Grimm S04E09 Recap: Wesenrein

Monroe's good deed comes back to bite him in the butt, and Nick's beauty is now a biest. Juliette's looked better as she screams at herself in the mirror as a full on hexenbiest. Elizabeth had said that there could be side effects. Juliette calls Nick.

Nick and Hank go to retrieve Wu out of lock up. He had a bit of a breakdown, again, and the guys have decided to let Wu into the club, finally. They drive him out to the trailer, and he's a little suspicious of where they've brought him. He wonders if they're going to kill him. Wu may have watched too many horror movies. Nick confesses that the book that he found at his house, is one of many he possesses and offers to show him more. Wu is more than willing to see what Nick has. He follows them to the trailer, and is a little taken aback by its contents. Hank goes straight for the heavy weaponry, while Nick tells him that this is where they come to deal with stuff. Nick shows him a sketch, asking if that is what he saw. Wu isn't sure, but Hank and Nick are. Nick shows Wu a variety of wesen that they've come across. Hank tells him that they see a lot of them, but Nick sees more. Nick tells him that he's a grimm, one who has an ability to see the truth, and that Teresa was a grimm too, which helped her kill Sterwart. He shows Wu what Stewart was, and that he comes from a long line of grimms. Hank tells him that he was in the same place Wu was, on a slippery slope, when Nick brought him into the know. Wu is glad to join the club.

Rosalee's mother calls to see how she and Monroe are doing. They're leaving for their honeymoon in the morning, and she promises to stay in touch. She doesn't see Monroe, so she goes looking for him, and finds that the squad car outside the house is empty, and there's a plate of spilled food. Rosalee calls for Monroe, and spots the officer stumbling out of the woods.

Monroe wakes in the back of a car. A masked man stares at him. He tells Monroe that he's going to love watching him die, right before he knocks him back out.

Wu looks over the books. They let him think that he was crazy over the Aswag, and he's cautious to trust them now. He just has to trust that they will tell him the truth now. He wonders how many wesen are out there, and why they aren't hunting them. Nick tells him that not all wesen are bad, some of his closest friends are wesen. Rosalee calls Nick, in a panic, telling him that Monroe has been taken, and the officer out front was injured. She's called 911, but he tells her to stay inside as they head out to her.

Juliette tries to get some aspirin to ease her headache, but she struggles with the bottle. Her head gets worse, and her power surges, cracking a mirror. Do hexenbiest get seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror, or are they immune?

Officer Ackers saw someone on the street, and got out of his car to investigate when he got cracked on the head is his story. It smells fishy if you ask me. No one saw anything. Nick goes to question Ackers himself. He saw nothing, no vehicles, it happened so fast. They head inside, and Rosalee is in a panic. She wants Monroe found before he's hurt. She didn't hear anything, on the phone with her mother. She threatens to kill anyone who harms Monroe. Nick tells her to pack her things and head to his house, he doesn't want her to stay at hers, while they search for Monroe. Nick calls Juliette, whose busy cleaning up the mirror she broke. She needs to talk to Nick, but not over the phone. He tells her that Monroe got grabbed, and that he's bringing Roselee over. Juliette bites her tongue on her crisis so that she can help Rosalee through hers.

Monroe is dragged from the car. A group of masked men surround him, and begin chanting, probably not a good sign.

Nick and Hank question Ackers again, going over details. The young officers give them nothing, and he apologizes. Ackers story doesn't sit well with Nick, he wonders why he waited to call in the suspicious figure he thought he saw. Hank muses that he may have wanted to be a hero.

Rosalee is escorted to Nick and Juliette's. She breaks down in Juliette's arms, scared for Monroe.

Nick and Hank head into Captain Renard's office. They know that the Wesen hate group is responsible for Monroe's disappearance, but there's no real evidence. They give him a list of people they think are involved in the group. Monroe and Rosalee have been targeted and have been receiving threats from the group recently. The longer that this goes on the chance of them finding Monroe alive lessens. The pair want to grab a member of the group and bring him in for questioning, thinking that all their threats are too much of a coincidence. Renard agrees and gives the ok. He asks how they're planning on handling Wu. They admit that they told him the truth and he didn't quit. He asks if they told Wu about him. That's one secret that he's going to have to reveal himself.

Nick and Hank head to the first name on the list. He's the big talker that Trubel roughed up. He told Trubel that he has no beef with Nick, but they didn't come to talk about that. They came to talk about Monroe. He takes off running, and they give chase, throwing the man on the ground. In his jacket they find a mask, he obviously knows something.

Monroe wakes, asking for water. His watcher notes how messed up he looks, and pulls him up. He can't tell Monroe where he is, but he does give him some water. Monroe drinks it, as he chokes, its vodka. The watcher warns him that butbadden shouldn't like flukespou as he knocks him over and goes back to his walkman. Monroe sees another captive, who's in worse condition than he is. He makes nice with Terry, who asks if his wife is okay. Monroe asks if they took his wife too, but Terry isn't sure. The watcher is back to tell the pair not to talk.

Captain Renard meets with his lizard interrogator, giving him permission to be very persuasive to the guy Nick and Hank is bringing in. Wu is called to the office. He goes over the fact that Nick reveals to him, and that what Nick said was the truth. Wu looks freaked, and if Renard was going to reveal his own secret, Wu is definitely not ready for that truth yet.

The rest of the masked men come, and they're not happy that the watcher has been hanging out without his mask. Terry's time is up, but he hands something off to Monroe before he's taken away, his wedding ring.

Viktor come in on a sleeping Adalind, and she wargs out on him a little, before she sees who it is. Viktor tells him that they're going to Portland, which is the last place she wants to go since everyone there wants to kill her. Viktor points out that the only people who know where her baby is are in Portland.

Nick and Hank try to get information out of their witness, Shaw, but he's a smart alec. He claims to not know anything about wesen, so Hank leaves him in the hands of Nick. Nick gets a little handsy, and Shaw wargs. Shaw freaks a little to learn that Nick is a grimm again, and Renard has to send Hank in to pull Nick from the room before Nick kills him. Nick is sure that Shaw knows where Monroe is, but for now, the best course of action is to send Shaw out, and let Wu trail him.

Juliette has made up the guest room for Rosalee, but she doesn't plan to sleep. She can't lose Monroe. Before they got married, he said they would forever be known as Monroe and Rosalee.

Captain Renard asks Wu to his office where Nick and Hank await. They tell him the details of the case, needing him to watch after Shaw. Wu agrees to, but once the case is done he needs more information on this whole wesen thing. Ackers stops Wu, he feels bad for what happened, and wants to make up for it. But Wu tells him to go home, and get some rest, he insists on it.

Shaw is told that the cops are casing his house, and given instructions to head out the back door. He does as he's told, and climbs into the van. He hasn't told the cops anything, but the Grand Master knows he eventually will. He wargs, and kills Shaw before dumping the body.

Rosalee wakes up Juliette forcefully. She wants her to call Nick. He's out playing cop, but he needs to start being a Grimm. Rosalee continues to be demanding, and yells at Juliette. Juliette's head begins to pound and she tells her to walk away, but she won't. Julliette wargs, and the pair wrestle ending when Juliette rips out her throat. It was all a horrible dream. It's morning, Rosalee wakes her. Nick hasn't returned home.

Nick and Hank try to figure out possible places where Monroe is being held based on the places where the people on Trubel live, work or frequent. They get the call that Shaw has been killed.

Nick finds proof they need at Shaw's house. He brings his findings to Renard. Its a picture of Shaw and the others with Officer Acker. Renard plans to make the dirty cop regret he ever played them.

Monroe wakes up his captor with a bathroom request. The young kid runs his mouth about his brother being grand master, and not paying attention to the title. Monroe uses the moment to warg, and knock the kid out. He breaks out of his chains and makes his way out of the factory where he's being held captive. Monroe makes it to the woods, where he finds what's left of Terry. He's been staked and burned. Monroe's pause, gives the bad guys a chance to catch up with him.

Hank looks through Shaw's phone records. Wu looks through Ackers, and finds a lot of calls to a nearby penitentiary. Nick decides they should find out who he's been reaching out to touch.

Monroe is brought back, and his watcher, Jonah isn't happy about what Monroe did to him. It's not up to Jonah what happens to Monroe, but the tribunal.

Walker Williams is the one who's been receiving Acker's calls, but there's no connections between the pair. Renard tells him to go talk to Williams.

Rosalee wants to head home, worried that Monroe may be trying to get ahold of her. She is willing to put herself in danger on the chance that he may call. Juliette stops her, giving her the list that Trubel was working on before she left of people who were at her wedding who may have betrayed them.

Hank and Nick head to question Williams. He tries to play coy, until Nick tells him that Ackers is a police man and he rolled on him. Williams goes all rat, and confesses it all. Charlie is the Grand Master, and he was his former cellmate, he forced him to take the calls so that nothing could be traced back to him. Nick and Hank head to his last known address, to look for clues.

Monroe is brought before the tribunal


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