Galavant S01E05 Recap: Completely Mad...Alena

The ship has sailed, and land is in sight. Valencia is on the horizon. Galavant contemplates if he should save the kingdom or Madalena first, poor Galavant still has no clue that he's walking into a trap.

Richard cannot wait for Galavant to arrive so he can slay him and then bed his wife. Madalena screeches for her maid to fix her hair. Her maid has been getting sweet talked by the chef. Richard can't help but be excited about tonight, thinking that once Galavant is gone, and he delivers the gem to his wife she'll be happy. Madalena is just wretched though.

Madalena lets her marvelousness go to her head. She thinks that the answer to her problem is for her to take the kingdom for herself, and her ego has a few different parts, enough to fill up an entire hall of mirrors, all spurring her on.

Valencia's population has been drastically reduced the sign notes as Sid takes a potty break and contemplates zippers. The light in the sky is perfect for hero lighting, and so Galavant stops to do some push ups. Isabella looks for ways to stall, and Galavant finally accepts that he stinks, and needs a bath.

The trio head over to visit the monks, who've taken a vow of song. Galavant doesn't appreciate the song, but come on, it's Weird Al. Isabella asks for shelter, a bath, and maybe a little consell for leading someone she likes astray.

Madalena comes looking for a cup of tea. The cook lets it spill that he's planning something special for the evening. Madalena knows that he has a thing for her maid, so she'll help him win her maid if he lets her in on Richard's plan. The chef doesn't know much, just that things will go down around 9 pm.

Isabella talks with a monk, forcing him to break his vow of singing. He notes that she's fallen for Galavant, which she hasn't realized, and betrayed him as well.

Richard awaits Galavant while Madalena and the Chef wait. He's late of course. Isabella arrives alone, demanding that Richard take the jewel and leave Galavant alone. richard notes that the princess has fallen for the knight, and he's not surprised, but he tells her that she will bring Galavant to hi and shows her her parents under silver platters. Isabella screams thinking that they're dead, but they aren't yet. But they will be if she doesn't deliver Galavant.

The monks sing with Sid, and Galavant admits that Isabella was right. He needed a better plan, and she helped to bring him back to himself. Isabella notes that she didn't do all that much to bring Galavant back, and comes pretty close to paying him a compliment. She does see how he sees the good in people even after they betray him. Before the pair can make any confessions, Sid interrupts with his complaining about his crotch itching due to the monk's robes.

Madalena sets her plan in motion by writing a missive on the chef's back. She sends it off with the fastest pigeon. Madalena tells him that he has her permission to cook the finest of meals on her, and even have a bottle of wine from her cellar. Chef isn't sure that she'll even accept, but Madalena orders Gwen on the date. Gwen doesn't think that love is made for people like them, but Chef is sure that it is. Gwen tries to reason with him, but the chef is convinces her that they could be happy.

Galavant prepares to storm the castle. Isabella tries to talk Galavant out of the plan, but its too late. Richard has spotted them and he calls the guards in to capture them. They grab Isabella, and she tells him not to give, but he does. The women in poor Galavant's life are never as noble as he is. The guards take Galavant, Isabella and Sid into the dungeon. Galavant is at a loss for words, but Sid isn't. He cannot believe how underhanded she's been. Isabella apologizes, but she was worried about her family. Galavant tells that had she told him they could have come up with a plan. Isabella isn't sure that he would have helped if he had nothing to gain. It's too late now to know if he would have though. He asks her if Madalena really wanted him to come, Isabella confesses that she doesn't know. Galavant is taken away.

Gwen heads off to meet the Chef.

Richard prepares to hang Galavant. He unmasks him, but it isn't Galavant, but his chef. Galavant is unhooded and he's seated at the opulent table in the Queen's quarters. That lavish meal she told the Chef to prepare wasn't for him and Gwen, but herself and Galavant. She unties Galavant and tells him that everything is going to change. she's written someone who will execute her husband.


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