Banshee S3E2 - "Snakes and Whatnot" Recap

Colonel Stowe pays Carrie a visit at work but it's not food he's after, though he does sample her in the back before leaving her all riled up. Lucas asks Siobhan when they won't have to come into work using separate cars and she responds by hinting at their possibly moving in together at some point. Lucas doesn't mind her pushing a bit. As they reach the front of the station, a man named Kurt Bunker who is covered in Nazi tattoos is there to apply for the deputy position. He assures them that he doesn't hold those beliefs anymore and it's just a matter of tattoo removals taking longer than he'd like. He was born in Banshee and is back now and though they turn him down since the position has been filled, he is polite and asks them to hold onto his resume.

Proctor meets with an old associate, Mr. Cage, and has brought Rebecca along for the deal. Things get a bit heated when Cage's son Mark starts talking smacks about Proctor. Rebecca then loses it and shoots Mark in the kneecaps, enacting a shoot-out. Proctor's side is the one left standing. Cage bleeds out but Mark is the only opposing man still alive. Kai insists that Rebecca finish what she started so she goes over to Mark, points her gun at his head, and turns back to stare Proctor down before pulling the trigger.

Gordon seems focused on bettering himself and not relying so heavily on self-medication though he still seems a bit shaky. He tries to ask out Assistant District Attorney Alison Medding, who has been helping him with the case against Proctor, but she turns him down and advises him to get it together. He later calls a prostitute named Jenny but when she arrives, he regrets doing so and sends her away though he does pay her for coming over. He says that he thinks it's the end for the two of them, so it seems that he's still trying to stumble his way back to being a more-functional person.

Lucas, Carrie, Sugar, and Job are all meeting with each other to prep for the military heist they're plotting. Job finds that Colonel Stowe has been cooking the books, as the official books say the base is holding 9 million when really it's closer to 15. He also took part in numerous "nasty" black-ops and Job refers to him as "the bad motherfucker" sent in to clean up "all the other bad motherfuckers." Lucas notes that the up side is that if you steal from a thief, no cops will be called. Carrie becomes pensive, since they're talking about the man she has been hooking up with.

Proctor goes to visit his roots and finds that his mother is sick. Against his father's wishes, he insists on taking her off to the hospital. He learns that she is suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer and unfortunately, it's terminal. She has roughly one month to live and Proctor is advised to think about finding a way to make her last days more comfortable.

Carrie goes to visit Colonel Stowe and he tries to instigate their usual sexual shenanigans before Carrie insists that he stop and then she ends it. He asks if there's anyone else and she says there's no time. She needs to be home for her kids instead of sneaking out at night for booty-calls. She says what they had was great but it's time to get back to the real world. He seemingly keeps things civil but after she leaves, they show him sitting eerily still while creepy music is played so it's a safe bet that this is far from over. When Carrie gets back to her car, Lucas is lurking in her back seat. He says they can't do the job if she's involved with the target but she assures him she's ready and has just ended things with the Colonel.

Chayton is training his men in the forest and tells them about how Adolph Hitler's favourite game was "Cowboys and Indians," that he called the Russians "Redskins," and that he had found inspiration from the white man's ethnic cleansing of the Navajos. It's how he riles them up to prepare for the war that's brewing. He pulls two men aside and orders them to go retrieve Proctor and Rebecca. Chayton's brother pleads with Chayton to let him prove his worth, as everyone is apparently thinking that he's simply getting a free ride, but Chayton tells him to be patient.

Nola makes her return to Banshee known to Chayton. It seems that Nola had a drug problem, and Chayton had tried to help pull her out of that state. He feels compassion for her regarding her brother's death and she warns him that Alex died because he underestimated Proctor. He promises that she will have her revenge-blood but she doesn't want it on his terms, but on her own.

Lucas and Carrie do some recon work in preparation for the heist while Sugar and Job listen in. Meanwhile, Colonel Stowe viciously beats one of his soldiers for supposedly stealing money, though the soldier claims he didn't do it, and has him thrown in the brig.

Next, it's time for a sex/violence montage. Classic Banshee. While Chayton engages in some sort of Native ritual (that I truly hope is being done properly - and not as some horrendous stereotype), before engaging in a threesome with two Native women, Rebecca is out for a swim at Proctors' place. Once she gets out, she is attacked by the two men Chayton sent. She fights back but ends up knocked out. While one man hoists her over his shoulder, the other is supposed to go find Proctor. Unfortunately, Proctor's right-hand man kills him before killing the other, who falls into the pool on top of a still-unconscious Rebecca, before jumping in and getting her out.

Deputy Lotus is still hooking up with his ex-wife and she becomes angry when he leaves because he gets a call about the attack at Proctor's place. She's all mopey over him putting the job first and sends him off. Lucas also gets the call and heads to Proctor's. Lucas tells Proctor that he started this war when he went after Alex Longshadow and that Chayton will not stop coming after him. Proctor just wants Lucas to "do his job." He later brings his mother to his home where she will stay for her remaining time. Proctor hires Lotus' ex-wife, Emily, to tend to his mother. She'll be staying at the Proctor place while doing so. She gives Rebecca some ointment for the cut on her face from the attack, but it seems hinted at that perhaps Rebecca will get jealous over having another woman in the house.

Lucas takes Deputy Raven to the reservation. Billy Raven doesn't have many fans for showing up with a white man and in the same uniform no less. A fight breaks out between Lucas and Billy with some of the Native men until one of the sheriffs of the reservation, Amy, fires a shot in the air to break up the fight. Lucas insists on meeting Carl Yazee, chief of the reservation PD, and tells him about Chayton stealing all the military weapons. Yazee doesn't seem concerned with it, though Amy is shocked and upset which makes us think that perhaps she'll cross enemy lines to help out Lucas and Billy. Outside, Billy shares with Lucas that Yazee is a joke, Amy is the real deal and wants to make a difference. Oh yeah, they're definitely going to team up. Also we learn that Billy has two kids which makes us think that he's going to be a casualty of this battle and that does not sit well with us at all. Let him stay on the team!

Carrie is cleaning up and closing at the diner when the creep she had previously beaten up arrives with two friends because he's a misogynistic pig who couldn't handle having his ass handed to him by a woman who wouldn't put up with his sexual harassment. But before any fight can break out between these two parties, Nola waltzes in and beats him up again. He and his friends relent and leave and Carrie serves Nola some apple pie. The two bond and share a drink.

Deva goes to visit Lucas, wanting to connect. Lucas tells her that Gordon raised her and is her true father. She reminds him that he said he stayed in Banshee for her. He says he wanted to make sure she was okay and she says she's not before walking out hurt. Lucas feels bad for making a mess of things. Another knock comes at the door and when Lucas answers it, it's someone with some sort of weapon (a gun, of course) though we're not shown who it is.

Finally, we're shown Colonel Stowe eating a meal, naked, looking as deranged as ever.

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