Galavant S01E03 Recap: Two Balls

Galavant is back tonight for another hour of comedy. This is my favorite new show. The trio: Sid, Galavant and Princess Isabella have been riding for days, and they need to rest. Sid takes them to his home which sounds all good and well, until they ask about Sidneyland. Sid's village thinks of him some sort of Rockstar, and him exaggerating his heroic tales helped to build up his legend. Sid asks them to play along. Isabella is all in, but Galavant isn't so sure he even wants to save Valencia when he hears of their nightly plays. Sid brings them home to meet his adopted parents when he lays another whooper on them, his parents think that Galavant is Sid's squire. Poor Gal. Sid's mother puts him to work chicken plucking immediately.

In Valencia, the King tries to cajole the jester into telling some bad jokes. The jester is forced to tell the jokes anyways. Madalena quickly becomes bored. They've had their ups and downs but he's not giving up on them. She thinks he should, but he refuses. He calls forth the King and Queen of Valencia, and asks what they did for fun before they were taken over. They sat around the Elder tree for hours of unscripted theater. He has the same reaction as Galavant does to hearing this entertainment, its not their cup of tea certainly. The King cut down the Elder tree and turned it into toothpicks. The King calls forth the Eunuch and asks what they do for fun. They had balls, and then it becomes a round of kick the Eunuch in the balls since he has none. The King decides he will throw a ball, and the Queen wants to work out a set with the jester, which he thinks is a grand idea. The King is in high spirits.

Sid and Isabella sit with his parents for a delightful meal. His mother tries to force him to eat more, remarking on how skinny he is. Galavant eats at the squire table with the family's dimwitted squire, while Isabella digs them a hole telling Sid's family that they're engaged. Sid's father is beyond overjoyed, and his mother wants to celebrate. His parents take Sid through the town, and everyone celebrates Sid. The women are quite taken with him, and the men all adore him. They're so happy that his parents plan to throw a fancy ball. Galavant however is barely playing along, not wanting to share any heroics, not even in song.

Galavant remarks on the high number of dolls in Sid's room. Isabella thinks that it's sweet that his parents kept his room as he left it. Galavant continues his biting remarks, and Isabella calls him out on it. She mentions his bitterness and sarcasm, and he tells her if she can rhyme sarcasm with something that makes sense he'll play along for the ball. Can these two already hook up? The Sexual Tension is off the charts. Isabella doesn't get the chance when Sid interrupts. His parents are laying it on thicker than he anticipated and he's sorry, but Isabella tells him that there's no need. Sid's mother calls him back down, he's needed for a portrait sitting, and she wants his lazy squire to help out with ball prep. Galavant is about to blow their cover. Isabella points out his pettiness, and that he's not saving her kingdom for her, but to win back his lost love. She's putting on her pretty dress, and pretending to be Sid's future bride, and flips out a little storming out.

The King looks over ball preparation. He notes to Gareth how excited Madalena got at the mention of the ball and thinks he should have showed his magnanimous side sooner. Poor Richard, so naive, but such a great beard. The chef tells Richard of his meal preparation. The Valencians mostly ate the crops that they grew, but Richard burned most of those. Richard tables the meal plans. He asks Gareth about musicians, but they executed all of the musicians. Gareth has all the executioners gathered, to play music. Richard wants a catcher tune, but the executioners only know death.

It's ball time. Another party for the fancy folk. The squires are doing all the prep work, and there's a general dislike of knights. They think they're nothing more than a jackass in a can. Galavant has a little bit of a rude awakening. All of the pomp that makes Galavant the knight he is, they all hate. Eventually Galavant gets into the song, though he realizes that he's all those things.

Richard is happy to see that everyone has turned out for his ball. He's trying to prove his prowess to Madalena, but she's less than enthusiastic. The jester has a whole one joke for entertainment, since he wasn't working on his set, so its on to dinner time. Richard announces that he did burn all of their crops except a very small portion he kept for himself, but since they can't have crops, he shant either, and burns them all in front of them. The people are horrified, and he sees his error. Lastly, Richard calls out the executioners, who actually have a decent but morbid, catchy tune. No one is dancing.

Sid's parents are so proud of him. Isabella comes in and charms his parents. She tells them that she is so excited about the wedding. Galavant watches with a smirk on his face.

Richard's ball is picking up. The people are dancing when something comes over him. He tells them to stop when he realizes that they aren't actually enjoying themselves. He asks them for their opinions. The people really ridicule him, which he finds hilarious until the Eunuch points out that he must be blind to not see that his wife is off with he jester. The fun and games are over. Richard ends the ball, and orders the Eunuch killed.

Galavant asks Sid for a sidebar. Sid is mortified. Galavant asks Sid if he knows why he was hired. Sid assumed he lost a bet. Other squires tried to impress him with their skills, but Sid was himself. He told him who he was. The hardest thing in the world world is being true to oneself, and that is what Galavant loved about Sid. It occurs to him that being a squire isn't a great job, and being his is probably worse. He never abandoned him, or spit in his ale, so he'll play whatever part he wants, but he thinks that he should be who he is. Sid runs off happily. Isabella asks what that was about, and Galavant admits that was him getting off his high horse, and cautions her against the ale that may or may not contain squire spit.


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