is back. It wasn't crashed, and it did have keys. She gives him his nanite chip as a peace offering. The reason he couldn't get the chip to function is that he needed a quantum processor. The end result is elegant. He thought she wasn't going to help him on his suicide mission, but she hopes if she does he won't die.

Chase heads into the club and makes another excuse to see Thea. He's cheating on her with another club. He heard a rumor that she was headed out of town, but she has no intention of that. Chase goes to collect his hard drive, and makes a call. He's one of the assassins. He calls Maseo and tells him that Merlyn isn't planning on skipping town. Maseo plans to pass along the message to Ra's.


The Big Bang Theory S8E13 - "The Anxiety Optimization" Recap

Sheldon is struggling with a problem in his research on dark matter proton decay. When he learns that Penny does a fitness workout that she hates simply because it motivates her, Sheldon decides that he should replicate this for his own work. He asks the guys to throw him off his game to up his anxiety level as he works. He also has Amy help him with the research on his anxiety levels. The guys have plenty of fun annoying Sheldon, who even asks to sit in on the ladies' "girl talk" to help annoy him but instead the ladies end up being the ones annoyed. Amy is especially annoyed later when Sheldon won't concentrate on anything but his research when they are having their date night. With all the exhaustion and sleep deprivation, Sheldon begins to hallucinate. He also won't listen to Amy when she advises him to get some sleep and take care of himself. On the bus ride home, he hallucinates that the man next to him is an Armadillo version of Isaac Newton. Leonard and Penny get Sheldon to go to sleep after they have sung Soft Kitty to him. Sheldon is able to better carry on his research once he has gotten some sleep.

Howard creates a game called "Emily or Cinnamon" in which he gives quotes said by Raj, and the friend hearing it must guess whether or not Raj said it to his girlfriend Emily or his dog Cinnamon. Raj does not appreciate their playing this game. Emily say that she thinks it's sexy how sensitive Raj is but is put off when she kisses him and finds there is dog hair in his mouth.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


Constantine S01E12 Synopsis: Angels and Ministers of Grace (2/6)



When John (Matt Ryan) heads to a local hospital to investigate a mysterious attack, he enlists an unwitting Manny (Harold Perrineau) to help him. 

Meanwhile, a health scare causes Zed (Angélica Celaya) to question the source of her visions. 

Charles Halford also stars.


MuseLed Interviews with Michael Rooker, Jason David Frank, and Lou Ferrigno from Wizard World Portland 2015

This weekend, had the privilege of heading up to Portland to cover their annual Wizard World convention. With a star-studded line-up of guests from film, television, and comic media, it was set to be one truly phenomenal experience for all the attendees.

On Thursday night, the Kick Off the Con! event took place at the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). Many fans and cosplayers turned up to enjoy some food, drinks, and see Wizard World guests Lou Ferrigno and Jason David Frank before the con had even begun!

Lou Ferrigno shared his thoughts on the expansion of the Marvel universe in media, what he loves about coming to conventions, and his upcoming projects.

Jason David Frank talked about his upcoming ConTV series, "My Morphing Life," what he loves about the Wizard World conventions, and expressed his appreciation for cosplayers.

Following the welcome party, there was a fan-screening of "Guardians of the Galaxy," after which Michael Rooker came in to do a fan Q&A. He began by sharing a message from Sean Gunn and the fun carried on as he answered questions from fans with that signature Rooker charm.

The next day, the con began and we were able to speak with Michael Rooker about the evolution of how he has chosen roles over the course of his career, his signature con fashion, and his upcoming projects.

Stay tuned for our post on "The Most Racist Panel Ever," on which we were a panelist, as well as our write-up on the rest of the con.


WGN AMERICA Announces APRIL 5 Premiere Date With LUCY LAWLESS As Recurring Guest Star/First Look Photo For Season Two Of "SALEM"‏

WGN America released today the season two premiere date for “Salem” along with a first-look photo from the all-new season which will feature recurring guest stars Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Spartacus”) and Stuart Townsend (“Betrayal,” “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman”). The supernatural thriller called “perversely entertaining” by The New York Times and “a sexy good time” by The Hollywood Reporter, will return on Sunday, April 5th at 10:00 p.m. ET/ 9:00 p.m. CT. 

“Time for war.”
 “Salem” Returns for Season Two on Sunday, April 5 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT
 Recurring guest stars Lucy Lawless and Stuart Townsend Join Returning Cast
LOS ANGELES, January 28, 2015 – WGN America has set the premiere date for the highly anticipated second season of its hit supernatural thriller “Salem,” which will make its return on Sunday, April 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET/ 9:00 p.m. CT.  The network also released the first-look photo from the new season of “Salem,” currently in production in Shreveport, LA for its 13-episode sophomore run, featuring recurring guest stars Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Spartacus”) and Stuart Townsend (“Betrayal,” “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman”).
From creators and writers Brannon Braga (“Cosmos,” “24”) and Adam Simon (“The Haunting in Connecticut”), “Salem” season two opens at the dawn of the witch war set into motion at the end of season one, with its catalyst and Salem’s deadliest witch, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery, “Made in Jersey,” “Human Target”) at the center of the mayhem as she faces off against new and old adversaries vying for her throne.  In the wake of the destruction caused by the Grand Rite, completed by Mary and inadvertently triggered by Isaac Walton (Iddo Goldberg, “Mob City”) in the season one finale, the fates of Captain John Alden (Shane West, “Nikita, “ER”), Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel, “Arrow,” “Fringe”), Tituba (Ashley Madekwe, “Revenge”), Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant, “Jane Eyre”), Mercy Lewis (Elise Eberle, “The Astronaut Farmer”) and Isaac hang in the balance.
New to the embattled 17th-century village for the second season of “Salem” are Lucy Lawless as Countess Marburg, one of the last descendants of a legendary line of ancient German witches; Stuart Townsend as Samuel Wainwright, a mysterious doctor looking to uncover the secrets of Salem as he keeps a few of his own; Joe Doyle (“Raw”) as Baron Sebastian Marburg, the charming and cultured son of the Countess; and Oliver Bell (“The Saint”) as Mary’s long-lost son, who was revealed in the season one finale to have been secretly kept alive all along by her coven.
“Salem,” called “perversely entertaining” by The New York Times and “a sexy good time” by The Hollywood Reporter, is a bold re-imagination of the infamous 17th century witch trials in colonial Massachusetts. 
“Salem” is executive produced by Brannon Braga, Adam Simon, Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson and Prospect Park’s Josh Barry and Jeff Kwatinez.  Nick Copus directs and serves as co-executive producer.  The series is produced by Fox 21.
Follow “Salem” on Twitter and YouTube @SalemWGNA.  “Like” the series on Facebook at 
Follow the “SALEM” Cast on Twitter:
·         Janet Montgomery@jayrmonty
·         Shane West@ShaneWest
·         Seth Gabel:@sethgabel
·         Ashley Madekwe@smashleybell
·         Tamzin Merchant@tamzinmerchant
·         Elise Eberle@eliseeberle
·         Iddo Goldberg@IddoG
·         Lucy Lawless: @reallucylawless
·         Stuart Townsend: @stu_townsend
·         Joe Doyle: @royal_doyle
·         Brannon Braga@BrannonBraga

About WGN America and Tribune Studios
WGN America, the flagship entertainment network of Tribune Media Company (NYSE: TRCO), is nationally distributed in 71 million homes via cable, satellite and telco, with entertainment programming including the original, scripted series "Salem," "Manhattan" and "Outsiders," along with first-run syndicated series, blockbuster movies and live sports.  Through Tribune Studios, the creative development arm of Tribune Media, original content is produced for WGN America and Tribune local stations nationwide. Follow the network on Twitter @wgnamerica.  For additional information, please visit


Banshee Episode 25-28 Synopsis


            Episode #25: “Tribal”
Debut: FRIDAY, FEB. 6 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)
            Other CINEMAX playdates: Feb. 6 (11:00 p.m., midnight), 7 (9:00 p.m., 11:50 p.m.), 8 (5:45 p.m.), 9 (8:00 p.m., 12:20 a.m.) and 11 (9:00 p.m., 1:20 a.m.)
            All hell breaks loose as Chayton (Geno Segers) and an army of Redbones invade Banshee, looking to avenge the Tommy’s death at the hands of Raven (Chaske Spencer), the Kinaho tribesman-turned-deputy. Holed up in the Cadi with Lucas (Antony Starr) and his deputies, Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) is frustrated by his inability to attend to his ailing mother at home. As the assault reaches a fever pitch, Bunker (Tom Pelphrey) tries to prove to Medding (Afton Williamson) that he’s not the man he used to be.
            Written by Adam Targum; directed by Ole Christian Madsen.

            Episode #26: “We Were All Someone Else Yesterday”
Debut: FRIDAY, FEB. 13 (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
            Other CINEMAX playdates: Feb. 13 (11:00 p.m., midnight), 14 (9:00 p.m., 11:45 p.m.), 15 (3:30 p.m.), 16 (8:00 p.m., 12:15 a.m.) and 18 (9:00 p.m., 1:10 a.m.)
            Reduced to the status of observer as the FBI plans a raid on the Redbone wilderness compound, Lucas decides to take matters into his own hands in his pursuit of Chayton. Still stung by Proctor’s rebuke over her initiative in dealing with the Black Beards, Rebecca (Lili Simmons) is further chagrined to learn of her uncle’s burgeoning romance with Emily (Tanya Clarke), Brock’s ex and Leah’s (Jennifer Griffin) caregiver. Deva (Ryann Shane) is drawn to a handsome stranger.
            Written by Adam Targum; directed by Ole Christian Madsen.

            Episode #27: “You Can’t Hide From the Dead”
            Debut: FRIDAY, FEB. 20 (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
            Other CINEMAX playdates: Feb. 20 (11:00 p.m., midnight), 21 (9:00 p.m., midnight), 22 (4:45 p.m.), 23 (8:00 p.m., 12:25 a.m.) and 25 (9:00 p.m., 1:30 a.m.)
            Despite Job’s (Hoon Lee) reservations, Lucas and his team pull off a daring heist at Camp Genoa. Lucas and Chayton are haunted by their recent deadly encounter. Calling a truce, Gordon (Rus Blackwell) and Carrie(Ivana Milicevic) attempt an unusual intervention with Deva. Unbeknownst to her uncle, Rebecca heads to Philly to work out a deal with a spurned Proctor client.
            Written by Chris Kelley; directed by Greg Yaitanes.

            Episode #28: “All the Wisdom I Got Left
            Debut: FRIDAY, FEB. 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
            Other CINEMAX playdates: Feb. 27 (11:00 p.m., midnight) and 28 (9:00 p.m., 11:35 p.m.), and March 1 (5:15 p.m.), 2 (8:00 p.m., 12:15 a.m.) and 4 (9:00 p.m., 12:40 a.m.)
            Lucas and Brock (Matt Servitto) head to Louisiana and the infamous Underground fight club in search of Chayton. Stowe (Langley Kirkwood) pieces together details about the Camp Genoa heist, and who might be responsible. Burton’s (Matthew Rauch) torment turns to resolve; Sugar (Frankie Faison) looks to repay an old boxing debt; Rebecca’s initiatives put Proctor and Emily in harm’s way.
            Written by Chris Kelley; directed by Greg Yaitanes.

            BANSHEE was created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler; executive producers, Alan Ball, Greg Yaitanes, Jonathan Tropper, Peter Macdissi; producer, Robert F. Phillips.


Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life When Transporter: The Series The Complete First Season Hits DVD March 3!

Transporter: The Series” – The Complete First Season 
Get ready for the ride of your life with British ex-commando Frank Martin (Chris Vance), a high-stakes courier who delivers dangerous cargo – and hard-hitting action – in “Transporter: The Series.” Based on the hugely popular films, the exhilarating series follows Frank to exotic locations, where he deals with clients whose business is top-secret. But although he swears never to learn the truth about his deliveries, he often breaks that code, putting his life at even greater risk. Along with sexy former CIA agent Carla Valeri (Andrea Osvárt), Frank faces danger around every high-speed turn in this pulse-pounding show filled with incredible cars, beautiful women and adrenaline-fueled thrills!

Special Features
From Film to TVThe Women of the “Transporter”
Car StuntsFight Choreography
Who is Frank Martin?The Audi A8
Frank’s PackagesThe Making of Season One

“Transporter: The Series” – The Complete First Season DVD
Street Date:March 3, 2015
Prebook Date:January 28, 2015
Screen Format:Widescreen 1.78:1
Audio:English 5.1 DD
Subtitles:English SDH, Spanish
Total Run Time:651 Minutes
Closed Captioned:Yes

About Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is the industry leading worldwide marketing, sales and distribution company for all Fox produced, acquired and third party partner film and television programing. Each year TCFHE expands its award-winning global product portfolio with the introduction of new entertainment content through established and emerging formats including DVD, Blu-ray™ and Digital HD™. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.


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