Archer S6E2 - "Three to Tango" Recap

Christian Slater shows up as a cartoon version of himself to bring our favourite team of misfit spies a mission: they must extract a free-lancer in Argentina whose cover has been blown. The twist? It's one of Archer's many nemeses, Conway Stern. This is when they learn that Conway's apparent betrayal of them was all part of his mission to sell phoney technology to the Chinese. Archer is still holding onto his grudge because Conway had literally stabbed him in the back.

When Archer and Lana reach Argentine, Lana implored him not to go on a revenge rampage against Conway, but Archer immediately does just that as soon as he lays eyes on him. While the two wreak havoc in the apartment Conway is staying at, Lana calmly walks over to the stove to make herself some tea. Have we mentioned she's a goddess? When Conway gets Archer's back against the wall, Archer tears at one of his forearms and discovers that Conway now has a robotic hand (remember his was torn off in his last confrontation with Archer). Lana knocks Conway on the head with the kettle since he's out of sugar and thus ends the fight.

Conway's intel is that the Argentinians have a computer file that has the real identity of every CIA operative operating in Central and South America. The Argentinians are threatening to trade it to the Soviets and the clock is ticking to break in and retrieve the file.

Back at the office, Mallory, Pam, and Cheryl are all in a panic because they've lost baby AJ. Mallory tries to retrace her steps and then remembers how Krieger was skulking around near the time she lost track of the baby. They head to his lab and find that the baby is in there. It appears he was trying to turn her into a bear or something equally weird. The important thing is that they get the baby back. The group agrees to keep these happenings a secret from Lana and then Mallory threatens to shoot Krieger's genitals off if he ever tries anything like that again.

Archer, Lana, and Conway infiltrate their target by having Archer pose as a driver while Lana and Conway pose as higher ups. After getting in, Archer ends up in a fight with guards while Lana and Conway are still stuck inside the car. Conway tries to hit on Lana but backs off when he learns she's had a baby (so basically he's misogynistic trash) and Archer manages to take care of all the guards though he's left a bit battered from it all. Archer and Lana end up continuing an argument they've been having about who would take care of their baby if something were to happen to them. Archer wants it to be his mother but Lana is not a fan of that idea.

When the trio reach the designated spot, Conway betrays them again and gets the code so he can sell it to the Soviets himself. Lana asks why he even bothered to get them involved and he admits his primary incentive was to get revenge for having his hand ripped off. The only reason he didn't shoot Lana too was because he's "not a monster" and wasn't about to shoot a new mother. Lana slams the glass shut on Conway as he's preparing to base jump away and as a result his other hand gets cut off and the disc remains in her possession.

Lana helps a bleeding Archer outside where they are picked up by Christian Slater who agrees to take them to an airway strip. He admits that they had a suspicion that Conway was dirty but they wanted to put seasoned spies on such a dangerous mission. Archer forces the issue of what to do with the baby and Lana admits that she didn't want to hurt his feelings because if anything happens to just her, the baby will go to her parents, after which it would go to her sister if necessary. Archer is surprised to learn that Lana has a sister, asks if she is younger than Lana, which prompts Lana to press firmly against his wounded back to make him scream out in pain. Just as he deserves.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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