Galavant S01E02 Recap: Joust Friends

The comedy event continues with episode two, which promises more awesome beards, handsome knights, jousting and John Stamos. Can't say there's anything mentioned there that I don't love.

Isabella, Galavant and Sid enjoy an easy peaceful ride. It's been all too easy of a journey, but that''s about to change. Galavant stops the group, to investigate and is bombarded by attackers. They are of no match for Galavant, and after defeating them all the beautiful Madalena is declaring him her hero. He must have fallen asleep, because she's not the good guy as we've come to find. He tells her that he was coming to rescue her. He still doesn't understand why she chose King Richard over him. Richard asks him how he can be hero without any pants. Definitely a dream. Madalena and Richard yuk it up, and Galavant screams, like a castrated hyena according to Princess Isabella. Galavant awakens, glad his pants are still in place. He declares that its time to go, adventure awaits, and the singing starts. Sid grooms his knight, and they're off to save a woman who really doesn't want to be saved, set up by Isabella, who hopes to keep Galavant in the dark that she's working with the king. Another great song in the bag, ending with an out of shape Galavant lamenting over his hurting tummy.

Galavant continues to belly ache as they reach the crossroads. Galavant thinks its a good idea to hunker down for the night, but Isabella is quick to point out they have a lack of funds. Luckily Sid spots the sign for a joust.

Dinner time in Valencia. Madalena petulantly eats. Richard gets his food via cannon ball. Tim Omundson is utterly hilarious as he is fed by his chef to Gareth's dismay. Madalena leaves the table. He makes the pair of men promise to never start a marriage after a kidnapping. She's quite the pain in the ass. Garth suggests that Galavant isn't the King's issue, that he needs to butch up a bit. Richard thinks he's plenty butch until he utters tummy flowers and realizes the truth. Gareth takes the King to his room, and gets a good whiff of Testosterone. Gareth plans to give his King a makeover so he can show his wife who's King.

The trio head over to register for the joust, and they run into Galavant's longtime frenemie Jean Hamm. The registrar announces that Galavant had wanted to enter the joust, but they don't have the entrance fee. Jean Hamm mocks Galavant, and Sid offers up the priceless jewel of Valencia as the entrance fee into the tourney. Isabella refuses to allow the jewel be used as collateral, but the registrar accepts it, and places in the same category as the rooster. Galavant is in and Jean Hamm begins to make some your mama jokes, to Galavant's annoyance. Galavant prepares, and Sid has troubles strapping Galavant into his armor. She worries that her family and entire kingdom on Galavant's skill, which he may have left in his other armor. After Isabella's announcement of Galavant and his accomplishments, he's allowed forward to the final round on merit alone. Isabella's small reprieve earns Galavant an extra day to prepare.

Galavant struggles with his dummy. Isabella needs Galavant to win this joust, and she plans to train him. Galavant laughs off her effort, but Isabella proves she's worthy. Her father trained her well. She easily knocks Galavant's sword from his hand, and he wonders if she plans to just humiliate him. Galavant doesn't want to play. He admits that he's afraid. Madalena took the legs out from under him, and he worries what happens next time. Any man can get knocked down but a hero gets back up. Isabella puts him through a tough training montage, and eventually he's almost back, and in mouth watering condition. Meanwhile Jean Hamm is knocking down his competition, making it to the final round. Galavant disarms Isabella, and she declares him finally ready.

To make sure that he's ready, Isabella heads to Jean Hamm's tent and proceeds to get him drunk on absinthe.

Richard summons Madalena for dinner, though she's unsure she can stomach a display, but things have definitely changed. The table is intimate, tiny with room just for two. He's taking Gareth's tutelage well. He's more gruff with her, demanding that she sit, and even pouring her a glass of wine. He's manned up some as a proud Chef and Gareth look on.

It's joust time, the main event is finally here. Sir Jean Hamm is announced, and he's having trouble standing, while puking all over the place. Mr. Cheekbones himself, Galavant, is announced. He comes out, and tells Isabella he cannot move. He trained way too hard. The slowest joust in history begins as the horses walk towards each over. Both knights make contact, and both fall from their steeds. The announcer tells the pair that the first to their feet is the winner. Jean Hamm and Galavant struggle to their feet. Jean Hamm falls over, and Galavant stays upright until he's announced the winner, and Isabella leaps into his arms. He thinks that he may be ready to talk on King Richard, and Isabella nearly confesses about the trap, but Sid interrupts asking if they're eating the rooster or keeping him. They're eating him, and Isabella remains mum.

King Richard enjoys watching his wife eat. He's finicky, but she eats with zeal. She shares a story about how her parents forced her to eat her pet goat, and since she's never really thought about where her food comes from. Richard never ate with his parents. It's a little bonding moment, and they break out in song. Maybe the other isn't the worst thing ever. Isabella and Galavant are finding that they don't despise the other either.

King Richard thinks that maybe Madalena could grow to love him like nanny Pearl did. Madalena breaks it down, disliking that he's making her to be the bad guy. She tells him bluntly that Pearl only loved him because she was paid to, that he's unlovable. Richard is left alone and he runs to Gareth. He needs a hug. Gareth unused to giving hugs, having only given his father one when he killed him, nearly crushes his king.  


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