Galavant S01E06 Recap: Dungeons and Dragon Lady

Madalena asks if he missed her. She crossed him mind a few times, he's been through quite a lot to get to her. Galavant asks if she really wanted him to rescue her. She only found out about him coming to the castle a short time before, and she's not really interested in leaving the plush life she has. Madalena proves that she's been quite materialistic. She has a plan to remain queen and keep Galavant as her boy toy. Galavant breaks out in song, how he loves her. Madalena loves him as much some like her can. She doesn't really love him, but what he can do for her.

Richard cannot believe that Madalena almost tricked him into killing his favorite chef, and save her old boyfriend. Gareth thinks that he needs to man up. He heads out to check on his Queen, as Richard contemplates his betrayal. Chef suggests they see Xanax, the new magician.

Madalena takes Galavant back to the dungeon. Isabella is so glad to see that Galavant alive, even though she betrayed him, he points out. Isabella wants her parents. released now, but Madalena isn't Richard and she made no such deals. In fact, she plans to torture Isabella for trying to steal her left overs. Madalena orders Gareth to rearrange Isabella's face, and torture everyone else. Gareth isn't sure about taking orders from her, but Madalena points out that the king is weak, and Gareth needs a strong master.

Chef take Richard over to see Xanax (Ricky Gervais). He can't call himself a magician anymore, but he's still full of plenty of spells, and probably more than a few drugs. Xanax puts together a special brew to make Richard a whole new man.

Sid thinks that they need an escape plan. Galavant is still pondering what Madalena's song is really about. Isabella tells him that he deserves someone better, someone that lifts him up not tears him down. Galavant doesn't get what she's saying at all. Gareth wants everyone to just shut up. He's been through a lot too. He's loyal to the King his whole life, but he admires the strength of the Queen.

Xanax has his guests get comfy as they get ready to go on their wild trip.  The king sees a door, and Xanax sends them through it. It's the day his father died. It's not Richard near the throne, but his older brother Kingsley. He doesn't want to be king. He believes his destiny lies beyond  the castle walls, full of death, destruction, and bastard children. Dicky gets the kingdom,  under mockery, and Gareth gets appointed to the king's side. Even more embarrassing Kingsley decides to take the sword with him. Richard figures out that because of that moment, he's always acted like he's the second choice in everything. He plans to take back his kingdom, and his wife. Richard and Chef come out of their trip, but its not safe to ride yet, so the trio head back to check out Richard's sweet childhood room.

Isabella apologizes to Galavant again, knowing that her betrayal was worse than Madalena since at least Madalena had the guts to do it to his face. She begins to babble, and Galavant knows that she must feel really bad, because she does that when she feels bad. Galavant tells her not to feel bad, she did what she had to because of her parents. Love is strange, smug, bossy, gassy and smelly. Basically they really love each other, and they're starting to realize it. Love is nothing like the fairytales of childhood. Galavant sees that he's been blind. Madalena never loved him. Their stars are finally aligning when she's gonna die, but Galavant plans to save her and the day. More so he can't believe that the cells have been unlocked the whole time, and no one bothered to check.

Madalena asks about the status of the torture of her guests. Gareth tells her that he won't do her bidding, he may be a dog, but he's a loyal one. Richard is glad to hear that. He's got a serious case of the munchies, and puts chef to work. He tells Gareth to lock up Madalena. Things are over between the pair, but Madalena isn't ready to go yet, they have company. Kingsley (Rugter Hauer) has returned and he wants everything Richard has. He's probably totally jealous of the amazing beard that Richard has.


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