Banshee S3E1 - "The Fire Trials" Recap

Banshee's back for another season of ass-kicking and all-out debauchery. So what better way to start things off than with a car crash and pursuit of Hando, the man responsible for Deputy Emmett Yawner's death least season, by Lucas Hood and his deputies, Brock Lotus and Siobhan Kelly. Once they corner Hando, they make it clear they're operating above the law. Commence the firing squad by these three officers. Bye bye, Hando.

As for the steamy hook-ups, we see Carrie Hopewell engaging in a casual motel hookup before heading to work as a waitress. Lucas and Siobhan's relationship is progressing steadily, while Kai Proctor and Rebecca have now fully gone THERE and are an in some sort of twisted, not to mention incestuous, relationship. Lucas still wants to nail Proctor for the Longshadow murder but Proctor had an alibi, and he also wasn't the one to commit the crime, it was Rebecca. Proctor is also having regular meet-ups with his mother, though we doubt their reconciliation would carry on this smoothly if she knew what was going on between him and Rebecca.

There's a new deputy, Billy Raven, who is taking over following the death of Deputy Emmett Yawner. Speaking of taking over, Chayton is back in town and engages in the "Fire Trials," which are a fighting ritual of sorts of the Redbones. He fights the new leader and wins, obviously, so Chayton's back in charge. "I've come back because I'd rather die fighting than to live like a slave in my own land. It's time we took something back." (Remind me again why it is that this is the bad guy? Stay woke).

Deputy Lotus has responded to a call about a lurker. As it turns out, this caller named Emily is a regular. Emily is Deputy Lotus' ex-wife and the two are engaged in a sexual relationship. But Lotus isn't the only one getting into mischief. Lucas and Carries daughter Deva's bad behaviour is only escalating. She's gotten a new tattoo and even breaks into a store with some no-good friends. Lucas catches them and sends the friends home but not before telling them to leave the stolen goods. He has a heart-to-heart with Deva that's unconventional. He gives her tips about breaking in… dare we say that Deva may be groomed to join the family business? Better to steal with the family instead of on her own, right? It's shown alongside Carrie doing an actual thieving job, albeit more professionally than her daughter did. Of course the conversation ends with Lucas managing to subtly make the point that there wasn't much point in this break-in, apart from maybe wanting a bit of attention.

Deputy Lotus pays a visit to Emmett's grave and has a drunken conversation with him that culminates in him saying he misses him. Carrie returns home and gets into a fight with her now ex-husband. He tries to talk down to her about her criminal activities and she rightfully points out that he is suffering from addictions. Lucas goes to drop off Deva at home and she asks him some questions about why her mother didn't try to find him, or if he had simply abandoned her. He tells Deva that there was no way Carrie could've found him without putting herself and Deva in danger and that she had simply done what was best to keep Deva safe. Deva asks Lucas when he knew that she is his daughter and he said it was from the first moment he saw her. He admits that he came to Banshee for Carrie, but adds that he stayed for Deva. After Deva goes back inside, Lucas is asked by Carrie's ex to just "leave me my daughter." Maybe he should focus more on cleaning himself up before trying to stake claims.

Rebecca steps out of Proctor's strip club to have a cigarette and ends up getting threatened by Chayton, who warns that they'll be coming for them. Chayton is then shown to be leading an assault on some Marines with a freaking bow and arrow (I'm sorry, that is some of the coolest ish I've ever seen… who pulls off wielding a bow and arrow in a gun fight? Chayton does!) The Redbones snatch up some weapons for the war they're planning. Hood and Lotus show up with guns of their own but Chayton still makes off in a truck full of weapons.

Lucas heads to the military base and meets Colonel Stowe, who is also the man Carrie was shown to be previously hooking up with. He gives Lucas a tour of the base, which also holds a large vault full of cash that seems to spark Lucas' attention. Stowe warns Lucas to not go after the Redbones because apparently the military will handle it (so basically History 101). Lucas then calls Sugar up to tell him about this score that has now sparked his attention.

But the episode doesn't end without us getting to check in on another favourite character, Job! Bring out the large guns and hand grenades and Job is still left standing. He gets a call from Lucas, who wants help hacking into the military network. So Job decides to head back to Banshee and meet up with Lucas and Sugar to talk about this next score. The next thing we see is Nola Longshadow in the room where her brother was murder, with revenge and grief burning hot in her eyes. Finally, Chayton is shown to be carving a design into his bow while his "soldiers" are handling the newly stolen artillery.

Banshee airs on Fridays on Cinemax at 10PM.


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