Galavant S01E04 Recap: Comedy Gold

Galavant prepares for the next leg of the journey. Isabella warns of pirates, but he is Galavant and he fears no bandits. It must be all his gorgeous bluster that keeps him safe and his ego inflated. Sid asks about the raisins in the trail mix, and Galavant rants a little about his likes and dislikes of snacks. The trio has certainly grown and they're getting along pretty well. They share pretty much everything except that Isabella and Galavant are kinda attracted to each other, even though Isabella is betraying him,a nd they both ignore Sid a whole lot. The togetherness may be getting to be a little much, especially when there are egos at play, and Galavant has a huge one, stealing the finale and letting the bandits get the drop on them.

The jester juggles, as the queen looks for distraction. Richard cannot believe that Madalena is fooling around with him, or rather he can, thinking that its the jester's jokes that has her captivated. Gareth claims being funny is easy, and proceeds to tell a joke so foul it doesn't make it past the censors, and shocks the King. Richard knows what he has to do though.

Richard gets the jester alone, and he fears for his life. He tells him that he knows precisely what he's been doing with his wife, and proceeds to stab him with his fake knife. Richard doesn't earn even a smirk, though he finds himself pretty funny, and he wants the jester to teach him to be funnier. Richard pokes him a few more time, finding the humor in it.

Galavant, Sid and Isabella are lead to see the pirate king. Isabella and Galavant mock each other, Galavant for his bravado, and Isabella for her snoring. They're brought to the landlocked pirate king. Galavant notices that the pirates have no boat. The Pirate Captain tells him that they don't need the sea to be pirates only to have black hearts. The Captain decides that they need to explain via Shanty. The song explains how they came to be stuck on land and make homemade organic desserts. They claim to steal from passerbys. Isabella tells the pirates that they are nothing more than poor travelers, but her story doesn't hold water when they find the jewel hidden in her purse. She thought it would be safe with her lady supplies, but the pirates found it easy enough.

Back at Valencia, Richard is ready to begin. The jester shakes with fear, but Richard has decided to not kill him. He tells him to teach him to be funny so he can woo his wife. The Jester begins his lesson, but Richard doesn't get it. The jester moves onto his second lesson, which Richard also fails miserably at. The jester moves onto another, and Richard still doesn't quite get it, but he thinks he now has the know how to satisfy his wife as the jester does. Poor delusional Richard.

At the pirate camp, Sid tries to get the pirates to not eat his pomade, but they continue on again. The Captain wants to store the gem away, but the pirates have lost the key again. Isabella notes that they're really kind of bad being pirates. Sid points out that its nice to be one the same page again. Galavant is enjoying the same, but Isabella tells him that if he did things right then she wouldn't have to point out his flaws all the time, and the name calling begins. The Captain comes over to Galavant telling to walk with him, but being tied up he cannot. The Captain struggles with his ropes, resorting to using his teeth before finally asking for help. Alone the Captain admits that they've met before at Lilith Fare, the Island of Lesbos. He pulls back his skin, showing he had fewer wrinkles, and Galavant recognizes him. The Pirate and his men use to be the scourge of the sea, but after awhile they stopped working together. He wants Galavant to join, and he'll let go Sid and Isabella. Isabella's mouth breathing is brought up, and Galavant goes to her defense, even admitting that he can't sleep until he hears her snoring. Awww. But the Captain is uncomfortable by the admission. He wants clarification on Galavant's choice. He tells him to call her a mouth breather one more time, and he does. Galavant disarms him. He's not just the guy who eats the raisins.

Madalena is brought forward, and she wonders what idiocy that Richard has for her now. She takes her seat, and Richard begins his show. Richard is less than funny, and Gareth is at his most menacing, forcing the people to laugh. Madalena demands to know what is going on, and Richard tells her that it is said the way to a woman's heart is through her funny bone. Madalena rolls her eyes at all of Richard's jokes, and the jester tries to help the floundering king. He tells the chef to give him the pie. It's suppose to be big finale, but he's dying out there. Richard hits Gareth with the pie, and earns a genuine laugh. Richard orders more pies to hit Gareth with, but with his drawn sword he decides it may be safer to find someone else to throw pies at.

The Captain calls Galavant a fool, telling him that his men will swarm him when they see him. Galavant doesn't fear them though, he's unwilling to let his team become like the pirates. They return to camp, and find that Sid and Isabella have already taken care of all the pirates. They decided that it was time they started working together and took out the camp. Galavant notes that he was on his way back because he had decided the same thing. Galavant tries to get the Captain to back him up. He tells them to take a look at what they have, they're gorgeous and diverse. It's true they are and they decide to remain a team. The pirate reminisce on what they had. Galavant proposes that they can either take everything, or team up and retrieve the stranded ship to take them to Valencia. The Captain accepts, while accidentally cutting Galavant's hand, very badly.

The throne room is being reset while the Jester looks on. Madalena corners him, is 4 o'clock fool around she tells him. The Jester doesn't seem like he wants to play any longer. Madalena tells him that if he's worried that she's mad about him helping her husband with that ridiculous show, she isn't, Richard's an idiot. The Jester though has had a change of heart, he feels guilty. She finds that feeling noble. She calls the guards to take the Jester away. If he's having feelings then he's of no use to her. She orders him to be taken down to the dungeon, the really scary one. Richard come flouncing in to see Steve, Madalena doesn't recognize her former playmates name. With Steve missing, Richard takes Madalena's hand and tells her some awful jokes.

The Captain calls his men maggots again, which they've missed, and they get to work to get the ship back down. The ship is soon off the hill, and back into the sea. Isabella has a confession to make to Gal. He has one too. He gives her a stash of trail mix, raisins included. He gives it to her and tells her to go wild. Isabella is grateful, but its confession time. She admits that she vilified him to make herself feel better about what she was doing to him. She set him up, and he's walking into a trap. After her confession she notices that Galavant didn't hear a word. He's looking at the destination. He admits that he doesn't always listen when she talks, and he vows to work on that. But now, its all eyes on the prize: Valencia and Madalena


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