Grimm S04E10 Recap: Tribunal

In the woods, Monroe stands before the tribunal, who's sigil is just two swooshes from a swastika. He's forced to his knees. 

Nick and Hank head to Renard. Williams was just taking the calls for Charlie. Time is running out, and Ackers is their last lead. The phone they found at Charlie's is the same that they know issued all of the threats to Monroe and Rosalee 

Rosalee doesn't know any of the names on the list, but one of her guests may know someone on the list. Juliette suggests that they go over her guest list to figure it out. Luckily Juliette still has a copy of the list. She offers to call Monroe's parents for her, but Rosalee doesn't want to put them through that until she has to. 

Monroe is splashed with blood from the ceremonial skull, as one of the masked men drones on about atonement. Monroe snarkily asks if they even know what atonement is, and receives a swift punishment. The charges are presented via scroll. Monroe is brought to his feet, and his shackles removed. He violated the law by marrying outside of his bloodline, and befriending a Grimm, for both he shall stand trial. 

Hank brings Wu into an interrogation room. He wants to have a heart to heart before Nick comes. He was where Wu is, and if Nick had told him before he had no choice but to get on board, he would have thought Nick was crazy. Hank tells him that he has to get to a place where this is the new normal. 

Rosalee stresses over the lists. She can't see the connection. Juliette has been thinking about Adalind a lot lately, and her whole not being a hexenbeist, and then being one. Rosalee tells her that the ones made, are more deadly,  but she doesn't want to think about her right now. She needs to talk to Bud since he'd know more of the people's plus 1 then she would. 

Nick is busy taking Bud down to the station. Bud is worried how Wu will react, but Nick will be by his side. Ackers makes a call, it sounds like someone was suppose to pick up Bud, and Ackers isn't going to do it. Bud babbles in front of Wu. He's not sure he can warg on command. He really can't,  but he does on accident. Wu is scared at first, but as he takes it all in and Nick explains the two types of warging, Wu wants to see it again. 

The evidence is about to be presented in the case against Monroe, but Monroe interjects again. They prepare to muzzle him, and Monroe uses that moment to run away. The others give chase, and one tackles Monroe. He kills the masked man, Phil by ripping out his throat. The others catch up to Monroe and seize him again. Jonah wants him killed immediately, but his brother the Grand Master chastises his appearance, and reminding him that it isn't up to him whether Monroe dies, but rather the tribunal. 

Wu is more than okay with the whole wesen thing. With Bud's task complete, he heads out. Nick and Hank think its time to bring in Ackers, but Renard has other ideas. He knows that if they pull in Ackers now, then Ackers will shut down, and tell them nothing. Renard asks Wu to talk to Ackers before they pull him in. 

Bud gets a call from Rosalee and heads straight over. Ackers watches to make sure that he's being trailed and he is.  

Monroe and Rosalee's wedding picture is brought forth as evidence. The accusing mask guy tells them that there is a witness as well. 

Wu asks to speak to Ackers in private. An unsuspecting Ackers goes along, apologizing still about getting knocked out the night Monroe was kidnapped.   

Bud arrives at Juliette's house, and she immediately pulls him in.  

Wu takes him into the interrogation room, and berates him for not calling anything in before getting out of his car. Ackers apologizes for letting him down,  but plays coy. As Wu pressures him, his story changes, and Wu knows he's lying. Ackers wargs on him, and Wu punches him. Wu's not afraid of a little piggy. Nick goes a little wild on him, and Ackers freaks a little when he realizes that Nick has his grimm back. Hank and Nick play a little good cop/bad cop, but Nick thinks its time to one step further. Renard comes in and Ackers thinks he's safe. He doesn't realize that the rules no longer apply, and he's dealing with a prince. 

Bud pours over the list with the girls. One of the dates of guests brings up questions, and Bud heads to talk to John, when he doesn't answer the phone. Rosalee heads to talk to the date Susanne. Outside Bud is knocked out and kidnapped. 

The accuser drones on. Monroe pleads not guilty as the witness is brought forth, bagged. It's Bud. Bud doesn't want to testify, but they give him the order to testify or die. Monroe tells him to go on. Bud tries to stall, babbling on,  but it's kind of normal Bud babbling, until he forgets the question. Bud is punished, as Monroe is forced to watch. 

The girls head to Suzanne's office. She doesn't think that she can be of help, but her brother, Jesse can. Rosalee and Juliette call Nick and let them know what they've found.  He's sending Wu to pick her up. 

Bud is questioned further. He admits that he's helped a Grimm, and not only does he not regret it, he wishes that Nick were there right now, cause he'd have a field day with them. The trial is at an end, the tribunal has heard all they need to. Finally Monroe is given a say. Monroe has plenty of spite for them. He points out that the tribunal has no authority over him, and nothing they do will ever make what they're doing now right. What is right is the love he has for his wife. 

Nick comes to Ackers, but Ackers doesn't want to come talk with them again. Nick gives him the choice to watch them question his sister. Rosalee questions Suzanne while Nick warns him that whatever happens to Monroe will happen to his sister. Ackers wargs on him, but Renard interrupts before things can get messy. Renard asks Ackers if he knows what Grimms do as Nick heads in and tells Suzanne that he will take her home. 

Monroe finishes his touching speech. Life is messy and it is suppose to be. Monroe is unanimously found guilty as Bud yells in protest. 

Suzanne doesn't believe that her brother is involved with the hate group. Renard tells them that he cracked and spilled about everything when his sister was brought in for questioning. An officer will take Suzanne home, while the others head to retrieve Monroe. They head to the park where Monroe is being held. The officers toss away their badges in the van, as they grab their guns, even Juliette gets a weapon. Grand Master, Charlie, prepares to stake Monroe and deliver his punishment. Wu and the others surround the group. Charlie realizes that Nick got his Grimm back. Charlie tells them that they can't arrest everyone, and Nick knows that they can't that some of them will be stupid. The cult members attack, and Team Grimm fights back.  

Wu catches up to the big guy, who surrenders, and tosses his gun aside. As Wu goes to grab it, the guy wargs, and prepares to go after Wu, but Wu is ready for him, and he's not scared of a little warging. Hank gives chase to another, but he doesn't need to do the catching. Captain Renard is a far bigger threat in the woods, and he gets to see some action. One of the cult members catches up to Juliette and disarms her. Juliette wargs out on her would be killer, and literally blows his head off with her new powers. She stumbles back to the group, but Monroe and Rosalee are missing. Monroe and Rosalee are chasing down Charlie. Monroe and Charlie wrestle, and Charlie thinks he has the upper hand, but Rosalie arrive and attacks. United Charlie has no chance as the pair rip out his throat. They return to the others and report that Charlie didn't get away.  

Renard makes a press conference with the results of the case.The cult of hatred has been destroyed for now.  

Nick and Hank make plans to keep Monroe and Rosalee safe before they leave for their honeymoon. The pair are very grateful for everything that they have all done, and Bud is too. Monroe breaks down in tears, and Rosalee has to finish the toast for him. The pair leave via heavy police escort, with sirens to the plane. They joke about appreciating Nick and Hank escorting them, so long as they don't go on the honeymoon,  but it doesn't sound like they're getting out of Nick or Hank's sight anytime soon. 

Wu spends the night reading up on wesen. 

Renard looks over the city, waiting for a guest. It's Juliette. She called him for help, but she doesn't know how to tell him her problem, so she shows him, and he is very surprised.


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